Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Confirmed For April Release on PS4

During the PlayStation Awards 2013, the release date of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn on PS4 was confirmed - it will happen roughly two months after the beta start.

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sherimae24131417d ago

does this mean i can remote play it with my VITA?
if it is... ill get this game

Alexious1417d ago

Yes, this was confirmed as well.

abzdine1417d ago

And you can trade in PS3 version for PS4 at no extra cost, which is surprising coming from SE

Snookies121417d ago

Yeah, you can remote play with Vita.

sherimae24131417d ago

thx for confirming it for me ^_^

Snookies121417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

@sherimae2413 - You're most welcome. :]

I'll be getting my copy on PC, but the PS4 version will DEFINITELY be tempting because of this feature. Just the thought of playing on the Vita is too alluring lol.

amodestoccasion1417d ago

I will not rest until I can play every Final Fantasy game from the toilet, so this pleases me greatly.

majiebeast1417d ago

Yeah also if you buy the PS3 version you get the PS4 upgrade for free, but you lose access to the PS3 version.

At the Playstation Awards they also confirmed, Driveclub to be a launch title in Japan, so the game will launch before 22FEB in the west.

sherimae24131417d ago

ill be getting my PS4 this month as X-mas present for my VITA ^_^

i dont know there is PS awards though..

xPhearR3dx1417d ago

Does anyone know if the PS3 to PS4 upgrade will work with digital copies? I read if you transfer using the PS3 version (disk) you can no longer play on PS3, and only PS4. I'm just curious if that also applies to the digital version since it's going to be $10 for PS+ users.

I have yet to play the game, but for $10 and a free month on PS3, I would totally give it a shot if it means getting the PS4 digital version for free.

majiebeast1417d ago

Yes it works for all versions.

amodestoccasion1417d ago

What a weird, but cool marketing idea. Glad to see more publishers are offering the upgrade option like this - I'll be interested to see if people take advantage of it.

a08andan1417d ago

I might give this a chance but I will wait for the reviews. When I beta tested this the interface and its layout was horrendous and so cluttered that I stopped playing after 30 minutes. I guess I am really sensitive when it comes to interface :P

Zichu1417d ago

I was thinking of getting this for the PS3, but might wait for the PS4 release.

Shad0wRunner1417d ago

As long as people dont flip out like they did when FFXIV ARR launched on PS3 and PC, everyone will be fine. You gotta keep in mind, once this thing goes live for PS4...traffic volume will be very HIGH. Servers will be loaded and stressed. There will probably be errors and disconnects, bugs and glitches. You may not be able to get in and play, right off the bat.

Be reasonable and keep your expectations within reason. This thing isnt gonna be a flawless launch on PS4. Be patient and wait for the bugs to get worked out. Dont go all "gung ho" thinking it's gonna be a smooth ride.

Thats where most people messed up, the first time.

Alexious1417d ago

You mean with the original FFXIV release? I think there were more problems with that than just lag and glitches.

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