Soul Sacrifice Delta Demo Coming To PSN On December 12

Sony Computer Entertainment will release a demo for Soul Sacrifice Delta ahead of the game’s March 2014 release. The Soul Sacrifice Delta demo will let players fight new monsters from the Grimm faction.

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sherimae24131636d ago

i presume this will be on JP psn for now?...

vergilxx31636d ago

Yeah well it probably will be only on jp psn but since i have both i don't care i only wish i could lern how to read kanji

sherimae24131636d ago

well hunting games is playable with little knowledge of japanese,
but... the story and the lore is what makes soul sacrifice good

the sad story of those individuals that been turned into archfiends....

anyways im sure we will get a demo in english in next year...
just like the first one it will be localized too

GuruStarr781636d ago

Why don't you actually try reading the story?

sherimae24131636d ago

oh im soweeeee mr. rude guy...
did i ask the question to "you"?

vergilxx31636d ago

Why don't you go play tough guy elsewhere.?

Blastoise1636d ago

Looking forward to this game. Just hoping the new faction mechanics dont limit your playstyle too much

gunboss2011636d ago

Will look forward to what the others using jp psn think of it, completed the whole game, probably gonna train more when official english release date is near.. :)

vergilxx31636d ago

I still havent finished first one, Magusar is killing me on my current lvl, and with p4g gravity rush and corpse party an upcoming ffx i don't really have time to exp.
and damn I can't see the end of Persona 4 golden I already have like 65h

Inception1636d ago

Loved the 1st one but i don't have the oppurtunity to play it online. And i wonder if Sony will give free DLC again for this one.

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