Comparing next-gen games: screenshots from the Xbox One, PS4, and more

The Verge: "For our feature comparing next gen games, we spent a lot of time testing — playing through graphically-challenging scenes, collecting screenshots and video clips, carefully examining graphics and shaders, watching for framerate drops, and having precious little fun. Here, you can find a complete collection of matched screenshots that you can use to compare various platforms to each other, plus full resolution images."

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Chuk51601d ago

Battlefield 4 is blowing me away right now. All that detail and running at 60 fps on a console, golly.

VforVideogames1601d ago

killzone looks better on ps3 than ps4

ShinMaster1601d ago

And Forza 4 is toe-to-toe with Forza 5. It even has better ground textures lol

strickers1601d ago

Says someone who hasn't played it.

johndoe112111601d ago

I was actually questioning if you were serious about that statement but then I saw your comment history and realized that you're actually albert penello in disguise.

Computersaysno1601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Assassins creed 4 looks way better too.

PS4 blatantly has better resolution.

PS4 can do more at more resolution. Xbone multiformat titles will never have parity if the developer pushes PS4

Hercules1891600d ago

@shin, you better put an s at the end of your sentence unless you're blind. Forza 4 doesnt have real sand or grass and you still got way more agrees than disagrees. I know Forza 5 doesnt look as good as Driveclub even tho Forza 5 is only a launch title but its clearly much better looking than 4.

P0werVR1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Why do fanboys fret over the "lowest common denominator" when it comes down to graphics that look alike on either console?! I mean you can't even sense a "WOW" factor in comparison to last gen.

If you want to argue specs than let's pull up our PC builds! Other than true gamers and enjoy the game.

cannon88001600d ago


The only way you could possibly be correct would be if you have been playing killzone 2/3 in 480p and comparing footage of killzone shadowfall from youtube in 240p.

Angels37851600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Every game so far that has been said to be running at a lower resolution on xbox one looks worse, while the versions announced the same look the same. But it is a noticeable difference for sure you cannot ignore the screens...

heck ghosts AC4 and Battlefield were so obvious it felt like I was smacked in the face by them

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ANIALATOR1361600d ago

same here. BF4 looks brilliant on PS4

caperjim1600d ago

I agree it does look great on PS4 but I wish it was 1080p instead of being upscaled from 900p. When compared to Killzone or ghosts that are running at 1080p native you can really notice the flaws that come with lower resolution.

They could have made it native 1080p if they devoted enough time to the PS4 version. Maybe they could patch it in like Ubisoft did with Assassins creed. I doubt they will though.

Chuk51600d ago

It looks miles better than Ghosts. And it's gameplay scale is far larger than killzone.

Hyper_Tension1401600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Is it just me or does Madden 25 look like is running on a lower resolution on xbone, notice the sharping from the scaler as well as the jaggies.

StoutBEER1600d ago

Okay I must be fuckin blind. For the most part kept confusing X1 with Ps4 and vice versa. That or the image quality is shit.

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Chuk51601d ago

The problem with this comparison is that these screens are compressed to hell. JPEG, like youtube, isn`t good enough for the next gen.

stuna11601d ago

Exactly! I've seen both next gen console games side by side and compared to these screenshots... Well let's just say the differences are even bigger.

AndrewLB1600d ago

Did you even check the photos? They're PNG uncompressed images.

... fanboys should be beaten.

GamersRulz1601d ago

OMG X1 COD is embarrassing !

JackISbacK1601d ago

wow people like you are the one who are distroying this year of gaming ,why dont you just go out with your fanboy brothers and play some games ,you will find your answers in them,yeah dist dissagre me fanboys and i belive those will agree me who all would be true gamers,please stop this shit and stop bulleing other consoles and be happy with your choise,none of them are emberrasing and you will have same fun time and amazing graphics on both consoles and its all on you to choose entartainment with gaming or other choise is only games ,its your chosie if you find one uninteresting,so stop talking shit about them,it is son=me one's other choise.

BG115791601d ago

It's amazing how Forza4 doesn't suffer from the comparison comparing with Forza5.

BitbyDeath1601d ago

Why does Forza look worse on the Bone, are the images around the wrong way?

Muffins12231601d ago (Edited 1601d ago )

Yes ,images mixed up.
Not that hard to figure out which one is running on the bone an which one is not

doublebass21601d ago

2 the blind users above, check the hud please!!!the pictures are correct,quit yapping and start playing both awesome racers..and go check your eyes!!2 much playstation adorement affects eyesight aparrently!

Its another thing to downplay the machine and another to downplay the game series.Ok, ps4 is a lot better in graphics and the difference is instantly apparent, but that does nt mean thay every game on Xbox One(or bone for some idiots..)is for laughs!!Play games, not consoles!As a matter a fact, the consoles play games 2!!

BitbyDeath1601d ago

@doublebass2, you are wrong.
Just look at the road textures, the pictures are obviously around the wrong way, no way 360 would have better textures, also look at the beam above, according to this picture the new xbox is covered in jaggies where as the 360 version is smooth as.

The pictures are obviously around the wrong way.

Angels37851600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )


Forza 4 hud
Forza hud from article

Forza 5 hud
Forza 5 hud from the article
Proving the pics are NOT mixed up..the HUD's match their respected games also If you still dont believe me here a youtube vids of both to check the HUDs.

Forza 4:

Forza 5:

I'll still get disagrees for facts. The bots are already hurting this is just lemon juice on the wound... just shows how bad it looks when you bots say the screens were mixed up....and they weren't.....

JackISbacK1601d ago

yah you are right i chected the track by my self on my xb1 and find out that ther was never adidas and bmw written on the track walls ,yeah the images are wrong,i've already checked it 2 times ,or may be its looking equivalent is because the images are hihly compressed which is uncertain looks.

doublebass21601d ago

you are full of its as well as blind, and preety sure you dont have either 360 or xbox1...FOrrza 4 never had tyre heat and gas brake indicators near the rpm gauge!!

STOP MAKING THINGS UP!!I am 267 level on forza 4 all achievements and play the game 2 times a week!!And i know that hud on the right is from another game and not forza 4!!(news flash from Forza 5)

Nothing wrong with the picture, your eyes or belief that by spreading false impressions makes you better somewhat, is lacking severely!!

Angels37851600d ago


Forza 4 hud

Forza 5 hud

Proving the pics are NOT mixed up..the HUD's match their respected games also If you still dont believe me here a youtube vids of both to check the HUDs.

Forza 4:

Forza 5:

doublebass21601d ago

Its pretty obvious you never had played forza 4....THAT IS THE HUD!!!


go and watch videos on youtube or something, since you are practically a casual nonbeliever and even you ll figure it aut yourself!!....

And yes Forza 4 was sharp especially whne played in time lap, taken picture on the left(4x AA at that mode)


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