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Submitted by AbsoluteZelda 802d ago | opinion piece

How Nintendo Can Guarantee the Wii U’s Success

Gamnesia: "Everyone’s heard it all before. “ The Wii U is doooomed! Nintendo is the new SEGA! They’ve destroyed the video game industry forever!!1!” A lot of video game publications may be overdramatizing Nintendo’s situation when they make these ridiculous claims, but it's hard to deny that the Wii U has seen shockingly weak performance, putting Nintendo’s home console business in a bit of a bind.

Nintendo has plenty of money. Their portable console business is healthier than ever and their less-than-successful consoles are continually supported by Nintendo software and Nintendo fans. For these very reasons, I have faith that the Wii U will be fine—it does not need to be “saved.” However, its sales still do pale in comparison to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Nintendo has displayed far too many issues with public relations, advertising, branding, online infrastructure, and more to reshape that hierarchy. It’s simply too late for Wii U to become anything more than a pacifier while we wait for Nintendo’s next console. Thus, Nintendo’s goal should not be to make the “ultimate console” in any sense of the term, but rather to provide the best-selling pacifier they reasonably can.

To accomplish this, Nintendo must focus on a clear goal for the Wii U and make every decision with this goal carefully in mind. Nintendo must create the best consumer value and properly inform the public without expending misguided or excessive resources. In this light, there is plenty that Nintendo can do to ensure a faster turnaround, greater success, and longer-lasting significance for the Wii U, even * gasp* without third-party support." (Wii U)

Lord Anubis  +   803d ago
the whole blog post i will now summarize:
"i have faith"
EcoSos3  +   802d ago
So isnt that more than half of the opinion pieces.
TheVideoGamHer  +   802d ago
Why post the whole blog in the description?
AbsoluteZelda  +   802d ago
That's actually just the introduction. Click the link.
strigoi814  +   802d ago
i guess a pokemon RPG would be nice with PVP mode
JackieCruise69  +   802d ago
I agree with most of what this article has.

They definitely need to work on getting some more games into the VC. Maybe get some GameCube games in there? I'd absolutely love that. If they can't do that I'd like a reason why at least.

Making use of their IP's. Yes, again. Starfox would be amazing on Wii U. I heard there was a rumor about one being made.. but yeah. rumor. Remake Majora's Mask for Wii U and I'm sure that'll move some units. people have been begging for these things. I'd love to see Kid Icarus game on Wii U as well. Bring some older games back to life.

Marketing, I think they're doing okay with it for now, marketing it towards kids for the time being. But I really hope they'll step it up. Hell, make a commercial simply explaining the Wii U and what it can do rather than involving kids and shit. I will admit they need to market it more towards hardcore gamers now. Mario 3D World is out and known, so enough with the family-oriented commercials.

I really don't know why the Wii is still in NA. I hate seeing it in Walmart or Kmart. I just hate it and it pisses me off to no end. I'd like to slap whoever decided to keep it here. There is NO use for it any longer. Wii U can play Wii games, so... What the hell are you doing Nintendo NA?!

But along with all of this; they need to listen more and get things straightened out. I don't know what's going on inside the company but they need to get their shit sorted out. I really hate seeing them make stupid decisions. I've been with them since childhood and I plan on staying with them, but I've been pretty disappointed with their actions lately.
imXify  +   802d ago
They need to prove themselves that the WiiU is a capable console and remove the 'idiot' label people putted on WiiU's head.

I kinda disagree with that next statement because I know it's all about the gameplay. But they need to show a game that looks incredible graphically. Because people will juge the game at first sight. I hope that game is Zelda.
zalanis  +   802d ago
i dont get why they dont just put a number 2 beside the word wii and take out the u. works perfect for ps1 2 3 and now 4
310dodo  +   802d ago
Offer a powerful system where I can play Mario and "Fall Out 4" on for example.

I remember on N64 and GC I could play smash bros or mario and then play a great 3rd party FPS or action game.

Nintendo went way too far into the "casual" side. They used to do both
Loadedklip  +   802d ago
How well did the Gamecube sell? Not well at all. It's more than just making a powerful console ... Nintendo has to fix it's third party relationships some way. Just making a more powerful console guarantees them absolutely nothing.
Fanboyssuck27  +   801d ago
What has sales got to do with the quality of a console or games? Nothin. Even tho the GameCube didn't sell like a Wii the console itself was the best and the games were the best.
310dodo  +   801d ago
Gamecube was beast.
I guess sales makes a system good to you?

Wii u is selling terrible.
I bet you if Nintendos next system is a "Gamecube 2" it would sell like gang busters
Loadedklip  +   800d ago
@ Fanboyssuck27 ... what is the article's point? Critical acclaim or sales? I loved the gamecube myself ... but it wasn't "SUCCESSFUL".

So either learn to stay on topic or try to live up to your own screen name because Fan boys do suck.

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