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Edge: The Baffling Incompetence of Xbox One UI

It looks like an improvement. And as long as you aren’t actually using it, it is. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

colt-of-tipton  +   724d ago
I don't like the fact they have made everything a app its really annoying and i prefer to have a guide button but saying the apps are slow to load is BS , they load super quick even in snap mode in my opinion.
cleft5  +   724d ago
The problem with the UI is that it's menus after menus. It looks streamlined but it's actually really convoluted. I would say I am surprised that this happened, but if you look at the UI for Windows 8 this UI is a nature fit for Microsoft. With that said, I am sure this is something that can and will fix with patches, etc.
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bessy67  +   724d ago
I don't understand where you see the convolution. Want to watch Netflix? Say "Xbox go to Netflix". In Netflix and want to play Dead Rising 3? Say "Xbox go to Dead Rising 3". In Dead Rising 3 and want to check scores on the football games? Say "Xbox snap NFL". Even with a controller navigation is really easy. Press the guide button to get back to the dash from anywhere, set up some pins for things you use a lot, and simply scroll left and choose them. People make it out to be a ton more complicated than it really is.

Edit: I don't get what people are disagreeing with. That's how it actually works. I know, since I'm using it as I type this.
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abzdine  +   724d ago
Windows 8 is the worst thing i came across in a long time and the UI in that design is really not what i would prefer.
I prefer the PS4 UI where everything is in front of you and you don't need to look for anything.
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Boody-Bandit  +   724d ago

People are disagreeing because right now the X1 UI has a fair amount of issues. I am helping a friend write an article about it right now. My son and I played several hours on the X1 over the holidays. We ran into quite a few issues.

1 of them being while we were both signed in, even though he was the primary account, when he asked me an an X1 command and I told him? The X1 responded to my voice and signed me in as the primary account and literally signed him out completely.

I mean there are a lot hiccups I ran into. There should be more attention brought to this so MS will address these issues as soon as possible.

This UI was not ready for launch and is nothing like MS markets it in advertising. It is not close to being seamless. Not even close. When the voice commands works they work great but this console isn't easy to navigate for the masses.

Kinect even appears to get confused at times. This console is going to need several updates before most of these hiccups are worked out. Hopefully all of them can be ironed out. If not, what was the point of going in this direction at all? At the end of the day I still prefer using the controller over Kinect and even that is cumbersome. Too many menus.

One thing is for sure. They need to address XBL gaming part of things ASAP. The friends list, partying up, voice messaging, friends online notifications, etc... Seriously these things should've been priority one for the X1 launch. It sucks having to literally go to your friends list just to see if they are online.

Another thing I would want if this was my primary console. Keyboard compatibility. It's so much easier surfing IE with a keyboard vs an X1 controller.
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Septic  +   724d ago
"The party system, another former highlight, is similarly broken. It now insists on inviting every member to each game launched."

Yeah wtf is up with that? It makes no sense.

"[it] doesn’t show if people are in parties, gives no option to join them and no longer shows the biographical detail that enabled you to identify people."

Again...such a glaring omission. I don't understand MS' mindset behind these decisions.
come_bom  +   724d ago
The problem with Microsoft is that they don't listen to consumers... they make changes without consumers feedback, and then try to force those changes on the consumer.

Xbox One UI and Windows 8 are a good example.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   724d ago
Hands down the worst UI i've ever seen.Can't believe what a step down it is from the 360 Blades.

That windows 8 effect just ruins everything
bessy67  +   724d ago
I'm guessing you've never used it.
cleft5  +   724d ago
It's a UI people are discussing not gameplay or graphics. UIs are designed to be visually pleasing, so if the UI doesn't look visually pleasing than that is already a failure on their part. Also, there are a number of places that anyone can go and try out a Xbox One.

Just because you like the Xbox One, now I am the one doing the guessing, it doesn't mean you should bury your head in the sand about the negatives facing that console. Had people done that you would still have your DRM and not being able to rent/sale/buy used games. Both of which would have bothered you more than you know.

I love the PS4, but I keep my eyes open to it's flaws because if they do exist I want to see to it that Sony gets them fixed. Stop behaving like a fanboy and start behaving like an informed consumer.
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donman1  +   724d ago
Yep... thats Microsoft once again trying to force their failed tile system UI down the consumers throat. Hey Microsoft... how many years now and the Windows smartphones still is sh*tty and unpopular. Now they applying the same failed UI with their console.
bessy67  +   724d ago
And I'm guessing you've never used it either. I get it, hating on MS is the "in" thing, but maybe you should try some of these products before just following the fanboy hive mentality and throwing them under the bus.
curtis92  +   724d ago
@bessy right, because NO ONE could ever dislike the windows tiles, yes? If someone doesn't like it then they must not have used it. Because MS has perfected the OS UI, no doubt. /s
donman1  +   724d ago

I am going to forgive your ignorance. Part of my job is to test and recommend technology based on the users needs. In my department we have Windows, Android and iOS based technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops). So I speak as a person who have used and tested these various UIs. The tile system is not liked in general and is one of the reason why we still use windows 7 and have no interest in upgrading company wide to windows 8.1. Windows smartphones are not popular for that reason also.
So yes... I have used and tested their products and they are terrible. I don't speak about something I have not tried. Ok sir. Good!!
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TheFallenAngel  +   724d ago
Windows 8 is the worst. My sister bought a laptop with windows 8 and she hates it too. Returned it and bought an apple laptop. She loves it.
BobBelcher  +   724d ago
Honestly, if you know how to use it, then it's great... But that's the story of windows 8.1 as well.
BX81  +   724d ago
I agree, It seems like a mess till you get it down. I didn't like it at first but It's easy to use now. I can't wait to see where it's at in a year or so. Also my big complaint is the Party chat system. Am I the only one who get into a party chat?

Edit: Also fix the damn thing so I can check my memory
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Christopher  +   724d ago
So, essentially, it's a mess until you train yourself to like it? That's not how UIs are supposed to work.
PsylentKiller  +   724d ago

All UI's are a mess until you figure out how to use them. Some are more intuitive than others. Apple's iOS is one of the most simplistic UIs on phones and tablets. The home computers are a bit more complicated. Android is complicated to the person who only uses iOS. Linux is extremely complicated to people because it is unknown and unfamiliar to them.
Windows, like everything else, gets easier to use over time. I think the main problem with Windows metro design is that Microsoft made it look streamlined and intuitive but in action it is not. It seems simple to use until you find yourself searching through menus to find the surround sound beta option. Is it in video and sound settings? No. It's in TV settings under the troubleshooting tab.
Game freezes up. You have to go to settings > bluray > clear persistent storage. What the hell is persistent storage? Why do I have to do this on my own?
It's easy to use now, after a week and a half of use but omg is it the complete opposite of intuitive at times.
BX81  +   724d ago
That's not what I said at all. I said "It seems like a mess till you get it down", not what you said "So, essentially, it's a mess until you train yourself to like it?". It seems like a mess because it's new, when you learn it you actually see it's not bad. You're welcome.
MaverickStar7  +   724d ago
It seems like any other product that introduces a new UI. People hate it in the beginning but then come around once they figure it out.
PSnation4  +   724d ago
its windows 8 style... majority of the people hate it.. nothing going to change that till they redo it
bessy67  +   724d ago
No, the majority of people who have never tried it and simply listen to people with obvious biases like you(PSnation4)hate it.
Christopher  +   724d ago
@bessy67: No, actually, most PC gamers don't like Windows 8 compared to Windows 7 either. I went back to Windows 7 because I actually had more options for control over my PC. Rainmeter alone allows me to do more than what Win8 can do.

Now, Win8 does improve on certain features, but those could have easily have been an SP for Win7, but Microsoft pushed them to Win8 so they could force people to upgrade to the new OS.
Thehyph  +   724d ago
Maybe, it's just not a good UI then.

A good UI should be intuitive right off the bat. Double so if the UI is meant to be the center of an entertainment unit for a family.
See: iOS. Apple made it so your grandma can figure it out.

Aside: I've only had limited experience talking to the new Kinect. It works. It understood me, and I didn't have to repeat myself. That's great, BUT that delay is not pleasant. Some may say "what delay?" I'm referring to the laggy response that my android phone (which is a tiny fraction of the power of a console, and a fraction of the size of Kinect) doesn't have.

I don't mean to be a fanboy, but I am generally unimpressed by Kinect. Google Now just works for me, and it does it faster than SIRI or Kinect. I've used it at the grocery store, walking downtown, in the middle of my living room similar to a Kinect scenario, and more.

If two microphones and an ARM chip can do it so smooth, then why does a stationary Kinect have a delay.
MaverickStar7  +   724d ago
My feelings are that people often point the finger at the new UI. But to use the UI you need the human element. Not all people figure these systems out as easily. When someone has been using a system for many years and then moves to a new machine with a new system they are going to feel a little lost because trying to do things differently. That will play into a new users view of how intuitive a new system is. Also UI's are designed to get the most out of the system. With any case, that requires the user to learn how the UI works, not getting the UI to work how they want it to.

I've seen these complaints with every new Xbox and Playstation change, or every time Apple, or some website changes things. Most of the complaints die off, and you are left with a smaller portion of people that genuinely don't like the UI.

Using my PS4 has been a similar experience. I could say it has a terrible UI and is a step backwards in some areas. But the more I use it and learn how things are different, its fine.
nypifisel  +   724d ago
An UI which is cumbersome to use (optimal is as few button presses as possible), you don't get used too, it's just badly designed. Problem is, the XO UI was designed for voice and motion interaction, thins is; those things doesn't work too well.
Mr Lahey  +   724d ago
"Xbox One’s debut user experience is stuttering, clunky, and a serious challenge to Xbox Live’s long-held status as the premier console service.

Bluntly, they take too long to load, don’t offer the functionality that Xbox Live was built on, and are, inexplicably, badly handled by the OS."

Windows 8...
BX81  +   724d ago
You have to use the UI for your self. Don't let someone else make up your mind. Once you know what you're doing it's nice.
Mr Lahey  +   724d ago
True, but I really dislike windows 8 and the whole app concept! So it's no surprise to me that people are having issues with the XONE UI..
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bessy67  +   724d ago
Edge has become nothing but a Sony advertisement. They declared PS4 the winner of the generation in July, most likely after a healthy infusion of cash from Sony. They're nothing more than the Howard Stern of journalism; simply being a "shock jock" and writing controversial flame bait articles to get hits.
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Bathyj  +   724d ago
This is Edge you're talking about? The site that consistently rated ps3 games Lower than the metacritic average all gen while doing the exact opposite for x360? I can't believe what I just heard.

The roles really have been reversed. Media darling and pariah have switched sides.
boeso   724d ago | Immature | show
CEOSteveBallmer  +   724d ago
LOL That photo is hilarious. If im drinking something i would have spilled my drink XD
IanVanCheese  +   724d ago
Meh, Edge have always been harsh on everyone. It's a good thing.
SwordandShield  +   724d ago
So Edge criticizing Microsoft means that they are Pro Sony. LOL
OrangePowerz  +   724d ago
They declared the PS4 the winner when MS had all their crap anti consumer stuff in place before their 180s and rightly so, becaue at that time it was horrible.
Sleepless  +   724d ago
Edge=Sony....no surprises there
Chuk5  +   724d ago
Is it true they basically regressed the 360 party chat system on X1 and that you aren't alerted when people come online anymore?
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   724d ago
I think both Sony and Microsoft know that EDGE don't take prisoners. What Geneva Convention? lol
Seafort  +   724d ago
Why didn't they just stick with the Xbox360 UI and improve that?

This MetroUI from their OS and mobile phones is really crappy. It's the reason why Windows 8 and their phones don't sell very well.

Stick with what you know MS and don't try to force your new vision on your previous customers that are used to a better UI from the last console.

MS really do need a major shake up and get people in who know what they are doing and not the fake "suits" who try to look cool.
Phoenix76  +   724d ago
MS did have a shake up a few years ago....... Look what happened!!!
solidworm  +   724d ago
Sony are beating them at their own game. Embarrassing.
TRGMatt  +   724d ago
I will say that from what I've seen of XB1's UI, it takes some practice to get the hang of but once you do it looks to me like that thing is amazingly streamlined. I'll have to try it myself to be sure and am surprised at how many complaints are out there about the thing when PS4's looks like little more than a faster, improved version of XMB itself.
Gore-Content  +   724d ago
It's sh't because they wanted to shove the Windows 8 UI down our throats.
CEOSteveBallmer   724d ago | Trolling | show
Si-Fly   724d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
prettyboy12  +   724d ago
no sir he is not
wishingW3L  +   724d ago
At least Windows 8 has Classic Shell but on the XB1 you're forced to live with it. Another point to PC gaming.
dansdooz  +   724d ago
Here here chaps, im glad edge has done this article, hopefully ms will pay attention. The xb1 has huge potential but right now the ui is a bit of a pig to navigate, we defo need some of the 360 type features on the xb1, it feels like a beta.
I do like it dont get me wrong but it definitely needs refinement and quick!
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dansdooz  +   724d ago
Seems ryan mcaffrey of ign.com has set up a great website called xboxfeedback.com listing some features requested from fans. Major nelson has acknowledged the issues and they are being addressed.
I have no issue with the metro style we just need our own themes behind the tiles. Functionality however needs streamlining.
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