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Submitted by EXVirtual 799d ago | opinion piece

The future of gaming (still) belongs to consoles

Are the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 doomed to be trounced by gaming PCs? (Industry, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

fluffydelusions  +   799d ago
I don't care either way as I own both PC and next gen systems though I will just say that I'm sure the numbers leave out f2p games like LoL which have more concurrent players than both old/ng systems combined. Than you have sub MMO's which I'm sure aren't counted etc etc. Again I don't care. PC/PS4 is the way to go next gen

P.S I'm pretty drunk
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bluegamer  +   799d ago
drunk commenting... gotta love it!
dedicatedtogamers  +   799d ago
I don't think consoles are doomed or PCs are doomed.

But consider the fact that many of the breakout hits within the last few years came from PC. The PC indie scene, more specifically. Minecraft and DayZ, anyone?
Grave  +   798d ago
I think most PC gamers prefer PS4 since if a game is an "Xbox exclusive" it usually comes to PC as well. Sony has the actual system exclusives like Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted, The Last of Us, and God of War that you can only get on their platform.
Allsystemgamer  +   798d ago
MS also said they're not neglecting windows this time around so chances are xbox only will become Microsoft only
AceBlazer13  +   799d ago
Nice read.
CrossingEden  +   799d ago
Well, RDR, MGS5, GTAV, Destiny, Infamous Second Son, Deep Down, Quantum Break, Halo, The Order 1986, are all exclusive to console and are the heavy hitters of 2014, so yea. Consoles are still winning.
Grave  +   798d ago
They are actually developing MGS5 for PC as well.
CrossingEden  +   798d ago
I will believe it when a credible source says that they are.
Sony_Fan   799d ago | Off topic | show
ifritAlkhemyst  +   799d ago
Why do articles like this persist? There is such a thing as cohabitation in nature. I don't see it can't exist with inanimate gaming machines.
sephiroth420  +   798d ago
i totally agree, but fanboys like to make out their console is best, id like to see a world where we can all play the same game on multiplatform multiplayer, like playstation systems playing with pc and xbox systems.
Einhert  +   799d ago
Why is there such persistence by people these days to degrade PC as a platform?

I particularly hate the argument of "games sell better on consoles"

Obviously, PC gamers tend to be more selective of their experiences, many preferring games that hold them over for the long haul like LoL or DOTA 2 and those games which are of a certain quality with enough longevity become huge on PC.

cough Witcher series cough Half Life series cough

When you look at the games that do well on PC they are all one thing: High quality games with longevity.

Nearly every PC gamer I know avoids most AAA titles because they lack the quality or longevity they desire in a game, when you are used to the quality of half lifes story and gameplay you really are at a loss in this modern saturated market were developers expect you to buy any simplistic short lived rushed game.

Ease of use is based on your own ICT knowledge. It is illogical to say consoles have a real ease of use any more. There is so many hoops to jump through with slow game installs, online passes, paying for online MP, day 1 updates once you start the game, entering codes through slow interfaces.

On steam is is click buy, paypal, game downloads lightning fast thanks to good steam servers and it is ready to go upon clicking play.
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ufo8mycat  +   799d ago
PC will never overtake consoles.

The core gaming audience on consoles is much much bigger then it's on PC's.

The majority of AAA titles that are on PC, can already be played on consoles, PLUS the massive amount of quality games that are only available on consoles also, that really does not leave much for PC.

I still use my PC for games like ARMA and indie games but yeah, looking at it with a unbiased view - the appeal just isn't as huge, due to the majority of quality games already available on consoles

So I can definitely see why the majority of core gamers, stick to consoles only.
aiBreeze  +   799d ago
Who cares about the PC vs Console gaming debate, if funds allow, real gamers play both!
ylwzx3  +   799d ago
If anything consoles are becoming more like pcs.
_QQ_  +   799d ago
Why does everyone feel the need to talk down pc any chance they get. Lets be Honest people that write articles like this are just mad that pc can have potentially better hardware than their console of choice. Why else would they write pointless hate articles...

LOL every thread that talks about a specific PC game looking amazing or about how PC will have extra features in a multi plat game there is always that one commenter "how is GTAV on pc" "how is uncharted on pc?" " how is upgrading parts every 3 seconds?" but why are they even on a PC thread if they don't care about the actual context of the news, Because they are just there to damage control because for some reason Stronger PC hardware makes them feel threatend.
mysteryraz11  +   799d ago
pc is losing its games to the consoles, noone cares about upgrading their hardware only pc fanboys do
2pacalypsenow  +   799d ago
Im a Playstation fanboy and i like upgrading my Pc
mysteryraz11  +   799d ago
noone cares though lol, this is about pc fanboys only who think they are better cause they build shit, hurray I dont care none of the pcs game interest me they are lame sorry
OverPaperSkies  +   799d ago
I'm not a Pc fanboy. I love upgrading my hardware. That makes me an "enthusiast"...

Like most true Pc gamers. We care about the games. Not all Pc gamers brag and condesend console gamers for getting bad versions of multiplatform games.

See what I did there.
mysteryraz11  +   798d ago
I wanna play games not build shit, its hypocrital that pc fanboys brag abouts there hardware but there most played games are outdated looking games like league of legends, minecraft or world of warcraft, some better textures and lighting on multiplats wont make me care, still the same game,play what you want on the pc but I dont care
pennywhyz  +   798d ago
Console alone are a poor mans way of playing games.Imo ya need both.
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BOLO  +   798d ago
So...PC gaming must be a "poor mans" way of super computing without the million dollar machines eh?
urwifeminder  +   798d ago
Pc and steam community is really getting great lately quick installation's of mods and content is 1st class def PC has taken the lead for me as a gamer.

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