Watch as Xbox Kinect punishes user in video game for Swearing

The game informs him that his in-game player has been issued a penalty because of his language

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jackanderson19851387d ago

hey it adds a little realism to the game.. if a court player was cursing wouldn't he get a similar penalty? also the story points out this feature can be disabled in the settings

Idba1387d ago

Wrong kind of realism. When i play sportsgames with my friends we curse, alot. I dont want to be punished for that

bessy671387d ago

So go into the game menu and turn voice commands off. Simple.

Prime1571387d ago


Should be defaulted off. Simple.

bessy671387d ago


Why? They're actually nice for those of us who don't sit and spew profanities at our televisions...

spicelicka1387d ago

i find it interesting, playing with friends in the living room i can make the difference of a win or loss. But it should only happen during heated moments, like if there's a foul near the end of the quarter and I don't agree with it i swear.

And you can turn it off so not a big deal.

Mystogan1387d ago

Did you not get the part that you can turn it off?

Caleb_H1387d ago

Marquette sucks! Go Badgers!

nukeitall1387d ago

I'm sure you can turn it off, but imagine the fun you have when it happens the first time on surprise!

Definitely adds realism. Hilarious!

inveni01387d ago

That's actually kind of awesome. (Though it would be a pain. Can it be disabled?)

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1387d ago

Hopefully this will be the bane of all 12 year olds online in mature games

StoutBEER1387d ago

Holy shiz. Automatic mute after high pitched screaming? That would be pretty sweet!

NYC_Gamer1387d ago

Yes,real life players would also get called for the tech foul for using bad lang against the ref.

Brix901387d ago

Why would this even be a feature in the first place? Seems annoying you have to monitor your language around a game.

DoctorJones1387d ago

Apparently you can turn it off. I'd laugh if I played a game and it penalized me for swearing though, I'd be penalized very often.

I guess some people take things too seriously and have to make a big drama out of it.

Brix901387d ago


I know it can be turned off just don't understand the point of the feature to monitor your voice.

I agree it's nothing to make a big fuss about or complain when you can turn it off.

Dlacy13g1387d ago

@Brix90 I think your question is best asked of 2K then since they put the feature in. This wasn't MS's doing it was 2K adding that feature in. It can be turned off so not sure why anyone is making a big deal of this...but if you are....bitch at 2K.

Brix901387d ago


My comment never mentioned Kinect or MS I can imagine the features probably on PS4. So asking a question is bitching? lol

I mentioned already in another comment that it's nothing to complain about just seems like a pointless feature for "2k" (See what I did there).

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sAVAge_bEaST1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

No one wants to be punished for swearing, in their own living room, (that's where we can do what ever the f*** we want)

{jesus, kinect really is the telescreen from 1984 }

T21387d ago

ok well i am a sony fan but to be fair I have heard that the game does this for pseye too...

lesrima881387d ago

Damage Control level:OVER 9000

Emilio_Estevez1387d ago

It does add to the realism and this is also in the PS4 version. Gotta watch my words now when the refs aren't giving me calls.

Not gonna turn it off though as you can also call plays. It's pretty helpful to call for the double team on the fly or to call for the iso when Melo gets the ball. Iso+Melo = realism.

Voice Commands:

3-4-51387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Can we use the voice recognition to notify us when squeaky whiny complaining douchey lil 12 year olds enter the game and act like dropping F bombs is cool or something ?

Can we have it kick them out for being annoying and screechy?

I always just end up muting ever game.

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frostypants1387d ago

That's actually a funny feature. Can't he turn off the Kinect mic?

C-H-E-F1387d ago

Blah, same thing happens when you curse on the PS4 version... If you're using a mic/the camera...

NeloAnjelo1387d ago

This isn't something just possible with Kinect... Its also on the PS4 as well.

At least with the PS4 the camera is not an essential part of the console, but a choice.

jackanderson19851387d ago

i didn't bring up the kinect once so not sure why you replied to me... also that last paragraph unnecessary wouldn't you say?

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no_more_heroes1387d ago

Haha this will be a problem if I try to use it on FIFA! I get quite creative with foul language when I play that game (haven't played it since FIFA 12 though).

amiga-man1387d ago

Oh yes that is really what kinect should be doing, the guy is playing a game and is expected to mind his language while doing so, M$ really are so out of touch.

Just one more reason not to plug in your Kinect.

Jeedai Infidel1387d ago

1) It's a feature that can be turned off.

2) Last time I checked, Microsoft didn't make any of the 2K sports games

You're probably one of those people that still blame George Bush for everything bad happening, aren't you?

avengers19781387d ago

Well most the sh!t is George bush's fault.

Yo Mama1387d ago

It does this on the PS4 also. I'm all for hating on M$, but even I have to speak up on this one.

mcstorm1387d ago

They had it on fifa 13 with Kinect and I got sacked for Swearing too many times at the tv. It may p some people off but I find it funny. That said the mode can be turned off.

jackanderson19851387d ago

i think in Fifa you get a message from the board warning you of the use of foul language

NaAsAr1387d ago

that's done on purpose by 2k games. you WILL get a technical foul for swearing at the refs in a game. no "foul" done here by kinect or M$.

Riderz13371387d ago

Except he wasn't even swearing at the refs. All Kinect looks for is if someone says a swear word. It doesn't know when you're just saying "fuck" because you missed a shot or when you're saying it to a ref. Stupid and useless feature, good thing it can be turned off though.

Jeedai Infidel1387d ago

So... Kinect programmed that feature into a 2K Sports game?


So blame 2k for implementing the feature, not MS and kinect.

I swear, you guys find and reason to hate on MS, its ignorant and annoying.

frostypants1387d ago

Kinect is stupid in general, but this is a game feature put in by 2K. I'd wager it does the same thing on PS4 if you have your mic on.

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago


We blame Microsoft here. Forever and always.

BattleTorn1387d ago

This reminds me of MGS:V's Quite charcter model.

Everyone here is like "it's the developers choice!" "Politically correct wusses want to change the way it's designed"

Well guess what guys!!! The developers chose this feature - the DEVELOPERS thought it was good to have in their game.

nikoado1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

This reminds me of the movie "demolition man"...

NaAsAr1387d ago

i am gonna watch that movie when i get home. classic :)

whybag1387d ago

Without the benefit of free toilet paper, honestly, I thought this thing was from the future.

jvelite1387d ago

I like it! Nice feature!