PS4 fastest-selling console in UK history

Sony's PlayStation 4 is the fastest-selling console in UK history, according to official sales figures.

Chart-Track said PS4 beat the eight-year record help by Sony's PlayStation Portable, which launched in 2005 to the tune of 185,000 sales. PS4 beat Xbox One, which launched on 22nd November, and its predecessor PlayStation 3.

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Kayant937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

No surprises there...

Edit - @majiebeast

Completely forgot about that :p. Yep that was surprising indeed ;)

majiebeast937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

"PS4 exclusive Knack debuts at 13 ahead of Super Mario 3D World on Wii U at 14. Yes, Knack sold more than Mario."

Pretty huge surprise. The wiiU is just dead in the UK if a mario game cant even beat Knack.

GamerXD937d ago

PS4 being the fastest-selling console in UK is no surprise, but Knack outselling Mario? RIP Nintendo.

abzdine937d ago

Knack is amazing and deserves to sell millions.
i am not sure it is as deep as mario but still great game.
i want the new mario as well, but gotta get a Wii U first

Theyellowflash30937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

You guys know this chart doesn't account for digital sales or the Mega Mario Bundle that included Super mario 3D World?

On top of that, since when were Mario Games known for their day one sales?

2 to 3 years from now Mario will still be selling. While Knack will be forgotten quickly

Not to mention, Super Mario 3D World absolutely crushed Knack in the American what does this matter? The North American Market is 10X bigger than the UK

cleft5937d ago

This is very impressive for Sony and dire for Microsoft. I think we are going to be looking at a 2 to 1 advantage for Sony over Microsoft. No way the PS4 isn't the lead console platform now.

Why o why937d ago

It'll be good to just put the sales argument to bed imo....way too much time was spent bickering over it last gen. If its a clear gap then maybe, just maybe we can bicker about something else like I mean

XabiDaChosenOne937d ago

@theyellowflash as if digital sales mean anything especially on a console that come with ony 8 gigs-32 gigs of memory. Give it a rest.

Theyellowflash30937d ago

@ Kobe357
Super Mario 3D World was the number one game on the eShop in every region. And the game is only a little bit over a GIG.

Sorry, this is more troll bait than fact. There is not even any numbers to back it up.

On top of that, users can plug in any External HDD they want on Wii U.

I'm happy that that PS4 is doing well. But saying Knack sold more than Mario without all the facts is garbage journalism.

badz149937d ago


You do know chart track is only tracking retail sales, right? It's the NPD for UK and you're saying that they don't have their facts right? You freakin kidding me?

And you do know that Knack is also sold digitally via PSN too, right? So...just stop with the damage control already. 3D World is a good game, not saying that it isn't but Nintendo Chose the wrong time to release it. Deal with it.

bunfighterii937d ago

Kind of a shame for Nintendo really. I've always had a soft sport for Nintendo and Mario. Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2 were some of my all time favourite games.

pyramidshead937d ago

It seems review scores don't always tell the whole story. Ive never, and no-one should really, swear by them to be begin with. But that is definitely a surprise to see Knack above what it was probably in direct competition with. I thought everyone thought it was awful? ;).

Jesus though, Wii-U am cry.

scott182937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Sad thing though is Mario is about a thousand times better of a game. I am a Sony fan all the way but I want quality games, give me ratchet and clank, jak and daxter.... I would play Mario over Knack any day.

But I am glad Sony is doing so well, I think they will continue to beat records.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney937d ago

Everyone wants ps4!!

I expect a full generation of ps4 gifs.

gear937d ago

Knack is like having a snack and then its over(it's excitement)

LOL_WUT937d ago

Man this yellowflash guy doesn't know when to quit about those damn digital sales. Knack beat out 3D World end of there's no spinning that ;)

vigilante_man937d ago

So Microsoft tried to screw over gamers everywhere in their reveal and Sony just concentrated on gamers, developers, raw power and amazing value on PS+ for PS3/Vita/PS4.

Guess who the public believe in?

Sony deserve this for their great AAA games, their focus on Indies, their amazing PS+ games, their focus and inclusive consultations with developers for PS4 and for the great PS Vita. It really is a great hand held system.

Gaming is in safe hands at last.

Microsoft are greed over value and content, Nintendo milked the casual market without putting anything back but Sony have stuck to their guns and live the gaming philosophy day after day.

L0L_WUT936d ago

Wow sony is back baby ;)

Magicite936d ago

Its time to say goodbye to Nintendo.

Delive936d ago

@ dmitrijs88.
I firmly do not believe it is time say goodbye to Nintendo. Mainly because they own a solid core of franchises. The same franchises that have kept them afloat and relevant would make phenomenal 3rd party titles on either of the lead consoles. Imagine Link in ps4 graphics or Samus on the Xbox one.

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BitbyDeath937d ago

PS4 breaking records all over the world.

MightyNoX937d ago

And will continue to break more.

Higher and higher, Sony. :)

aiBreeze937d ago

Better hardware, lower price point, recent history of a steady stream of AAA exclusives, no surprise at all really. Eat that humble pie Microsoft, you've earned it!

pyramidshead937d ago

Next stop, Japan! That'll be an interesting one to follow seeing as they're now more handheld happy than any gaming device. XB1 is bomba over there confirmed.

Crystallis937d ago

and its not even released yet in Japan. Its world domination by Sony.

indysurfn937d ago

@pyramidshead Lets make a bet one who will win Japan. Obviously the Japanese are too intelligent to go for the machine that will take had the president promise to bring the ownership and other issues back after sales increase.

So tell you what I'm going to do. Lets make it a ratio of 10 to 1. So if Microsoft has a 1 to 9.9 lower ration you will. If Sony has a 10 (or higher) to 1 ratio I will. Deal?

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allformats937d ago

And there you have it, friends. The PlayStation brand has regained its position as the number 1 gaming brand in the world.

Great job, Sony.

The_Infected937d ago

I'm to lazy to read the article how many PS4 did they sell?

The_Infected937d ago


Thanks. That's a ton!

The_Infected937d ago


Thanks. That's a lot!

irepbtown936d ago

2.8kg per PS4.

2.8 x 250,000 = 700,000kg = 700 tonnes

More than a ton, and it is a heck of a lot.

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maximus1985936d ago (Edited 936d ago )

this has me laughing so loud!

babyhand937d ago

rounding out the top 10 is Batman: Arkham Oranges.

LOL Oranges

maximus1985936d ago

i was waiting for some one to notice that

TAURUS-555937d ago

im glad for sony and for all the ppl like me who got a wonderful PS4.

its a flawless machine.

timemuffin936d ago

I have a PS4. I am a huge Sony fan. Flawless might be a little hyperbolic.

kenshiro100937d ago

This is amazing. I can't wait to buy a PS4 when I get money. Sony just brought back the PS2 days.

kenshiro100937d ago

Wow yellowflash, you need to quit spinning. Its not good for your health.

Rhythmattic937d ago

MisterX media blog Disagree's

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Thatguy-310937d ago (Edited 937d ago )
That gif is so epic! It's crazy seeing how Knack sold more than Mario. That alone shows how much hype surrounded the new consoles. Nintendo should have waited a couple weeks so it can breath by itself in oppose to getting swallowed up by the Next Gen hype.

Evolve937d ago

Yup!! It's official now.

Malice-Flare937d ago

what a tease! no numbers...

JohnApocalypse937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

My guess is around 250, 000 units

phoenix_dusk937d ago

I wouldn't count out 300k+.

President937d ago

Eurogamer or another UK site said Sony supplied around 300k units there and so far reports indicate its sold out.

phoenix_dusk937d ago

Knack outselling Mario is the real kicker.

Riderz1337937d ago

PS4 outselling Wii U UK lifetime numbers in a couple of days is the REAL

Majin-vegeta937d ago

Both of these comments are the real kicker...