God of War: Ascension Director Joins Crytek, Working On Unannounced Game

DSOGaming writes: "Seems that Crytek is getting ready for the next-gen era and if this new recruitment is anything to go by, we can be sure that its games will sport more than pretty graphics."

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majiebeast1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Going from top tier to bottom tier maybe he got forced out when Corey Balrog returned.

Lets hope he will actually introduce gameplay at Crytek, not getting my hopes up for that though.

allformats1666d ago

Ryse 2: Are You Not Entertained!?!?

I kid, I kid.

majiebeast1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Uk wasnt entertained it sold less then angry birds and Tomb Raider this week:P

abzdine1666d ago

He directed the weakest God of War in the series.. Ascension was a boring God of War, very far from level of quality that the previous ones have achieved and that's essentially due to this guy.

Nothing to worry about with Balrog and Asmussen on board.

moparful991666d ago

With Stig and Balrog back at the helm expect Santa Monicas next game to be incredible...

Insomnia_841666d ago

Unfortunately, Todd made the lowest rated GOW game in the series, now Crytek picked him up. At least he will show them how to make gameplay not so boring. Expect Ryse 2 to be a full blown copy of GOW....minus the awesomeness of GOW!

-wub-1666d ago

@abzdine Yes he did direct the weakest one in the series. Ascension is the only GOW i didn't platinum.

pyramidshead1666d ago


Really? Holy crap those casual gamers! lol

If you were a fan of the series you'd have enjoyed it regardless. I definitely did. It's main flaw was being developed after the amazing GoW3 which almost seemed to conclude things....almost.

I_am_Batman1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

@abzdine:I agree it wasn't on the same level of quality when it released. My 2 main problems with the game were the sound issues and the uninspired final boss fight. I think they should've dropped the multiplayer and put those recources in the single player.

However the story was pretty good imo. The new battle system brought more depth to the gameplay and the world weapons and items were nice additions too.

I think God of War: Ascension was a really good game that suffered from the inclusion of multiplayer.

abzdine1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

i platinumed all God of Wars no exception so it tells enough about how fan i am of this series. Ascension didn't grab me, Kratos doing ice skating everytime felt ridiculous and the traveling in time didn't feel well thought cause it seemed like a great idea in the start.
First thing that hit me are the menus.. they should keep the same we already know with half of the face. The save system is garbage which makes the checkpoint system really bad and frustrating, i liked it when i could save the game myself when i want to.

All this to say that Papy won't be missed, especially with Balrog going back.

i didn't like that i couldn't switch weapons for the same combo like GOW3 cause i thought that was great! With Ascension i dont remember which weapon is where with the d-pad. I would have prefered if they kept the magic with the d-pad and weapon change with L1 (i think).
The thing i really liked with Ascension is the counter and escape system during an enemy QTE.. adds too much immersion but that's unfortunately the only good thing i noticed.

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GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I imagine the GoW director sitting around a table with the Crytek higher ups and explaining that he wants to bring great graphics AND great gameplay and they are looking at him like he is crazy whilst scratching their heads.

SoulSercher6201666d ago

Crytek would be like "Great gameplay? We don't know nothin bout that."

JackISbacK1666d ago

damn ,i dont know how ms belived those stupid devs out there ,i thinks cryteck must go more deeper in graphics department and stop making games and distribute their engines to gaming devs and movie makers ,who can take advantage of it with roviding good gameplay,these junkies can be more successful in i was having great expectations from ryse first time a game from from cryteck,and they ruined it ,big assholes.

JackISbacK1666d ago

i also think that these guys must provide cryteck engines to ms studios so that they can take great use of it on will be better for us ,that will be the day when i will realy appreciate for them ,at least studios out there will give better graphics with good gameplay and new ideas ,not only making qte's and showing power of the engine.

Magicite1666d ago

Crytek is great at making games which act as benchmarks yet ''taste as rubber pie''.

Riderz13371666d ago

Damn he went from making "God of War" to probably a game called "Ryse: Should be spelled Rise".

MegaRay1666d ago

What wrong with ryse? I know alot of people who like "not me tho"
Anyway i agree it should've spelled Rise lol

I_am_Batman1666d ago

There has to be a "y" in every crytek game. That's almost as important as the visuals.

But honestly most Crytek games have a lot of potential. And if Todd Papy can help Crytek to get more of it out of the games it's a good thing. Sony Santa Monica have enough talentd people to replace him. I think he can help Crytek to become a better studio.

Palaven1666d ago

He must have a lot of experience with QTE games after working on God of War.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

You have OBVIOUSLY never played a God Of War, the combat is pretty deep for a hack and slash, multiple weapon types and tons of combos, the only QTE's are the bosses and mini bosses.

RYSE on the other have QTE for every enemy. Try harder next time. Your first comment after several days of being banned and you are already trolling. Some people just never learn.

theWB271666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Fact....QTE's are events in a game that the player loses control and the traditional game mechanics are replaced by button prompts usually in sections of the game that requires a restart if said buttons are not pressed correctly. Shenmue was the first game to largely implement this...where QTE also got its name.

In that sense...GOW and Ryse aren't different at all. There are the bosses and mini bosses you mentioned that have this mechanic and some in Ryse that also have it.

Both games allow you to kill lesser enemies without ever initiating a QTE. You should try harder next time.

Not once did I compare the the deepness of the two combat systems. I simply explained what QTE's are and GOW and Ryse are no different in that ONE regard. Both games have sections where you lose control...both games allow you to kill lesser enemies without a QTE. Simple...

KonsoruMasuta1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Thewb72, God of War's combat is a different ball game. Yes, both game initiate quick time events but God of War's combat goes deeper than just mashing one button.
It's easier to string moves together and you can even switch weapons mid combo to spice it up and use the power of one weapon and the speed of another to your advantage.

This is why reviewers got bored with Ryse's combat quicker than God of War. The reviews show what the better game is.

Pintheshadows1666d ago

The difference is, WB27, that God of War does it brilliantly.

Ryse however does it awfully in the dullest way imaginable. I can't think of a way to make Ryse more boring than it already is. Maybe they could add the worst turret sections since Ride to Hel...oh, wait a minute. They did that.

Honestly, comparing God of War to Ryse is an insult to well made games.

Insomnia_841666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Exactly! The QTEs in GOW you kind of earn them, you fight to get to that awesome rewarding moment of a brutal kill on an enemy mostly mini bosses and bosses. Ryse screwed up this great formula making the game feel boring and repetitive after a while. How a dev couldn't see this is beyond me. I called it since the very first info about Ryse.

No matter what they try and Todd won't help much to make Ryse compete with GOW. It will never be what GOW jist because of one thing, the enemies. We are talking about human enemies versus mythological beasts which open up hundreds of possibilities for moves, kills, QTE finishing moves as we have seen already. It's as simple as that.

theWB271666d ago

I don't care who does it better. I didn't say who does it better. I simply stated what a QTE is...I don't care how a dev implements them into their games. A QTE is the same mechanic across the board and both games have them.

While I agree GOW does it better...I wouldn't tell someone who prefers Ryse's combat their opinion is stupid. It's subjective..some people think GOW is trash and boring.

GarrusVakarian1666d ago


Why are you telling me the history and definition of QWTE's?

"In that sense...GOW and Ryse aren't different at all."

Just like Palaven, you have never played a God Of War, stop talking about a series like you know it well.

theWB271666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Here is my trophy list. My PSN is on my profile here also.
GOW123 and Ascension are there. If there's any other way you'd like to see if I've played the series I'll be more than happy to oblige. You can add me on PSN if you'd like...lakeshow27.

I love how you pulled my quote out of context. In the sense of both games having QTE's....they aren't different. Both have sections where you're forced to press button promtps or you can't progress. That's a QTE...

I'm not arguing HOW they are done...simply both games have them in certain sections and the rest of the game they are optional. NOTHING ELSE....there is no other argument I'm making other than that. Stop coming at me and telling me which is better....I agree that GOW is better. Still that's not what Im talking about.

pyramidshead1666d ago


the difference between the two and their implementations of QTEs is shown by GoW's being satisfying when needed(as in they're not there all the time) where as in Ryse they become repetitive and tiresome caused by them being the backbone of the gameplay.

Palaven1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Don't tell me what I haven't played. I have a PS3 and I have played both God of War 3 and Ascension.

I agree the combat is deeper on GoW but Ryse is just as fun. Plus, you don't have to QTE every enemy, it is a choice, unlike the mandatory QTEs on GoW. There is no reason not to use them because on Ryse they are actually fun. Play the game before judging it.

(When was I banned? LOL, I haven't been on here because I have a life and I have been playing my Xbox One).

Volkama1666d ago

@KonsoruMasuta Try playing Ryse with just 1 button. You haven't learned how it works if you think you spam 1 button (hint: you can't use the same attack 3 times in a row). Whatever the game is or isn't, putting it down just because that's how the bandwagon rolls right now is kind of weak.

@Pintheshadows I'll take simplistic turret sections over tedious "move block, flip switch" puzzles any day.

Ryse single player was a real nice console showcase imo, it makes for a great launch game if you have the disposable income.

Ryse multiplayer is a micro-transaction focused abomintation.

GTgamer1666d ago

"I agree the combat is deeper on GoW but Ryse is just as fun."

No the hell it isnt just as fun especially when you repeat the same ones over and over not to mention GOW QTE keeps you on your toes because you can mess up Ryse holds your hand so you dont even care about it :/ defeats the purpose tbh.

"Plus, you don't have to QTE every enemy, it is a choice, unlike the mandatory QTEs on GoW."

Gow QTE is Mandatory which is good for trial and error and makes sense example your about to get slamed by a titan do you really think it makes for you to miss that button promt which is what makes the character react because its based on your reaction. GOW is way better than Ryse because it gives you a challenge yall really defending a Kinect game smfh.

Section81665d ago

And yet for some reason most people don't like heavy rain or beyond two souls, which is a load of bullshit because their is nothing wrong with any quantic dream game. They must require people of intelligence to play. Mmmm, now I know why most people don't like it.

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BcozoftheImplication1666d ago

To be honest it's a perfect match he helped make da most boring GOW game ever and now he's goin 2 join da most borin developers ever! Gud lok todd U'll need it... meh

DestinyHeroDoomlord1666d ago

Your comment started off good...

zpoc1666d ago

Your comment reads like you had a stroke halfway through writing it

Baka-akaB1666d ago

Finally someone could teach Crytek about gameplay , before they go on ruining Darksiders for us

DestinyHeroDoomlord1666d ago

I really hope Darksiders 3 is better than 2

-wub-1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Crytek bought the Darksiders IP? wtf.

Section81665d ago

Actually, Nordic games did. Although, I don't know if their affiliated with Crytek. Either way, they need to do DS3 with Fury first, since she's a chick and then DS4 with Strife. After that, you do a DS5 with all 4 of them to continue where DS1 left off AND have a 4 player co-op. There, mic drop...

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