The 12 Deals of Christmas – Deal #1

The first deal starts today, Sunday 1st December, and will run until Tuesday 3rd December when Sony will unveil the next offer.

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dboyman1636d ago

How about "The 12 Deals of Christmas" for North America?

Goro1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

You get enough great sales during the year...NA has had Persona 4 Golden discounted to $20 3 times since it released in September 2012 & EU have yet to have it discounted once from €34.99 ($47.50)

JimmyDM901636d ago

I can't really feel too bad for EU considering they get much better games in the Instant collection and they get those games faster than NA too.

Goro1636d ago

It looks like that's coming to an end now, the previous 2 months i think NA have got better games.

dboyman1636d ago

Maybe yor right. But still Sony should have Xmas promo for PSN in NA. Hopefully maybe that will happen

Kujii1636d ago

PS4 two weeks early. Merry Christmas

Blastoise1636d ago

I thought the guy on the blog hinted at some "much demanded Vita game sales" coming Sunday?

There's no way anyone demanded Fifa 14.

Pretty weak start, for me at least

Brianaro1636d ago

I love FIFA on the vita

Goro1636d ago

I bet the last of the 12 deals for PS3 will be The Last of Us at half price.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1635d ago

is this for EU only or are the deals also available in NA

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