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Metal Gear Solid 5: Kojima on Designing Female Sniper "Quiet"

Hideo Kojima speaks on his design intentions for creating the character Quiet, the female sniper for Metal Gear Solid 5. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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_QQ_  +   577d ago
Kojima you brilliant man pleaser.. don't worry anyone with a brain who has played your games shouldn't doubt that the character design is for a reason. Quiet's mocap model is pretty damn gorgeous though, lucky kojima.
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WeAreLegion  +   577d ago
Agreed, but I find Quiet more attractive for some reason.
_QQ_  +   577d ago
i think being half naked with a big gun might have something to do with it.
WeAreLegion  +   577d ago
Lol. No, man. It's the face.
Blaze929  +   577d ago
this really says it all:

XxGOWxX  +   577d ago
to be fair, children soldiers are real. Half naked soldiers are not.
solidboss07  +   577d ago
The 'War on Terror' might have been given more international support if soldiers where half naked......... like Quiet - not the British Paras or US Marines!
Urb4n0ninj4  +   577d ago
Men with the ability to control lightning are also not real (Volgin)

People can not read minds (Mantis')

Nano Machines are also not real (and a staple of this series)

Lets just agree that the game can mimic reality, while not conforming entirely to it hm?

I also don't remember people throwing a hissy when you had to play as Raiden in the buff in Arsenal, or drag Raikovs nearly naked, bananan-hammock'd butt around.

Likewise there was also no point for Sniper Wolf, and Naomi to leave their shirts half open ALL THE TIME....
WeAreLegion  +   577d ago
I find Quiet attractive, in a very strange way.
nope111  +   577d ago
Oh Kojima-san, i love you.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   577d ago
I think it largely depends on the circumstance for these things, such as was she being tortured and were her clothes stolen like Raiden in MGS2, or is it just her wearing nothing for no reason, we dont quite know enough before the game coms out so i'll wait to judge that till then.
Rzep  +   577d ago
When you see her within the story you will understand why she looks the way she does...Really? So she is a roadside hooker in game?

More importantly, a half naked sniper in a desert environment. Yes that makes perfect sense...I mean if you wan't to stay alive in the desert you obviously take your clothes off.

I am really not expecting realism here just some god damn common sense.
Urb4n0ninj4  +   577d ago
A half naked sniper in the middle of a desert makes much more sense than a sniper with her jacket half open in the middle of Alaska XD
Spore_777  +   577d ago
Eva Vs Quiet Vs Fortune Vs Meryl Vs Sniper Wolf Vs BB Corps
Budz_McGr33n  +   577d ago
Even though Quiet is very sexy, it is ridiculous and un-realistic to have a female sniper in the desert with most of her skin exposed to the elements.
Urb4n0ninj4  +   577d ago
More ridiculous than Sniper Wolf having her jacket open all the time in the middle of Alaska?

Or Naomi (and EVA, actually) leaving her shirts unbuttoned constantly?

or how about almost all the women in MGS4 having skin-tight uniforms....from the frogs to the B&B.

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