Next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter Detailed, Will Show the PS4 Version and PS Vita Remote Play

Square Enix fully detailed the next Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live broadcast, scheduled to air on December the 14th, just three days before the release of the large 2.1 content patch.

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guitarded771421d ago

Just got my PS3 copy in the mail today. They had it for $20 on Amazon, and you end up getting the PS4 version for free with the PS3 version, so I had to do it. Still gonna wait until we get a bit closer to the PS4 beta launch before starting.

pivotplease1421d ago

I feel like this will run very nicely on the PS4. It's too bad though the PC version can't make you eligible for the PS versions since my $80 copy is completely useless to me. Can't wait to try out "Rapture". Will never amount to another certain game, but I'm sure it will be addictive nonetheless.

guitarded771421d ago

Yeah, I think it would be in their best interest to have PC users get it for free on PS4 too. It will just make the community stronger, and they'll make their money on the subscription fee. I have a feeling it may go free to download all together at some point anyway though.

pivotplease1421d ago

True... PS4 has been taking up a more free-oriented model with an emphasis on micro-transactions. Could see this becoming free too since the monthly fee is pretty exorbitant. I thought they would have realized after XI. The price would be ideal and possibly open the game up to the mainstream if it sat below 10 dollars a month. That or make the 15 dollars give you access to up to 8 characters or something (even though one can play every job anyway).

Abriael1421d ago

It's almost never in a company's best interest to give stuff out for free.

They're giving the upgrade to PS3 users because the PS3 version is clearly inferior, and they barely managed to deliver on it.

The PS3 version is also higher priced.

Most PC users don't *need* the PS4 version.

pivotplease1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

It is actually a completely logical business move when your product's income relies almost solely on a subscription based model. People will be more likely to get addicted and consequently pay a monthly subscription if the game doesn't lie behind two pay walls.

I'm in the camp who *needs* a different version. Not sure why you have to disagree with my circumstances. The game was perfectly runnable in the 1.0 era and now I can't run it despite the supposed optimizations that have been done. Maybe I'm in the minority, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm in a garbage situation and I've been hyping this game before anyone on N4G knew it existed lol.

TronEOL1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

This isn't going to happen because Sony wants to make money off selling the game on the PSN. And that makes perfect sense since they'll be using their bandwidth to allow PS3/4 gamers to download the game as many times as they wish.

I think Sony and Square were nice enough to offer PlayStation gamers the ability to upgrade to PS4 for free. There's absolutely no need to allow PC gamers to get the PS3/4 version for free. It makes no sense. PC gamers can easily pay the $10-$15 for the game on console. Even if you buy it full price, you'll still be getting way more worth from that game than any other game you may purchase (if you enjoy it).

As for FFXIV going free-to-play? Never going to happen. Ever. FFXI is STILL Pay-to-play, and it still has a decent community. Considering FFXIV's high point was 1.4million subs, and YoshiP already said he only needs around 300K to keep it profitable and keep producing quality content, I don't think it's going to happen.

It's been said a million times, but the Free to play market will implode soon enough. It's far too cluttered with crap that it's hard to be profitable unless games are "in-your-face spend real money to progress!".

Unless you meant "Download game for free, and pay sub to play".
If you meant this, I'm an idiot and you can ignore my ridiculous wall of text.

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NegativeCreepWA1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

I think you guys have the wrong idea about the free PS4 version, its actually a free upgrade, your PS3 version won't be usable afterwards.

And I hear the PS4 version will be $60, so I'd buy the PS3 version ahead of time to save a little.

guitarded771421d ago

That's what I said in my previous comment. I got it for $20 on Black Friday, and I'm holding off using the free 30 days until the PS4 beta begins. I don't want to play it on PS3 because it is limited compared to the PC/PS4 versions.

In my other comment, I wasn't implying free 2 play, but that the game itself should be free across platforms if you buy it. The money made is on the subscription fee, so it wouldn't be a loss to give the PS4 version to the people who bought it on PC, and it would just increase people playing.

Abriael brings up the "most PC users don't need the PS4 version". I hate those arguments. Just because "most" may not need it, it doesn't mean it's not a good strategy. The majority of people are not gay, so they don't need equal rights... same type of stupid argument.

Jubez1871421d ago

@Guitarded77 I wouldn't say "limited." Only because ALL content can be cleared on PS3 right now. Content wise, the PS3 is not gimped in any way shape or form. I agree that you might want to wait a little seeing as patch 2.1 (A Realm Awoken) comes out the 17th of December. Also, I don't know how open the PS4 beta will be, and how soon the PS4 game will launch afterwards.

Pain1421d ago

Can't see why having the pc version entitles me to the PS4 version upgrade unless I bought the PS3 version witch I did for the collectors stuff..

My PC is a beast so I don't want to play the ps version but I'm really look forward to remote play since some days sitting at the comp staring at a 52 inch tv is lame when I can sit outside in the sun and do some fishing :D

dcj05241421d ago

Can they just releases a $60-80 version without having to pay the monthly fee? I like this game but not to the point of adding to my bills.Strike up a deal with PS+ or something.

Jubez1871421d ago

PS+ right now has it for 10 dollars. Get that, and then after your first free month pay for ~6 months of game time (you'll save more on dollar per hour also, as with buying anything in bulk). You'll probably end up paying as much as a normal retail game...and I'd say it's pretty rare for a retail game to last someone six months. I know people who buy Uncharted, AC's, and GoW's and then beat them the next day.

TronEOL1421d ago

If Square could make a fair chunk from Sony on PS+, I'd think this idea would have been brilliant. I just doubt Sony would be down for that since the sub alone costs us at least $13 (or $15).

Sony would essentially be paying for a single subscription per month that everyone on PS3/4 could take advantage of. And imagine how many other money-saving gamers would rather just buy a PS3/4 and get PS+ rather than paying Square per-month as it is now.

The money Square would lose would instantly be a bad deal all around.

ho0lee0h1421d ago

I can see Sony charging extra for subscription MMOs to be included in PS+. Kinda like a tiered PS+. Basic 59.99. Pro 99.99 and includes Gaikai with FFXIV/MMO subscriptions.