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GamesFiend's Zeth takes out the coloured paper, craft knife and glue and sees what Media Molecule's latest platformer, Tearaway, is made of.

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guitarded771539d ago

So many games and consoles right now!!! Unfortunately, I can't get Tearaway right now, but will get it as soon as Amazon gives it a price drop. Amazing reviews all over for this game, and I love Media Molecule's creativity. They've been the best developer on Vita so far.

danny8181539d ago

its $30 on amazon right now. I bought it full price and I love it!!!! cant stop smiling. unfortunately wont be able to finish it soon due to finals

abzdine1539d ago

this game is so cheap and one of the best games this year hands down.
definitely the best handheld game this year next to Zelda

TheLastGuardian1539d ago

Just got the platinum last night. Brilliant game.

B_Rian891539d ago

me too! I hope this game sells well. It seems to be getting overshadowed with all of the PS4 hype

danny8181539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Totally agree with u!!! Media molcule. Most creative deva evaaa! Honestly! Im reppin the iota figurine for ur headphone jack that gamestop gave out for preorders

CalebZachary84111539d ago

Best handheld game of the year.