Assassin's Creed IV Review by The Black Panel

The Black Panel writes: With its swashbuckling cast, sprawling open world and tremendous gameplay variety, Black Flag is the perfect game to lure lapsed assassins back into the fold. The ship-to-ship combat trialled in last year’s Assassin’s Creed III is now a central component of the game and Black Flag is all the better for it. Prepare to set sail!

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Snookies121568d ago

This game has definitely renewed my love for the series. I haven't been so enthralled with AC since the second entry.

Murad1568d ago

IDK actually, I look forward to playing it if i get a new gpu during christmas. Other than that, I found myself very bored of AC: R, and somewhat interested within AC: Brotherhood, but definitely loved ac2 and hated ac1.

Sarcasm1568d ago

Same here. There seems to be a universal consensus that AC2 was one of the highlights of the series, and everything else was ehhhh.

But yeah I'm lovin AC4, because it feels mostly like a Pirate game and less of an AC game.

MrTrololo1568d ago

Second best assassin creed game next to assassin creed 2

Murad1568d ago

Damn, now you and Snookies really want to make me go out and buy a GPU like right now D:

Dape1568d ago

Great game, best of the series imo. Thinking that I wasn't going to get it after the Assassins Creed 3 let down...

PixelRob1568d ago

So, is it safe to say AC2 and AC4 are the ones to play in the series?

Sarcasm1568d ago

AC2, AC Brotherhood, and AC4.

AC1 was a beta, AC Revelations was a cash in, AC3 was a let down.

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