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This is the newest edition of the game that was originally released back in 2010. With very little differences (that include a DLC that doesn't bring much to the story), it's still a good choice to have in mind.

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BcozoftheImplication886d ago

Ahh... enslaved let me just wipe away the cobwebs of my mind here 4 a second 'augh' dats betr oh yes enslaved frm wat I remember this waz quite a gud game I really enjoy it but I've luv al the games frm ninja theory unlike most & I'm sad 2 hear dat they hav moved on 2 mobile gaming coz I'm sure they wud hav blown us away on next gen consoles wit da talent on dat team!!

sdozzo886d ago

You have to actually work to write the way you do. C'mon.

SlapHappyJesus885d ago

They are indeed working on mobile titles. They aren't only working on mobile titles though. They apparently have a next gen release in the works and one of the heads of the studios struck down the claims that they were moving purely to mobile a while back.

CrossingEden885d ago

Um, you do realize that ninja theory announced a long time ago that they are making a next gen triple A game right?

NeoTribe885d ago

Why do you go out of your way to write like an uneducated jackass? On topic, enslaved was a horrible game with the worst combat I've seen in a video game. Poor gamepk ay and predictable story. 4/10

SlapHappyJesus885d ago

Most around here seemed to like the game. I was one of them. I loved it, actually.

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Magnus885d ago

A great game it was played on both the 360 and PS3 and I still own it. People are missing out on this sleeper hit title.