Steam Breaks 7 Million Concurrent Users

That is up 1 million from this time last year.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1178d ago (Edited 1178d ago )


3-4-51177d ago

Those Steam Sales.

* End of Console gen + Summer/Autum Sales = Great success!

People had a bit of time away from their other older games to experience what STEAM had to offer.

There is an opening between Console Generations where this window of opportunity for PC gaming opens up.

It happens every 5-7 years or so and gives PC gaming a nice boost.

It's the yin & yang of gaming really. I love it.

kingduqc1178d ago

went up to 7.2m. Kinda surprising.. I remember not so long ago there was under half the number of people.

porkChop1178d ago

Likely due to the Autumn sale. Steam has nowhere near that amount of players on a daily basis.

Megaton1178d ago

If by "nowhere near" you mean 5.5m+, yes. Monday through Saturday usually hit 5.5m+ and Sundays always go over 6m. They've been teetering close to 7m the past few Sundays. Sale pushed them over.

MAJ0R1178d ago

Anyone know the comparison to the max amount of PSN/XBL concurrent users?

Evil_Abed1178d ago

PSN buckles when a million or so new consoles log on so I don't think it can handle anything past 3

DeadlyFire1177d ago

The most I have ever heard of PSN/XBL Concurrent users around is 2.x million. So I suspect the usual is around 2-3 Million for consoles. Although that was years ago. It could be higher. Considering the numbers though I suspect 7 million could be possible on PS3/X360 install base. Its just never been spoken of as being that high. The new console era likely has buckled their servers with a sharp increase due to launch. So its hard to take note of it. Steam puts its numbers right up on its front page. So its easy to see them. Sony/Microsoft have their numbers concealed.

Megaton1178d ago

No, PC gaming is dead. Bloggers have been telling me so for the last decade.

megadrivesonic1178d ago

why is pc gaming dead? you have no proof of this.

SirBradders1178d ago

Proof you say proof 'head explodes'

SlapHappyJesus1178d ago

I know, right?
I don't even know why I built my rig. There's absolutely no support for it as a platform and there's absolutely nobody online to play with, ever. /s

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The story is too old to be commented.