Amazon Cyber Monday Video Game Deals to Feature PS4, Xbox One Games + More


"With the release of the PS4 and the Xbox One in November (and generally with new video game system releases), there was a dearth of related black Friday deals. With Cyber Monday deals already flowing at, will this change?

Based on early indications, it does appear that there will be both Playstation 4 and Xbox One video games featured as part of the Cyber Monday madness."

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GraveLord1357d ago

What about consoles? Surely they'll have some available?

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Kyur4ThePain1357d ago

My local Target had a couple of XB1s this afternoon, but no PS4s. So there might be some consoles tomorrow.

Shellcase1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I got a PS4 for sell lol

hduce1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

How much would you sell it for? I want to buy one for my nephew.

alexkoepp1357d ago

Man get rid of that Skylander crap, I try to look up accessories for my systems and there is 150 stupid toys polluting the list so I can't find the stuff I want very easily...

Jazz41081356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Ps4 sure has a weak lineup. If it wasn't for the multi plats it's slim pickings. @ss27 did you forget about Titan Fall?

Si-Fly1356d ago

True, but as a PS4 owner it is lovely to know that you playing the 'definitive' console version of every multiplat release.

1356d ago
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ssj271357d ago

Sadly there are almost no games to get I already got Killzone is a good game but besides that what else?
I'm glad GG had the balls to be a lunch game! Third party are all scare, they only did ports of current gen games and that is sad.
I do hope next year we get many good games! Infamous is the only one confirmed so far and I hope they don't miss their early 2014 target.
and let's not talk about xbone, they have no interesting games, quantum break is their only interesting gane and it has not release date.

evil6eric1357d ago

I prefer dinner games myself.

Heisenburger1357d ago

People don't appreciate a good early brunch game nowadays.

Teasing aside, I agree with his basic point. Though it's understandable why third-party developers have started next Gen this way. I'm just looking forward to more releases.

Everlastingfate1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

When I read the comments and even the stories on this board, I worry more and more about the future. Spelling and grammar have gone to Hell.

Whether it's a lack of education or pure apathy, it's still concerning.

admiralvic1357d ago

Knack is better than the reviewers make it out to be, though you will probably save more waiting a little bit.
I keep hearing AC 4 is amazing, even on last gen consoles, so that is something to consider.
I also found Injustice to be a blast on the PS4. It looks a good deal better and comes with all the DLC.

DeadMansHand1357d ago

AC is absolutely fantastic. My vacation started last week and run til Dec 9th and I have been doing nothing else. Visuals are stunning, ship battles and sea faring is awesome and even side missions are engaging and of great variety.

ssj271357d ago

Knack is not a game for me.. I bet is a good game.
I see that people like ac4 I may try it if I find it for cheap i can see ac4 been $10 in a near future but is not a true next gen experience.

moparful991357d ago

ACIV is a must buy on PS4.. Definitely pick that up you wont regret it :)

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pivotplease1357d ago

I'd say on top of Infamous, there is Destiny, Watchdogs, The Witness, The Order, Driveclub, and I'm more than certain we'll get Uncharted 4 and Fallout 4 next fall. I also personally believe that MM will be releasing their ps4 project sometime next year. If that line up isn't amazing, I don't know what is. I'd personally like to see Versus XIII/XV and Last Guardian surface in the next year and a half, but those games are wild cards to say the least.

admiralvic1357d ago

How exactly is it helpful to list a bunch of games releasing months from now in reference to someone asking what games they might want to buy for the deal tomorrow? I mean, I would be shocked if they pulled a Cyber Monday deal on preorders. I would welcome it, but lets be realistic here.

Ohohoho1357d ago

Isn't Infamous coming out in February? At least that's not a long wait. Nothing in January?

admiralvic1357d ago

@ Ohohohoh

Try March 21st.

LetoAtreides821356d ago

admiralvix, if you reread the comment he's responding to (ssj27) you'll see that it claims that the only good title coming out in 2014 for the PS4 is Infamous. There's plenty of awesome titles already announced for the PS4 which pivotplease listed some of them. There's also Witcher 3 and the Division which both should be amazing.

solidt121356d ago

Don't forget Metal Gear Ground Zero this spring.

pivotplease1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Are you retarded? He just mentioned infamous was the only one confirmed for next year so I gave him some prospective options. Get your head out man.

Thank you Leto. At least someone has intelligence on these forums. Jesus some people here are as bad as the ones on youtube.

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ramza041357d ago

Expect some decent announcements coming at vgx.

MadMax1357d ago

Killzone, Assassins Creed, Nba2k and Need for Speed is all you need on the PS4 for now! I expected more too, but after playing these games on the PS4, I'm pretty satisfied and have enough to last me well until next year. Graphics are very nice! Would've liked to seen some new exclusives, but oh well.

ibrake4naps1357d ago

2014 gunna be awesome for gamers me thinks!

Panthers1357d ago

I have a few launch games, but BF4 is the best game out right now, at least online. It looks stunning on the PS4 and is so much fun to play online.

Its more of a high end PC port than current gen port anyways.

JessiePinkmanYo1356d ago

You're missing out ssj27. The lunch games are tasty. I like fries with my CoD (fish and chips). You're also right with 3rd parties being a scare. Dead Rising 3 comes to mind.

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Ps4Console1357d ago

Got all the games I need for the time being got KillZone & Fifa & BF & Cod & Knack & Resgun so I'am a very happy gamer .

Ps4Console1357d ago

Oh yeah I'am really enjoying saving humanity .

moparful991357d ago

Resogun is kicking my teeth in on the hardest difficulty but its sublime..