Tearaway Review | PlayStation Only

You can go two ways with Tear Away.

Do you feel too tough, too large for adult or childishness, you will love the game labeled as a standard platformer with a childish theme.

Then you PLAY a nice game, but you can also use the game EXPERIENCE by opening your heart and let the child in you come out.

Only then you will really clever level design, the living world and everything therein really appreciate happens.

This is just a unique piece of software.

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mayberry1816d ago

Getting this next month! Looks top notch!

Pixel_Enemy1816d ago

It is. I have it and it is awesome. Not getting as much media attention as it deserves. People love to cry about how the Vita has no games only ports and remote play and when a good game comes along they ignore it.

Schatt3nwelt1815d ago

Honestly speaking, Vita has more original games than the *IMO* overrated 3DS. Games like Tearaway are why Playstation games are my favorite.

capjacksparrow1816d ago

Tearaway was an absolute blast, going back now to clean up and get all the collectibles and trophies. 100% worth the money!

MajorGecko1816d ago

i always smile wheb i see my face in the game i like being in a video game

Nabbic1815d ago

I really need to start making those papercraft plans, but I need a printer.
The ending also had me welling up, one of the best games I've played in a while.
Not too long, but completely worth the price.

r211815d ago

Ending....was beautiful :'D

dafegamer1815d ago

Indeed, didnt expect to shed a tear ;_;
A masterpiece from beginning to end

r211814d ago

Yup. The message was damn heart wrenching. Atoi...goodbye :'C