Sony Bringing Original Shows To The PlayStation Network

Earlier this year Sony registered a domain called, though at the time it led nowhere. However, that's changed as a little digging from our Tuffcub found that the domain redirects users to, a site that is aimed at advertisers. However that wasn't the most interesting discovery made while looking around the site.

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Beetey1388d ago

I'll keep my expectations low, but this could turn out to be pretty cool!

Welshy1388d ago

If they can bring quality shows like Netflix Originals, it can onlt be a good thing! =)

Should be interesting to say the least, maybe we'll get some game universe inspired ones that don't suck like game based movies.

Beetey1388d ago

Netflix Originals were the first thing I thought of when I read this. However, I would seriously doubt that anything that comes out of this will be on par with those shows.

kreate1388d ago

I just want Christina lee to come back w the pulse episodes.

SnotyTheRocket1388d ago

It would be cool if they did something like a Live-Action Last of Us miniseries, not focusing on Ellie or Joel though.

Conzul1388d ago

doesn't Sony know ... If they presented Video Unlimited like Netflix, people would use it.

I'm wary of their movies switch to a streaming only model. Prefer to DL them like on PS3.

madpuppy1388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )


I'm pretty sure that Sony can create content just as compelling if not more so than Netflix, after all, Sony is a movie and TV content creator themselves. that own many studios like Columbia and Sony pictures. also, they are already creating shows for their Crackle service that are pretty good.

Volkama1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Crackle is Sony's? I had never heard of it until a few days ago, when I saw it as an option on the XBox One video marketplace. "Free with adverts" it said.

Sometimes it's almost like MS and Sony don't hate each other, but you always have to remember that something sinister is afoot from whichever company you irrationally hate.

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harrisk9541388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

Well, if they are creating content, I sure hope it is better than Sony's last foray into original show creation. Namely, "The Tester". Man, there were some cringe-worthy moments during that show! Yet, somehow, I just couldn't turn away! *hangs head in shame*

Snookies121388d ago (Edited 1388d ago )

I enjoyed The Tester, although yes... It most certainly had its cringe moments lol.

hellzsupernova1388d ago

Breaking bad good enough for you?

ssj271388d ago

Well if their shows are based on their original ips it could be amazing!
Imagine a killzone series! A gow one wow lol
And also introduce third party ips like assassin's creed and potential new ideas ip that if they are popular enough they could use for future games.

But I'm not part of sony or work for them and they are not as talented as I'm.. but they are welcone yo use my ideas.. and I hope they cobtact me for a good job.. why not lol

Joe9131388d ago

Sony pictures is working on Watch Dogs movie.

hellzsupernova1388d ago

Sony helped with braking bad so if it is that calibre it would be incredible
However I agree I cannot see anything amazing come out of this.

Prime1571388d ago

I don't know, breaking bad and rescue me are two of my recent favorites... I'm hopeful.

Beetey1388d ago

I agree that they are good shows, I just don't think that a show they only make available on the PSN would be up to the same standards.

Shake_Zula1388d ago

Alot of people forget that the PS3 is like a small scale supercomputer. From a processing standpoint, it is still up there with the next-gen systems. Graphical fidelity is of course not there due to the antiquated RSX, but most racing SIMULATORS are more heavy on processing anyway.

In any case, this is a business decision, BUT it shows heavy faith in the PS4 to be just as strong as it is now two years later. Releasing GT6 on the PS3 is a no-brainer business decision as you have a fully saturated install base on the PS3. Two years later, after fixing mistakes and building from the racing games that are capitalizing right now should make the game pretty epic.

DeadlyFire1388d ago

Sounds like Crackle to me.

madpuppy1388d ago

Crackle is a Sony service. So....

DeadlyFire1383d ago

Indeed. So does this mean they plan on revamping Crackle, giving it new content more often with exclusive shows and such maybe?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1387d ago

TV TV TV is ok when it's the PS4 doing it!

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1387d ago

... because Ps4 can balance both hundreads of exclusive games and "Tv". If it weren't able to handle the exclusive games part then i assure you that even the thoughest fanboy would crack. M$ proved that point.

So stop trolling!

XboxFun1387d ago

Hilarious right Midnight? Sony fanboys run up and down this site claiming they don't care about TV or shows. But if Sony does it then they'll sit back, praise it and give it a chance.

"Bu bu bu bu bu Sony won't lose focus so now we love TV!"

Oh the spin is so strong with this group.

BlackTar1871387d ago

except that this is coming out as annoucment after the ps4 release and wasn't made as a selling point in a world wide console reveal.

You're comparing apples to oranges yet you are unable to see that cuz you have so much blind rage towards other companies not name Microsoft.

MrBeatdown1387d ago


Golly gee, it sure would suck if Sony Pictures lost it's focus on games.

Oh wait...

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Deadpoolio1387d ago

Um you do realize that Sony owns Sony motion pictures studio, which includes studios like Columbia pictures and Sony Television studios right? So it's a good bet that some of it will be good

Beetey1387d ago

Good? Ya, probably. However, people thinking this might mean the next Breaking Bad will be a PSN exclusive show are probably going to be disappointed.

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MajorGecko1388d ago

wont let me enter the site what is this witchcraft??

NaAsAr1388d ago

They have some interesting live shows now in the form of playroom broadcast ;)

iamnsuperman1388d ago

This is cool but what I don't get is why doesn't Sony start releasing some of its TV shows/films/music via PSN plus. I feel they are missing a trick here

Welshy1388d ago

They try to push Music/Video Unlimited for that i think.

It isn't included as a PS+ service though, it's more of a Netflix style additional service.

Blackdeath_6631388d ago

LOL i certainly wouldn't call the tester "high quality, professionally produced content"

LordMaim1388d ago

I would barely qualify it as "content".

r211388d ago

Most likely...I just hope the next season has actual game related shit instead of lets work together to throw a melon -_-