Xbox One Dev Warns Gamers Not To Mess With Developer Settings, Could Trigger Boot Loop

Some brief insights on correcting issues and not messing with dev settings on your console.

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stuna11061d ago

Why did reading this title make me want a bowl of Fruit Loops?

On topic; I don't understand why they just wouldn't lock down access to it with a software update, then unlock it once people have the necessary credential to use it.

Rashid Sayed1061d ago

It is not supposed to be open to public, which makes me wonder why they have it opened in the first place.

whoyouwit041061d ago

because it will eventually be open to the public, haven't you heard that every Xbox One is a DEV kit?

Rainstorm811061d ago

It should be in a boot menu not in the settings for a regular kid to go changing stuff and brick the console.....SMH

theBAWSE1061d ago TrollingShow
Rashid Sayed1061d ago

@whoyouwit04 I know that. But since it is not ready it should not be open to the general public. As the developer said, it could mess up the Xbox One.

Pogmathoin1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

I love those memes, when they are original, not copied a 1000 times, and the person who submits it last time still thinks it is funny.... Be original bawse...

Edit, @ blackdeath, people here rarely read the article, if it says Xbox, they instinctively say something stupid too....

Kayant1061d ago


"because it will eventually be open to the public"

Not completely you still need to register at [email protected] for access because giving just anyone that kind of access is not wise.

johndoe112111060d ago


Is this proof enough to make you realize that that is a bad idea?

nukeitall1060d ago

It is not intended to be open to public, so there is an expectation that kids don't go in and start trying out codes.

I think the boot loop is actually a bug.

mechlord1060d ago


You dont control these things with expectations.

You dont put potentially console-frying-level settings next to the "calibrate controller" setting and expect that "kids" simply restrain themselves from clicking them.. i mean...

For those, there are special menus, you, know, like the one in Windows???....the OS that is there somewhere - is some capacity?

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BanginBiscuitz1061d ago

All this telling people not to mess with this and yet people still will and brick their consoles AND than blame Microsoft lol.

georgenancy1061d ago

why then is it open?Microsoft is difficult to understand at times

Mithan1061d ago

It's not open. He unlocked it.

georgenancy1061d ago

the fact that you've told people not to do it,the masses will do the opposite thing out of sheer curiosity

Blackdeath_6631061d ago

lets be clear here, 1) its a Developer that told people not to do it and not MS 2)he was only said so as advice when it was posted to reddit so that they don't mess up their consoles this certainly wasn't a message to everyone

Dlacy13g1061d ago

Have to agree, this isn't MS telling the world not to do this but rather a dev posting to Reddit in response to a post their about accessing the dev side.

5eriously1061d ago

I just cannot fathom how people can mess with their very expensive consoles even if they "think" they know what they are doing. Hackers are a different crowd, they buy them to mess with and know the risks! That goes for any console Ps4 and XBone.

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