PS4 Supply Will Get “Regular Replenishments” Over Time; Sony Apologizes and Asks For Patience

Sony Computer Entertainment UK Managing Director Fergal Gara isn’t too worried about the supply situation of the PS4, and while the console may go in and out of stock between here and Chrismas, supply is going to be replenished regularly over time.

Gara also apologized to those that can’t get one immediately and asking for patience.

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-Foxtrot1665d ago

I hope so, I wanted one from ASDA because I get my discount but the ones here in the North East only stocked 18 - 20 of them....I mean really

They advertised the crap out of it in the shop and even in their ASDA magazine yet they only stock a bunch of them...seriously I remember the days I could get my parents or friends to keep a console in the back for me. I don't think ASDA should allow Pre orders...

ANIALATOR1361665d ago

which north east store? I was a Blyth and they said they were getting more in two weeks

irepbtown1665d ago

I don't know about today, but Tesco in West Brom (and a couple more stores) literally had like 1 or two PS4's left yesterday morning. I reckon they're gone now.

Asda were out of stock from day one.

-Foxtrot1665d ago


Well I keep checking on their website since you can go and pick it up but so far...nothing

mikeslemonade1665d ago

Never heard of these store names. I'm from San Francisco.

Ju1665d ago

I guess "Sony Computer Entertainment UK" isn't exactly restocking San Francisco, then.

TomShoe1665d ago

@Mikes ASDA is a big name store in the UK.

I know, I want one from the local Gamestop in my area. They're not sure when they get them, but they re-stock items M-F from 10-12. That's the most awkward time ever since I'm stuck in school by then. The only thing I can pre-order is a ridiculous $800 bundle from Gamestop, or another $699 bundle from AAFES. Curse these stores taking advantage of my need for next-gen.

I freaking hate bundles. I swear, one of them came with LEGO STAR WARS, a game I would never sniff if I could help it.

Pogmathoin1665d ago

Is Asda owned by Walmart? They have the George line of clothing right? I believe Walmart is in many Countries, but not under walmart banner...or is is Aldi?

vigilante_man1664d ago

You can't blame Sony because the PS4 is so damn popular. Its their job to make it popular!

For many different reasons the PS4 is THE HOT item every kid and a lot of adults want right now. It has taken off globally in a massive way. You cannot predict that.

I preordered in June because I liked what I saw. Looks like I am not the only one. The PS4 is so in demand here in the UK. Its insane.

I bet Microsoft are scratching their heads right now. They thought they just had to turn up to the next gen party and people would flock to them. Sony are in such a great position now. Expect the PS Vita to start shipping in numbers as well because of the PS4.

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The_Villager1665d ago ShowReplies(4)
JessiePinkmanYo1664d ago

"I don't think ASDA should allow preorders", but you "remember the days I can get my parents or friends to keep a console in the back for me". Yeah, because that sounds like a fair alternative. You should've preordered, and have no one to blame except the person in the mirror.

-Foxtrot1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

First of all the point I made that when the pre orders opened only 18 of them were aloud because thats how many they were....there should of been more

Hell I work there...I could of ordered one of my shift but apparently I wasn't allowed and when I went to after I had finished they had no more left.

So yeah they shouldn't allow pre's ASDA...not GAME or any other video game retailer.

I might work there but outside of work I'm also a customer I should at least be able to get one myself if I work in the same bloody store.

PSNrandom151665d ago

Don't worry Sony I will wait. I have declined numerous request to get an X1 or wii U from gamestop and best buy. Just hurry.

Anon19741665d ago

I'm on a waiting list at my local PlayNTrade. They're getting them in, but it's only a trickle. A couple here, a couple there. Slowly they're getting through the waiting list so I'm still hopeful I can get my hands on mine before Christmas. I should have pre-ordered.

T21665d ago

Apology accepted. now get back to work! I still need one, lol

MasterCornholio1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Sony " We are so sorry that we can't meet demand but we were not expecting our competitor to mess up so badly"

I bet if Microsoft didn't mess up with the PR Sony would have no issues meeting demand due to decrease in demand for their console.

P.S The only reason why I was able to pick up my PS4 at launch is because I preordered it in June. I tried in February but game didn't let me reserve it.

akurtz1665d ago

Its my PS4 and i want it now!

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