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How Could Crimson Dragon Go So Wrong?

If any Xbox One launch title seemed destined for guaranteed success, it would have been Crimson Dragon. Despite its turbulent development cycle, Crimson Dragon's pedigree should have seen it through. (Crimson Dragon, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   676d ago
1) It was originally commissioned to push the Kinect.

2) From the video clips I've seen, its storyline takes a military, COD, approach where you're only part of a squad. Are always taking orders or have to listen to chatter - game never shuts up.

3) Guessing that despite the Panzer Dragoon devs names being connected to it, they really had little to on input.
That_Guy2u2  +   675d ago
heres where everything goes wrong, "made on kinect"
SilentGuard  +   675d ago
Kinect as the building foundation of the game and microtransactions to nickle and dime the player...hard to see how this game went so bad. Just a symptom of the bigger problem with MS and what has become of the Xbox brand. What a shame.
xDHAV0K24x  +   675d ago
For $20 tho? Can't go wrong for that price

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