The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt director talks Grand Theft Auto V and Skyrim influences

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has made a few comments about the influences of Grand Theft Auto V and Skyrim will have on his upcoming multiplatform project, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.”

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DestinyHeroDoomlord1663d ago

All it needs is some Dark souls influence ;)

Roccetarius1663d ago

Dark Souls influence ruffled a few carebears back when Witcher 2 released, so i doubt that'll happen again.

Einhert1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

The witcher series is primarily based around story and characters, the new combat looks extremely fluid and responsive so why they would want to copy clunky , awkward fighting mechanics is beyond me.

A PC series needs to borrow nothing from a console game.

SlapHappyJesus1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

As an RPG developer, they really should only look to Skyrim's overall scope when it comes to development.
Little else.

TekoIie1663d ago

Skyrims scope with CD Projekt Red detail perhaps?

Roccetarius1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Yeah, i'm hoping that's what he meant. :) I hope we don't get another empty playground, such as Skyrim.

SlapHappyJesus1663d ago

That's exactly what I was aiming for. Bethesda games are shallow and, in my opinion, no more an RPG than San Andreas.
It's the player choice, the consequence of those choices and character/world building that makes an RPG.
Not the fact that your game has stats.

CD Projekt is probably the best in terms of creating a modern RPG with the sensibilities and feel of the classics.

anticlimax1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

Bashing all Bethesda games seems a little bit overkill to me. Morrowind was the ultimate gateway game into rpg's for me and many others. And the Shivering Isles was an expansion that puts nearly all dlc to shame (it also put Oblivion to shame).

That said, I did feel more like a tourist in beautiful Skyrim than an actual player.

Captain Qwark 91663d ago

i agree. so little to do besides fetch quests with mediocre storylines and boring dungeons. the size and scope of that game would have been superb if they filled all those dungeons with bosses, sub bosses, puzzles, challenges of some sort, new gear, etc. but most are empty and have useless shit in them which only serves as something to sell to make your own gear which is much better than anything you can find

Roccetarius1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

That's mainly the problems i have with Bethesda's games. The lore in the games, even in the books found in the game is not something to write about.

Yet, they're still being praised to infinity.

whitefang19881663d ago

I know their very different but bioware can make fantastic rpg's too. We saw the infamous speech system in witcher. I'm sure it will be brilliant though. Ever since e3 is been my most anticipated announced title.

KratosSaveUs1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I can honestly say that Skyrim was the best game I ever played in my 17 years of living. And it got me really looking forward to the Witcher 3. I love these types of games now.

SlapHappyJesus1663d ago

I really hope you take to it. Witcher is one of my favorite series. I can promise you though, these games share almost nothing in common.

boing11663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

And Battlefield ;) You guys are in for a treat.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1663d ago

Wish developers would understand that just because its popular it doesn't mean they need to be 'influenced' by it.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1663d ago

Maybe for the shooter genre, I don't think rpg's are as bad as the shooter genre