Two new GTA 5 artworks and The Content Creator details

GameSpace: "The enormous open world of GTA 5 is extremely various, and the developers decided to remind about this fact once again. Today they have revealed two new GTA 5 artworks, which are available for free download. Also the videos of The Content Creator system were leaked last week."

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Lord_Sloth1631d ago

But when do we get our online heists?

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1631d ago

When you stop caring and move on.

Lord_Sloth1631d ago

So 3 weeks ago? *has stopped playing it already*

bohemian 231631d ago

I just hope they don't try to charge us for them. I know they said the heists were included in GTA online, but as far as I know, they never said if they would charge for them.

xPhearR3dx1631d ago

Yes they did. One of their first blog post about all the content said it was all free. Beach Bum pack, content creator and heist. All free of charge.