Don't Worry, Microsoft And Sony Are Taking Care Of The New Game Console Glitches

Move over, zombies. Step aside, terrorists. Aliens, out of the way.

There are a few new foes affecting gamers that are proving to be far more destructive than any on-screen villain.

With nicknames like "the blue light of death" and "the disc drive of doom," they're the game-ending glitches causing headaches for a few gamers who picked up the next-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles at launch.

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TomShoe1603d ago

They really need to be taking care of the new console shortage glitches.

It's going to be hard as hell to get one before Christmas...

showtimefolks1603d ago

but that's why you have pre orders

on topic:

its always funny when people buy new consoles and want everything to work perfectly out of the box. These systems are gonna be here for 6-7 years so both will evolve over time. If you want true next gen experience buy a ps4/xbox one next september, because by than both companies would be done updating the system of major features. And by than there will be a lot of games to play

early adapters are like beta testers, we pay the highest to let the companies know what works and what needs fixing/tweaks

Mr_cheese1603d ago

I got a day one ps4 in the uk (made in china) and mine went and blue lined on me. I know its only a minority of sustems this happens to but this was caused by a glitch as it worked fine until i tried to launch netflix and after te trouble shooting kt did it a second time when i tried to install a downloaded game. This time it was unrepairable. I don't claim to expect a perfect sytem from the go but it is a pain when it dies within 24 hours of buying.

The sony team are responsive though and have issued me a new console this wednesday as a straight swap and i have been told that the new ystem "will not break"

adwyer1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

It's only been since consoles had internet connections that things have gone downhill. My Nes, Super Nes, Master System, Mega Drive, Playstation, Saturn and N64 all worked right out of the box no problems and never once needed n update.

The internet has just given companies the excuse to rush out unfinished products to morons who think it's some kind of thing that needs to be accepted. Console updates seemed to be spearheaded by the Xbox and PS2, People seem to forget that prior to this, the product was released when it was complete.

I am all for updates that make the console better, but it's obviously become the standard to just fix unfinished products

adamandkate1603d ago

why is it funny that people expect to get something that works when they pay for it? its not only what people expect but its also a legal right. or your money back.

Deadpoolio1603d ago

Why would anyone feel the least bit sorry for anyone who was so lazy they couldn't be bothered to pre-order a console....You had since JUNE.....JUNE, Nothing stopped you from going out the next day and pre ordering one....Sorry Micro$haft shorted stores, but Sony took pre orders until at least October

Angeljuice1603d ago

June? I pre-ordered in April. Here in the UK, they were taking pre-orders a couple of weeks after the February reveal at Game, so UK gamers have even less of an excuse (they didn't even take a deposit).

MazzingerZ1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I have seen more reports regarding X1 than PS4 so each of them should be refered separetly I's not SONY the one giving away free-games or introducing some return-policies...actually, after the PS4 PAL launch haven't seen any reports of any problems more than PSN slow and down due to to high traffic...that will get better with the days..if not already

X1 on the other hand doesn't seem to catch a breath..BR-drive problems keeps being reported

n4rc1603d ago


Care to share how you came to that conclusion?

Pogmathoin1603d ago

Thats simple.... He likes Sony, despises MS.... It does not need to be factual then, any whisper, rumour will count as fact...

colonel1791603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

I bought the PS3 at launch and only had resistance to play. It was the only game I was actually interested. I finished the game in two weeks and left playing nothing until march when GOW 2 and Motorstorm came out.

Right now, it looks to be the same. inFamous comes out in March, so this time I will definitely be waiting until then, so I'll be buying it with Killzone. After all, games will start to come out until summer.

amiga-man1603d ago

Yes can't find a PS4 anywhere, Sold out everywhere.

RAGE911603d ago

Yeah I plan to get my Ps4 2 years down the line. By then devs will have got to grips and loads of great gamrs will be out.

til then Im on xbox 1 as most of my mates gave it :/

NegativeCreep4271603d ago

These so-called game-ending glitches are a rare sight for the average gamer...

My advice to new owners of ps4 and xboxone is to not worry so much about these widely publicized defects and to take faith in your complementary manufacturer warranty... (especially if u bought one with accidental damage for another two years like I did).

GarrusVakarian1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

My PS4 hasn't give me any problems, its quiet and runs warm after hours of BF4. I took the early adopter plunge and came up okay it seems.

PS3gamer4life1603d ago

My ps4 never had a problems got it day 1