World Cup Game is the Reason Tournament Mode Not in FIFA 14

Eskimo Press: "EA recently commented on the missing features of the next-gen version of FIFA 14. Tournament and local co-op in Seasons and FUT have been completely removed from the next-gen version although they are present in the PlayStation 3 and Xbx 360 versions. EA claimed that these features were removed because they weren't popular enough, and, instead, they used the resources to work on FUT and Career mode. Though there has been no official comment made, this is not the entire truth."

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JasonBloodbourne1600d ago

I'm sure FIFA world Cup 2014 will be out just in time to coincide with the real world cup. Can't see EA missing another opportunity to make more dough.

pompombrum1600d ago

Of course it will be.. one thing you can definitely rely on with EA is that they won't miss an opportunity to make some easy $$

Matu1600d ago

To 2pacalypsenow

Yes, ripping off your customers who fund your profits/wages by releasing a game with missing features so you can rip them off a bit later with an identical product with the features that should have been in the first game (and then lying about the reasons why) is a bad thing.

Pretty simple to understand really.

3-4-51599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Meaning it will be in Fifa 15 because there won't be another World cup until 2018, so they can add it in the game until then when they take it out and re-issue their next World Cup game.

Mac is OK1600d ago

Honestly, this is the reason why I always end up sticking to PES. FIFA always wants you to buy their special World Cup FIFA game so they don't put a lot of national teams in their games. Whenever I try a new football game the first thing I want to do is simulate a World Cup with my national team. But in FIFA there are too many quality NTs missing to do it properly. PES has more than twice the amount of NTs. It's really a shame but I can't get past that when it comes to FIFA vs PES.

Angerfist1600d ago

Dont know why you get disagrees but you are right. In PES you get really atleast double the National Teams, the Graphics are beautiful and with the Option Files you get an amazing Game.

yezz1600d ago

Well most people prefer FIFAs gameplay and that's the most important thing in games.. But I'm glad that PES is still around so EA doesn't get the full monopoly. Dat laziness if EA would get it..

Matu1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Yezz, that's debatable. When I had a PS2, I was a big fan of the PES games because they were far superior to the Fifa games

The only annoying thing about PES was the licensing issues, which was the only thing Fifa had over PES at the time.

Yet this is the only thing Fifa had going for it. Fifa on PS2 was awful.

Then I got a PS3 and bought PES and was appalled by how bad it was. I traded it in and got Fifa 09. Not a very good game, in all honesty, but a lot better than the PES I had bought. I've been buying Fifa ever since.

Luckily Fifa had been getting better with each iteration, so I lost interest in PES.

Fifa 14 is great on PS4, which is a real shame because the lack of a tournament mode is a deal breaker for me and I won't be getting any Fifa game ever again unless they fix this one free of charge.

Angerfist1600d ago

i was the same, with current gen i switch to fifa with 08. but now i have pes 2014 because fifa14 is a step back.

yezz1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )


Luckily I don't need the tournament mode but it's a shame that it's not included. The lack of guest play is also very odd! Other than that I'm very pleased with my PS4 Fifa 14. It plays very nicely and the menus are finally quite snappy..

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mafiahajeri1600d ago

TBH fifa 2010 WC was the best fifa ever, there were so many countries and they felt like their real life counter parts. Names were correct the way they felt was correct it was just highly detailed and you can tell they didn't half ass ANY country like konami tend to always do. Can't wait for the World Cup game.

Sakujo1599d ago

will it be a full game, or just a DLC just like the one of Euro?