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Destiny, inFamous: Second Son and TitanFall system-selling potential discussed

Analyst Matt Matthews has commented on the potential system-selling prospects for “Destiny,” “inFamous: Second Son” and “TitanFall.” (Destiny, inFamous: Second Son, PC, PS3, PS4, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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dboyc310  +   638d ago
They really should release a special edition console to go with Destiny. The concept mock ups look amazing with the added PS4 light bar. Will honestly buy another PS4 just for that. Can't wait to get my hands on Both Infamous and Destiny.
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crxss  +   637d ago
I'll be grabbing all three but titanfall for pc. probably not gonna get an Xbox one until halo or a revision comes out like the S
TomShoe  +   637d ago
Heck, I could just find a used 360 on the cheap on Ebay. Titanfall looks like a fun game, but I'm not sure if I'm willing to shell out $500 for it.
b163o1  +   637d ago
I'm really not impressed with TF, I thought the developers was working on something new, but mechs?! I'll pass, I will be picking up SS thou, Destiny looks promising as well.
mikeslemonade  +   637d ago
I'm a huge fan of the previews for Infamous but it's not a system seller. Neither is Titanfall. MGS, FF, Halo, COD, BF are. They have to be really known franchises first. Remember, if it's a system seller it has to appeal to the critical mass.
AKS  +   637d ago
I guess I'm missing something regarding Titanfall. I have an enthusiast PC, but nothing about it has grabbed me. It looks like fun, but I never saw it as a potential system seller. Maybe I'll change my mind down the road. I'll see how it's reviewed I guess.

I am interested in Destiny and inFamous, however.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   637d ago
I dont give two sh!ts if infamous is a top seller or not, but that games looks absolutely amazing. An absolute blast to play.
DeadMansHand  +   637d ago
Agreed. Infamous is only series I have plats in all games (100% in festival of blood).
pyramidshead  +   637d ago
Indeed. I enjoyed the first two so I can't wait to experience true next gen open world goodness, with awesome super powers. Plus SP are already tapping into some of the PS4s GPU compute goodness by compiling all the particle effects on it. n_n
otherZinc  +   637d ago
Infamous...has never been a system seller, ever. Its totally ridiculous to think Second Son will sell PS4's.
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TomShoe  +   637d ago
I have to disagree with you there.

Even as a new IP, Infamous 1&2 sold 4.25 million copies combined.

Now that it's an established IP, and due to the PS4 riding high, and the large install base that is upcoming, I expect it to sell systems. Not that the PS4 will need it though, it sells itself.
CGI-Quality  +   637d ago
Well come back and revisit your post if you end up correct. Somehow, I don't think you will be. Unlike the previous titles, this game is opening the gen for many.
moparful99  +   637d ago
Dead Rising has never been a system selling franchise either but it managed to be that on the X1.. Your dismissal of Infamous is awfully pretentious..
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PSVita  +   636d ago
I'm buying mine when SS releases
Jaqen_Hghar  +   637d ago
Infamous is keeping up in preorders and I've added mine to both Destiny and Infamous (Infamous because of limited edition and Destiny because of Beta access)
psDrake  +   637d ago
As a franchise Infamous has never been the system seller. I have played Infamous 2 and it's great. Loved it. Can't wait for the second son.

Destiny hasn't given me anything to be excited about, so I will wait and see.

I am excited about the Titanfall. The only problem might be the hype it's getting. The expectations are already set high for it and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Same thing happened to Ryse and KZ Shadowfall and the results aren't pretty.
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creatchee  +   637d ago
Agree with the hype being perhaps a little too high about Titanfall. However, I think it may be justified, or at least more so than Ryse (can't speak for KZ because I haven't played it). Ryse got mostly mixed impressions coming out about its gameplay (but people loved the graphics), but a good portion of people who have played Titanfall loved it. Still, we'll have to see what the final product is.

inFamous, however, is a system seller for me because I'm buying the PS4 bundle when it comes out! ;)
cabbitwithscissors  +   637d ago
hype can really kill a game if it doesn't live up to it. But unless they do something different about its's not going to survive. Games are becoming increasingly boring for me unless the storyline is good. my opinion.
dcj0524  +   637d ago
You need to research then man. Here's 5 games with good story lines
Virtue's Last Reward
The Last of Us
Max Payne 3
Ni No Kuni:Wrath of The White Witch
5 recent AWESOME games.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   637d ago
Infamous will be worth getting a couple of years down the road, after the system has more games and a price drop to make it worth plunking down over $300 for.
I dunno if I want Destiny or not.
And I can just get Titanfall on PC.
solar  +   637d ago
what ive seen from Destiny, doesnt look like a system seller. Infamous, sure i guess but the first 2 didn't grab me. Titanfall, yes, a system seller. only because of the MP element, the same way CoD:MW sold 360's. MP is what sells console hardware.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   637d ago
No, just no.
solar  +   637d ago
care to elaborate? or is it just "no"?. the entire surge of consoles since Xbox and PS2 has been their online components. SP isn't a system seller anymore. and yes i know Destiny is a MP game, but nothing about it has been interesting to me.
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CGI-Quality  +   637d ago
I'll elaborate: why would a game, on multiple systems, be a bigger system pusher than one on only one device?
moparful99  +   637d ago
"SP isn't a system seller anymore"

Really? Because Metal Gear Solid 4 wants a word with you. How about Uncharted 2, Gran turismo 5, the Last of Us? All had online modes but were praised for their single player offerings..
dcj0524  +   637d ago
Metal Gear Online was boss.
ssj27  +   637d ago
Destiny is a system saler.. bungie have a huge fan base and activition is going to milk it and market it like they market cod.

Infamous seem to be a system saler because it looks amazing like a unique authentic fun experience, it has only got love from the media and fans.. same goes for titanfall everyoje seem to love it and it looks very fun to play.

Wachdog is another sytem saler and so is mgs5

Weird thibg is sony has exclusive content from mgs5/destiny/wd 3 system salers and m$ has a exclusive deal for titanfall 1.

Sony has a huge advantage plus the multiplata games looking better in the ps4 gives it a huge advantage.
H0RSE  +   637d ago
"yes i know Destiny is a MP game, but nothing about it has been interesting to me. "

- possibly because you are more focused around competitive MP, and Destiny has shown to have a huge emphasis on co-op gaming - your mention of TF and COD as system sellers seems to strengthen this claim.

Destiny is one of my most anticipated games for next-gen right now, due to it's open world MMO nature. Many players love being able to create a character and build them and watch them grow, and being able to this with friends is that much better - look how well Borderlands did - that multiply that concept by like 1000. If players want competitive MP, there's only like 1 million others games they could play...

I used to be heavy into competitive gaming - clan matches, scrims, map analysis, league games, tournaments, the whole nine, but that was like 10+ yrs. ago. As I get older, I have found anxiety gets increasingly worse in competitive MP, and the more relaxed environment of PVE (or bot matches) becomes more and more satisfying. Knowing that I can just sit back and not have to worry about my opponents trash talking or sending me nasty PM's, or teabagging or greifing others, is such a burden off my chest.

The fact that Bungie is developing this game, already puts it on high agenda for many people, the same way many people anticipate Naughty Dog games. As for Destiny being a system seller, well, it's a multiplat game, the term "system seller" tends to be reserved for exclusive titles. That being said, anything can happen. If the game releases and is a hit, I see it falling into system seller territory after it releases and people get to play it and/or reviews are released.
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KingDadXVI  +   636d ago
There were a lot of fan boys here apparently from the disagrees. The biggest system seller this year will be TitanFall.

Infamous was good and will sell systems but is not a "System Seller". Like I said it will sell a few consoles but not "System Seller" console sales on the level of Halo or God of War.

Destiny looks like it could be a "System Seller" for two reasons:

1. It is Bungie and they are still riding on the credit rightly given to them for the Halo series.

2. It looks pretty fantastic so far.

The one caveat I would put in about Destiny is that it is available on both consoles. Yes, I know that there is exclusive content for the PS4 but it takes more than exclusive content to make the huge difference that would cause massive amounts of people to go to one console over another. In an established FPS like COD it may work but not on a game like this. It will just drive sales for both systems.

Now back to TitanFall. Is it overhyped? We don't really know but I have not read a single story from someone who actually got to play it that said it was not exceptional. Everyone that played this game has said that it is the next Big hit, the next step in the evolution that everyone who plays COD is looking for. That to me means it is going to sell systems initially and if it turns out to take off like COD or Halo it will sell systems for a long time. Sure you can get if for PC but to be honest I would not count PC gamers as few would go to a console even if it was not available on PC. They are a pretty small part of the console buying market (totally different demographic with PC gamers) The Hype about TitanFall is going to sell consoles as it has been and continues to be touted as the game to have in 2014. That does not mean that the other games aren't great, they are! What it means is that TitanFall above all the others is the game that is both highly anticipated and also hits the broadest audience in 2014.
solar  +   636d ago
i agree mate. CoD:MW's MP sold a ton of Xbox's imo. and Titanfall will do the same.
Metallox  +   637d ago
InFamous looks incredible and I think it will sell very well and help to make better the PS4's catalog.
mediate-this  +   637d ago
Highly sought after exclusives sells systems, i can see second son selling a bunch of systems. First one was good, second was meh the dlc was really good tho. Titan fall is going to be this years crazy new. Im getting second son n titanfall, wicked to have both systems.
avengers1978  +   637d ago
Destiny I think will definitely move systems( both XB1 and PS4 ) because everything I have seen about that games says " next gen gaming" and I think a lot of people will be getting consoles and that game as there first game. Infamous of course will help the PS4 if I didn't already have a PS4 I would definitely get one for infamous.

TitanFall is a bit tricky though. I think that a lot of people will buy this game, but a majority could be PC 360 purchases. XB1 will probably see a bundle with the game and that will certainly make it an easy buy for some gamers.
WeAreLegion  +   637d ago
All three look amazing! I'm most excited for inFamous though. I will get Titanfall for PC and Destiny for PS4.
rickybadman  +   637d ago
Titanfall is the only system seller oh the bunch.

Destiny looks kinda meh, they need to start showing more
timlot  +   637d ago
I agree. Destiny is will be on XB1 and Infamous is a jizzed up third person action shooter. If there is a game that could have almost 100% adaption rate on a console, Titanfall will be that on XB1.
quinten488  +   637d ago
lol, haterz. Mad that Xbox has nothing like InFamous and never will.
georgeenoob  +   637d ago

Quantum Break says hi
Xsilver  +   637d ago
How the hell is quantum Break on the Level of Second Son a Open World superhero adventure :/ are you serious.
KratosSaveUs  +   637d ago
InFamous isn't a shooter idiot.
millerj2740  +   637d ago
again with Quantum Break... What part of anything about that game (from what we've seen so far) has Xbone people so excited? Serious question, because I don't get it. Visually, it doesn't look any better than anything else on the horizon (for either console), so that can't be it, can it?
JasonKCK  +   637d ago
"lol, haterz. Mad that Xbox has nothing like InFamous and never will."

moparful99  +   637d ago
@Ricky Considering TitanFall can be played on a pc and 360 I hoghly doubt it will be the system seller you think.. Will it sell X1's of course but since its not the only way to play that hurts its system selling abilities..

@Tim Infamous isn't even close to being a shootet.
teknx  +   637d ago
Whatever happened to game demos? They are rare nowadays. They would probably have a lot more pre-orders if people could try the game out.
Clover904  +   637d ago
Research says otherwise.
moparful99  +   637d ago
Demo kiosks are at nearly all major retailers and for those that already have the consoles demos are abundant and free in the online stores of their respective consoles..
ifritAlkhemyst  +   637d ago
I don't see either Infamous or Destiny being a system seller. Infamous for sure is not, but Destiny might end up being a trojan horse like WoW or something but definitely not initially.

Titanfall is most definitely going to be the CoD killer. It's going to play out exactly how CoD 4 siphoned off the Halo 3 fanbase.
tdogchristy90  +   637d ago
Depending on how Destiny holds up I'll probably pick up a ps4 when I pick up the game. We'll see.
supraking951  +   637d ago
Titanfall is from Respawn who is a new developer. No great credentials except some of the team made a couple Modern Warfare games. Last I heard everyone was tired of CoD. Ill wait for the beta to arrive so everyone can see it's all hype
annus  +   637d ago
Yes, what terrible credentials, only the best (arguably) FPS of last gen. CoD4 marked the downfall of the franchise after they gained such popularity and decided to milk the franchise whilst simultaneously adding features that destroyed the game.
mayberry  +   637d ago
Killzone 2 was the best FPS last gen, imho.
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WeAreLegion  +   637d ago
A couple? These guys created Call of Duty. They redefined campaigns AND multi-player. They have credentials.
Belking  +   637d ago
Standby for titan fall! Thats the game that the people want.
WeAreLegion  +   637d ago
We want all three.
curtis92  +   637d ago
This infamous looks to put it in the upper tier of sony exclusives (because in all honesty, as good as the first two were, it still isn't close to uncharted/gow).

The added emphasis of mocap that looks on par with ND and the visuals looking as good as any next-gen game make this game a must have for me and the preorders seem promising.

Sucker punch hasn't disappointed yet!
WeAreLegion  +   637d ago
I like inFamous more than either, but it has a smaller fanbase.
curtis92  +   637d ago
That's exactly what I mean. Smaller fanbase. But I guess that wasn't made clear.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   637d ago
Infamous > Uncharted and GoW
Tontus  +   637d ago
God of War > Uncharted > Infamous

I got the first Infamous for free, thought it was just ok but would never have bought it. I heard the sequel was much improved so I bought it for less than £10 brand new in early 2012, it plays and looks better but my goodness it's so tedious, still haven't bothered to finish it.

As a franchise I'd call it mediocre, definitely not a system seller as evidenced by the series' low sales of 1-2 million whereas GoW/UC are ~5m+ sellers. Hopefully the new Infamous is a lot better.
snp  +   637d ago
As a 'franchise' Infamous isn't a system seller, but i'm not sure that means too much..

This particular game on it's own merits looks quite a bit different to the last two - esp being more generously open world - and is a first up biggie on a new generation. If it's received well enough - early signs are good - it's got the capacity to sell plenty. Whether it becomes a 'system seller'.. who knows? To be honest the momentum they've got atm - being unable to supply enough for existing orders in many countries - Sony/the PS4 doesn't really need a specific 'system seller'.
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curtis92  +   637d ago
Ugh you guys do know when I say infamous isn't where uncharted / gow is that I mean in sales, right? People so sensitive.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   637d ago
I am talking about quality. Suckerpunch does a better job at Gameplay than ND and SSM.
AD705  +   637d ago
I can see a boost in hardware due to these games but not by that much really. Maybe a couple thousand more but I realistically don't see these games selling millions of consoles.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   637d ago
I love infamous but its no system seller. Destiny is a new IP so theres no way it will release as a system seller. Titan Fall is also a new IP but the Shooter crowd will eat it up which to me out of the three is the only system seller.
snp  +   637d ago
Trouble is it's also the only one of the three available on both a last generation console and the PC.
I_am_Batman  +   636d ago
Infamous wasn't a system seller up until now but that doesn't mean it can't become a system seller this gen. I have the impression that the hype for second son is much greater than it was for the first two games.

It doesn't look like the PS4 even needs a system seller though.
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HaveAsandwich  +   637d ago
im more interested in destiny than anything. that and the order.
GinkgoID  +   637d ago
As good as Titanfall looks like it will be, the problem with it selling XBOs is that it is also released on 360. Why upgrade, just buy the game on 360. That will severely limit the number of XBOs it sells.
Swiggins  +   637d ago
I have a feeling the 360 version is going to be incredibly gimped from the PC/Xbone version, probably will barely be worth playing.
Hazmat13  +   637d ago
wouldn't call TitianFall a system seller you can also get it on PC.
DarthSocio  +   637d ago
Don't really care for Destiny or Titanfall to be honest, I'm really looking forward to Infamous instead.
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Bathyj  +   637d ago
I like Titanfalls mechanics but I'm not interested in a game with no SP campaign which is a shame. Destiny is more co operative against AI's right as opposed to deathmatch, so possibly I might get into, it does look nice.
DeadMansHand  +   637d ago
Agree on your Destiny comment. I'm hoping its more myself and friends can run around an open world fighting AI and sometimes happen across other real people and decide if I want to jump in or not.

I used to be a huge mp player. Rainbox six, cod 4, splinter cell, etc., I just got so bored with it all. Now, I find as I am older I really like an engaging SP. Hours and hours of wandering a la oblivion and fallout and mass effect. I also like a good coop. One friend that I can talk to and work through a story with. I actually like RE 5 just for the coop (blasphemy, i know)

Hoping Destiny is like a coop fallout set in a SciFi world.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   637d ago
Infamous will be the first game I buy for a PS4. The first 2 were damn good I'm expecting second son to top them both. The gameplay looks so good.
Bathyj  +   637d ago
Yes everyone keeps saying inFamous as a franchise isnt a system seller, and they'd be right in the PS3 era.

But how many people have you heard say I'm getting a PS4 when inFamous comes out? That, by definition, makes Second Son a system seller and its the only next gen game for me so far that is absolutely must have, and when people actually see it playing it going to be hard to resist.
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rainslacker  +   637d ago
System sellers are the games that get marketed to high heaven so people want them. Infamous, while an amazing game, suffered from Sony's lack of effective marketing.

It's already abundantly apparent that they are marketing Infamous a lot more than it's predecessors, and the fact that it has a pretty big following on the PS3, and the fact it looks like the first REAL next-gen game so far(disregarding KZ which is a different genre) to come out and the fact that it has amazing graphics and what appears to be an appealing story, will likely make the game a system seller to many.

It may not be Sony's Halo(That honor goes to Gran Turismo), but I have no doubt it will move quite a few systems. There is no coincidence to the fact that it comes out soon after the time when the PS4 will be readily available in all retail outlets. I smell a bundle coming.
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KratosSaveUs  +   637d ago
InFamous Second Son,Watch Dogs,Witcher 3,and Destiny are my most anticipated games of 2014 so far. And Uncharted but I don't know if that will launch in 14.
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Tontus  +   637d ago
You should have The Order 1886 on your radar, it's going to be special.
KratosSaveUs  +   637d ago
I'm really looking forward to InFamous Second Son. I love InFamous. And I'm looking forward to Destiny also and its exclusive PS4 content. I'm not really excited about Titanfall. Its just Cod but with robots. But if it is good I will get the Superior version on PC. TBH I'm getting tired of shooters.
Omar91  +   637d ago
Tittanfall I can see, Destiny I can def. see selling consoles but Infamous? I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong (and I know the majority of you stopped right there and clicked the disagree button) I loved Infamous 1 and 2, but were they really system sellers? THis third installment seems leap year surpassing the previous games in terms of quality and gameplay, however I don't think may casual consumers will see it that way. I hope so, but I honestly don't feel like it would sell ps4's. Will it score high? absolutely.
moparful99  +   637d ago
I disagreed because a franchises sales history is hardly indicative of its potential.. Uncharted sales paled in comparisson to Uncharted 2 and the system selling power that game had.. Infamous Second Son has alot of hype and will push consoles because of the exposure and the relative lack of AAA exclusives currently..

Just like Dead Rising took advantage of the same scenario despite the previous two titles not being system sellers..
rainslacker  +   637d ago
Infamous sold 2.6 million when the PS3 pickings were barely starting to come, and Infamous 2 sold 1.7 million among heavy competition. That's a decent amount. Infamous 2 was also on IGC for the longest time, and for SS Sony is marketing it a lot more than the first two installments.

Infamous isn't really a casual game so I will agree that it won't likely sell to those customers. Those people would more likely go to GT6 on the PS3 since it drops within 4 months of that.

However, Titanfall and Destiny have no sales record to go off of. Just a bunch of hype, although Destiny does look like fun. Titanfall is hard to say due to PC/360 releases. Destiny is multi-plat, but it's being pushed by Sony. I probably won't get either. Titanfall doesn't appeal to me, and while Destiny does, I'm not a big fan of MP only games. Might give it a go in a demo first, or when it drops in price. Feel the same way about the Division, which does appeal to me except for the no SP campaign.:(

In the meantime, having fun with my PS4, and still have tons of PS3, Vita, 3DS, and Wii U backlog to get through
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urwifeminder  +   637d ago
Shame destiny is not on pc will just wait for a cheap price for that will get titanfall for pc day one if it goes big on console will get that version when its cheap defiantly not system sellers for me.
CocoWolfie  +   637d ago
games that are pure entertainment in my opinion. :p
BobBelcher  +   637d ago
In my eyes- Titanfall seems to be the 'Halo: Combat Evolved" of MP games. It's gained the hype of the original Halo when it was first presented. Infamous: SS will be another amazing game- for sure, but it's part of a pre-existing series, so it's reputation is kind of built on the backs of previous titles. Destiny will definitely be a part of my collection on the PS4. If it's all that Bungie claims it will be, then it's a 'must have.' The only thing that bothers me is that it will be available on current gen consoles as well. Although, it's not absolutely horrible, I'm afraid that doing this will only hold Destiny back from being a true next-gen title. I'm surprised "The Order: 1886" isn't considered more of a console seller. I'm completely intrigued by it. For me, when games were first announced, The Order and Deep Down both became instant console sellers for me. Of course, later on I find out that Deep Down is a F2P and couldn't help but be disappointed.
WeAreLegion  +   637d ago
If they market Second Son correctly, it could sell consoles. Just look at God of War III. It sold significantly more copies than the first two games.
chito1016d  +   637d ago
All 3 games look like they are gonna be amazing.
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