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The Survivor 2299; Nuclear winter has come

TechRaptor - Ever since the website went live, Fallout fans worldwide have been sitting on the website for god knows how long translating morse code, reporting HTML tweaks, sifting through various behind the scenes changes, and of course mashing the living day lights out of their F5 keys. Not only has the new website ruined some perfectly good keyboards, but it has also acted as a fine layer of plasma slime that has brought some key FO communities together. The Bethesda forums experienced a huge posting surge, the official Fallout subreddit has become a huge hub of information, even the more mainstream gaming communites are into it. Recently however, we hit an official milestone in the buzz surrounding the website. (Fallout 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TacticAce  +   610d ago
Personally I think this is a hoax more and more as time goes by. Honestly from a marketing standpoint it doesnt make sense because only a small group of people on the internet know or even care about the website vs the world. On top of that even fewer people know morse code and can decipher these messages. Its really a missed opportunity to hit the masses and that is why I think its a hoax.+
TechRaptor  +   610d ago
It could very well be a well-done hoax. We plan on updating with every change of the site, and hopefully Zenimax will actually comment soon.

Indo  +   610d ago
They could easily claim the site is a hoax, but dont. Douche move.
NukaCola  +   610d ago
It's happening. Bethesda is letting the internet have a mad moment over this, but in the end, it will reveal snd launch next FALL 14 and we will be happy
MAJ0R  +   610d ago
The website seems too in depth to be hoax, especially after watching this video:

Related video
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irepbtown  +   609d ago
Usually when it's a hoax the relevant company quickly squashes it.

So I highly doubt this is a hoax as many others are as well.
Summons75  +   610d ago
I've never been to the website or rarely do go to teaser/countdown sites but I get the sense a lot of people think this is fake from most comments I have read. I agree with you too, Fallout is way too big for a teaser to go mostly unnoticed and Bethesda/Zenimax know marketing well enough to announce it in a grand way and tease it enough to leave people guessing but enough sense to know it's not fake...

Never been a huge Fallout fan (really enjoyed 3 but vegas was awful and 1,2 weren't my cup of tea) but I'm looking forward to what they will do with Fallout 4
pivotplease  +   610d ago
Yeah, but they expect certain fans and gaming sites to decipher that and spread the news around. I've seen more abstract marketing.
Linsolv  +   610d ago
It's actually really standard viral marketing technique.

ARGs are one of the old school methods since the early 2000s.
Monolith  +   610d ago
At the moment if its not a hoax they're teasing the hardcore fans I believe. When they have a world premier is when they get the word out to the world. Just my take.
curtis92  +   610d ago
I think the exact reasons you gave are why it IS legitimate. It's there for the smart ones and the ones who really care to figure out and get pumped out before they inevitably announce it to the masses soon.
orakle44  +   610d ago
I think it's not a hoax, you know how inexpensive it is to keep that site up? For a company like Bethesda it's peanuts, and it causes quite a stir amongst the internets.
LaraTheOnigiri  +   610d ago
In regards to "codes" and "missed opportunity", am I the only one who remembers the way Portal 2 was originally announced? Kinda seems similar to me, obviously without the official update and such.
I also find it odd that Bethesda has refused to commend on this possible hoax. Usually they deny actual rumors very quickly, but this time...
ZodTheRipper  +   610d ago
I'm pretty sure this is not a hoax.
GroundZeroesBob  +   609d ago
I would love a winter based Fallout game.

This is exciting lol.
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Abdou023  +   609d ago
if it was a missed opportunity to hit the masses you wouldn't be commenting on it right now.
TacticAce  +   609d ago
I'm a journalist this is literally what I do.
Abdou023  +   609d ago

Other people on gaming sites aren't...
overrated44  +   610d ago
My biggest problem with the site is that after it got some attention it went on to then put up ANOTHER countdown (which ended today) that didn't explain anything. It was literally a countdown within a countdown that lead to a puzzle that was deciphered only to reveal another very cryptic message. If this were an actual ARG it could be done far more elegantly than it is.
psman012  +   610d ago

I mean, it said the Domain is registered/owned by Zenimax of Rockville, Maryland, their headqarters...so it seems legit. That's what I'm hoping!!
lashes2ashes  +   610d ago
Zinimax has never used go daddy for web hosting. And it's registered in Poland lol. It's a hoax.
KingOfArcadia  +   610d ago
I thought I read somewhere that it was registered through GoDaddy by a marketing company out of Poland... which was the same company that had done previous work for them on Fallout 3. To me, the fact that Bethesda hasn't flat out denied a hand in it is telling.
JasonXS12  +   610d ago
Even though Bethesda has never registered using GoDaddy it doesn't place the website down as a hoax because Blizzard also registered both Catacylsm and Warlords of Draenor using GoDaddy.
Plagasx  +   610d ago
If it is a hoax, why doesn't just Bethesda just come out and say it has nothing to do with Fallout? or it isn't from them?
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overrated44  +   610d ago
I believe their "official statement" when asked was "we don't comment on rumors or speculation".
MattyG  +   610d ago
Which is different to what they normally have said on this kind of stuff which is just a flat out "no". Kind of weird that they won't confirm or deny when they usually flat out deny.
Qrphe  +   610d ago
Is Bethesda forced to acknowledge every single claim they hear about?

Heisenburger  +   610d ago
How many have there been this year?

That's what I thought.
Do you even lift bro?
Viking_Socrates  +   610d ago
I just love watching different sites reaction to this site, ranging from "it's happening" to "not happening, damn polack"

It's entirely fascinating watching this.
matrixman92  +   610d ago
I Love Bees turned out to be real for Halo, and that one was just straight up crazy random...i have hope for this one
TechRaptor  +   610d ago
We realized that the site is down, we are a bit overloaded. Thanks for your patience on it.


We're back up!! Thanks for waiting!
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potedude  +   610d ago
This is such a great way to build excitement for this game.

Hoax or not, it has people talking and piques interest in one of my most anticipated games of this new generation.

If it is a hoax, then people are doing it well...
Ocsta  +   610d ago
ANOTHER countdown? Eat my shorts mysterious pranksters :/
mechlord  +   610d ago
I dont think this is a hoax. if you care to read the translated messages. Here is my reasoning:

This is a game about nuclear attacks, nuclear winter and such. The fact that comms is being handled via Morse (on the site, at least) means they are trying to portrait a situation where the society as we know it is gone, not much infrastructure to go on with, so they have to resort to whatever they have. I think its nice to divulge a game like that instead of just a trailer (which is great) but this builds the hype and anticipation for the trailer.

I mean, how fast companies deny shit on the net when they are not involved? the site is not known? check their official forums, and oh - here we are talking about it...

I think the site is there just to give us a sense of the atmosphere of the game. And i love the breadcrumbs game btw

(Pls dont have me for the next phrase)

And is a much better teaser for me than Uncharted 4
LAWSON72  +   610d ago
I really want to see a new Fallout, no game universe is as awesome as Fallouts
Welshy  +   609d ago
That's a surprising claim to make given you have Solid Snake as your avatar =P

I'd say MGS has my favourite universe, but if you mean more in terms of the worlds they build for you to explore in each game, absolutely Fallout is the best =)
LAWSON72  +   609d ago
That is what I meant. MGS is kind of in a modern world not really the thing that makes it amazing. How it approaches this is interesting with fictional characters and events making it easily one of the best universes in gaming. I should have said best world instead of universe for Fallout 3.
Demster  +   610d ago
Man if this is hoax, I think I'mma cry.
It's already too epic to be fake
RDF  +   610d ago
The institute,Black Row,reservoir near Boston,Vault 119 and the destress calls.....pls let this not be a hoaxs.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   610d ago
I'm 99% sure its NOT a hoax.
Volitiel  +   610d ago
Fake or not, I think its safe to say Bethesda is working on Fallout 4 and preparing for a big announcement very soon. Fallout is still a relatively new license for them with really only one game developed being Fallout 3. New Vegas really doesn't count as it was outsourced to Obsidian. With Oblivion in 2006, Fallout 3 in 2008, Skyrim in 2011, I think its safe to say we're getting Fallout 4 sometime next year (2014).

I certainly can't wait to see what they're cooking up; Fallout is by far my most anticipated game for next gen. I hope this mystery site is real as I am really hoping for a Fallout in a winter setting (I love snow/winter IRL and in games) and it seems so fitting to me with the whole "struggle for survival" (Fallout 3) element to the series.
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AHall88  +   610d ago
ZeniMax is extremely protective of their IPs and would have crushed this website by now if it was fake.
TechRaptor  +   607d ago
Note: We are updating this page with every new update!

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