Firmware Update Episode 0.71: Did PS4 Beat the Xbox One?

Firmware Update features Malc and Joe discussing the releases of the Xbox One and PS4. Who won? Who outsold who? Plus, Joe discusses his experiences with the X1 in comparison to the PS4. Who has the best controller? Which has the better games? Better future games? We discuss this and more.

Talking points: The future of the Fast and Furious franchise with the tragic passing of Paul Walker, the future of the show thanks to Malcolm’s new job at AT&T, The Last of Us maybe gets a movie, Tearaway is an amazing game that no one will play, VGX is this Saturday, Bully is Rockstar’s most successful failure, December has some awesome PS+ freebies, takes Playroom off the list because people are stupid, and “Please be excited for Tomb Raider 2 at VGX!”

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ErcsYou1839d ago

It's still too early too tell. I guarantee Sony will win world wide but the US is another story. Give it 4 months and we will have a clearer picture.

Blackdeath_6631839d ago

why wait four months!? if we are talking at launch then ps4 won otherwise the consoles should be reviewed at the end of this year and then again at the end of next year

Belking1838d ago

Look at the disagrees. You made the mistake of posting something Here, I'll fix it so you get all agrees.

"It's still too early too tell, but I guarantee Sony will win world wide, and that includes the US. Give it 4 months and we will have a clearer picture, and xbox-one will be finished."

GarrusVakarian1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

It's ironic that your "fixed" comment is what will most likely happen. You think people are just going to want the X1 more than the PS4 all of a sudden? LOL. It's gotta be embarrassing for MS to lose (badly) to Sony in their own backyard. Ouch. The PS3 caught up and outsold the 360 (i think?) and the PS3 launched a year after the this time it's going to be complete domination from start to end.

When are you EVER rational, belking? All you do is call things you don't agree with "bogus".

NatureOfLogic1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Right now, yes. Will it continue? Who knows. If history and record breaking numbers are anything to go by, PS4 is set to dominate. Knack selling more than Mario is very telling.

@below Zichu, I can only speak for myself, but the reason I choose to root for one over the other is because the leading console always dictate industry trends. Look at the Wii and fps(COD) thanks to Xbox 360.

Zichu1839d ago

I don't understand these console wars sometimes... People seem to pick and choose which one won in which category, country, or whatever.

Why can't people pick their console, play on it and leave it at that? If one outsells the other, great, it doesn't give me or you any more money. It just means that company is getting more money than the other... Does it mean that the other company isn't making any profit or getting any sales? No...

NeoTribe1838d ago

Are they really gonna remove the playroom from twitch and ustream? That's the only thing that made the playroom relevant. Nobody will ever touch it again if you can't broadcast in it. Pretty stupid if theh get rid of a good thi g just because of a few idiots. This is suppost to be a more adult oriented console anyway. Tell the kids that can't handle seeing a pair of tits once andawhile to go buy a nintendo, they need the sales anyway.

kingcasper1838d ago

xbox is winning for gamers with its undeniable staunch lineup of exclusives..

the sony is basically a brick atm it has nothing but low mediocre games only a die hard sony fan could love

but gamers play for has none.. ps3 will when gt drops.. but ps3 isnt in this race :P

xHeavYx1838d ago

Can you fall any lower? You are obviously in pain for seeing the Xbox fall down while the PS4 keeps breaking sales records, so please, stop the non sense, you are kidding no-one but yourself

kingcasper1838d ago

it couldve sold a billion machines.. but on its own its just a machine with no games..

games = xbox/pc

xHeavYx1838d ago

How easy you forget that the 360 hasn't had any games for the past 4 years. But there is no reason to argue with a mindless fanboy like you are.
Wishful thinking are not facts

Gekko361838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

@xHeavYx Love the sweeping statement there, it's like "All women make sweeping statements" LOL

"How easy you forget that the 360 hasn't had any games for the past 4 years."

Now thats not true is it!, It has had games, just not as many as the PS3.

Quick note on "facts" though, internet based "facts" are as reliable as having your crotch bush waxed with peanut butter. Thats a Fact... LOL

GarrusVakarian1838d ago

PS4 has no games? News to me. Im pretty sure it has:

Killzone SF
NFS Rivals
Superior version of BF4
Superior version of AC4
Suoerior version of CoD Ghosts
NBA 14

Oh, and don't forget 2014!

GarrusVakarian1838d ago

"but gamers play for games"

Exactly why people are buying the PS4, Sony has a track record of delivering amazing exclusives. Its a marathon not a sprint. How long have you been gaming bro?

BattleTorn1838d ago

Dude, as a huge Xbox fan, I couldn't disagree more.

I have tons of family and friends (and friends of family members even) asking me my opinion of the "nextgen systems" because they all know I've bought both already.

I tell em. I've switched from totally Xbox to totally Playstation.

I still recommend Xbox One to those who don't place an emphasis on gaming. But I make it clear that the PS4 is better for games. And the X1 is more for entertainment.

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