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One Year on, are Things Getting any better for the Wii U?

Over a year ago, the Nintendo Wii U was unleashed onto the Western video games market, however, following it's release, the console has plummeted into a state of absolute failure. Now, one year on, Nintendo Feed asks the question, are things getting any better for the Nintendo Wii U or are we still looking at what's set to be one of the worst video game failures of all time? (Wii U)

Shnazzyone  +   220d ago
I don't see monster hunter 3 U, Nintendoland, Batman arkham city, call of duty blops 2 & ghosts, assassin's creed 3 and 4, rayman legends, New super mario bros U/luigi, Lego City Undercover, scribblenauts unlimited, & Deus Ex: Directors cut.
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Thepcz  +   220d ago
i only included the AAA exclusives. after all, that is what makes wiiu unique and will make people purchase a wiiu over the competition.

only 4 titles right now (according to my own standards and that of AAA critical acclaim.)all are adventure type games, and one is a remake/port. i dont even truly believe wonderful 101 is a AAA game, i just put it in to be kind.

wiiu needs more variation in its titles.
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Shnazzyone  +   219d ago
How is lego city undercover and MH3U not AAA exclusives?
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   221d ago
Quite a bit so, if you include the near future of the first 4 months of 2014, if not the first half.
Yeah, it's still not selling like the Wii and PS2 were, but few if any could do that, so I don't expect it.
In the Wii U's case, it's going to be more of a marathon than a sprint.
It won't go down to the Gamecube's numbers.
nintendofeed  +   221d ago
Quite rightly said, Nintendo consoles more often than not come out well in the end.
link2Dpast  +   221d ago
The "wiiU" is getting better, as for sales wise so far no comparison to past Nintendo systems. But let's not take away from the fact that the software coming threw to the wiiU are phenomenal, I just don't think people are giving it a shot, shoot I haven't even gave them a try, the last game I got since release was wind waker and that a remake, I just think me personally and I know many others are just waiting for certain games we all know smash bros and mario kart have proven themselves already add a reliable game and promising experience. The wiiU will get better gaming wise as it is starting now , as for sales I think it will.be another GameCube, solid games but people just not picKing it up

I honestly feel that if they would of released now during this period, it would of out sold ps4 and x1, people would of saw what it was offering because wiiU biggest fault is it being wiiU and Nintendo not advertising what makes it different compared to wii. If they released it now it would of gotten shine.
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LOL_WUT  +   221d ago
Game wise? Yes, the only problem is that they ended the year pretty poorly with no other big game except 3D World. And as for the sales the console is still not selling despite a price drop and new releases on bundles and games. ;)
ritsuka666  +   221d ago
no other big game except 3D World.'''

Dude,you not even know what the fu** you're talking about.Staphhh.
deafdani  +   220d ago
Well, he's right... Nintendo had Donkey Kong slated for release on december, but then they delayed that game to february. Leaving the last month of the year without a major release for the Wii U.

Unless you know something we don't? If so, enlighten us.
link2Dpast  +   221d ago
So are you agreeing that the games are good then and then saying that's their down fall. Because they have games, they weren't gonna wait till the end of year to release all of them. They were spread pretty good being released. And as I said in my previous comment sales are not based on.price. drop or relates to the system it self, it's based on Nintendo being totally lost and now knowing how to advertise it this is their biggest fault, they should kill the WII and push the wiiU and show it can play wii games.
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   221d ago
Well it has Mario now
Grimhammer00  +   221d ago
I ave nostalgia for Ninny....but I'm not compelled to play any games now that I've lived through nes-to now.

Mario Kart being possibly the exception - though I'd rather play Blur from a few years back.

Just sayin'
stragomccloud  +   220d ago
It has a pretty good library for only being out for a year now. I already have 20 games, and to have 20 good games in 12 months is not a bad haul by any means. Of course fanboys will disagree and still proclaim there is nothing.

By the way, the whole, played it already, or I can get it elsewhere argument is stupid, because of course multiplats can be played elsewhere. Of course Wii U also has the most exclusives, and also has the most 1080p 60fps games coming out so far.
Hicken  +   220d ago
"Of course Wii U also has the most exclusives, and also has the most 1080p 60fps games coming out so far."

Well duh. It's a year older than the other two. On both counts. Comparing that is stupid. Like when people bragged about the 360's sales right after the PS3 and Wii had launched.

How many 1080p, 60fps games did the Wii U have at launch?

Oh, that's right: none. But even though it's more logical, you couldn't possibly compare launch titles with those numbers, huh? Then there'd be nothing to brag about.
stragomccloud  +   220d ago
Well, actually one. Trine 2.

And yes, you are absolutely, correct. I'm just hanging a lantern on the fact that people ignore the fact that the Wii U has a bit of grunt behind it.
Hicken  +   220d ago
It may have a "bit" of grunt, but I've seen the argument used to say the Wii U is superior, or on the same level. Pointing out the difference in graphical complexity between those games on Wii U, and games on PS4 and XB1 that reach those milestones pretty much falls on deaf ears.

After a while, it gets annoying, like those guys claiming "secret sauce" with no sources.

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