My Wife, the Casual Gamer, Reacts to: Next-Gen

FRONTBURNR: Let’s rewind to November 15th, I stayed home all day to wait for a particular package to arrive, and once it did I was ready to open up and hook up my PlayStation 4. However, my wife had other plans, so after running some errands and eating dinner I was then ready to hook up the console.

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Sarcasm1632d ago

Interesting but rather pointless article.

agentxk1632d ago

It's part of a much longer ongoing series. Doesn't really need too much context

Irishguy951632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

It's interesting to get a look at next gen consoles, hrough the eyes of an untainted gamer. Casual gamers are not only casual, but they look at games for what they are. Not through colored goggles which quite alot of hardcore gamers do. For example, not being impressed by Resogun is perfectly reasonable and logical. It's an old school game where the only thing that makes it any different than a Nes game, is that it looks better. Through the eyes of a casual, it's "Why the hell would you buy a next gen system for this?".

She's saying what she sees, she has no allegiance toward any company because she doesn't care. Now...let me see them disagrees and fanboys telling me why Resogun(the highesst rated next gen game so far) is anything more than a prettier nes game with the extreme particle effects. Old school games are always fun. Geometry wars, Super stardust, Resogun. But dammit it's hilarious when someone brings them up when arguing about next gen/

And surely casual gamers don't see whats so special about alot of games. But they still call it for what it is. And we have to explain to them what makes a game so special - For example, "why are Characters in FF standing still while fighting and taking turns?" If we can't explain whats so special about the game, it's probably not anything special at all.

jessupj1632d ago

You're definitely correct is saying casuals gamers are less bias, but they're also very uneducated when it comes to games. Just look at cod.

Most of them have no idea what they're talking about and wouldn't know a good game if their life depended on it.

I have the same regard for a casuals opinion of gaming as a cows.

It's kind of the same as a brain surgeon worrying about the opinion of someone that's only completed a first aide certificate.

slimeybrainboy1632d ago

It's interesting because we so rarely escape the hive mind of the gaming community. We only know the hardcore community that check up on news everyday, people who really are into games, like here, IGN, forums, NeoGaf.

In the places we visit on the internet their is no representation of the mass more casual market.

It's interesting to hear from someone who is so detached from MS vs Sony, frame rates and resolutions, release dates and exclusives, she is just giving her opinion with no bias.

Sure she is looking for different things in a console, and has a different perspective on games, but I think that getting her perspective is more interesting than hearing some the typical N4G, "I'm getting PS4 for 1080p", "I'm geting XBO because PS4 has no launch lineup.". She has the perspective of just wanting to enjoy herself, and we should too.

Sarcasm1632d ago

It is interesting, but again pointless. I mean we can value the opinion of an expert on a particular subject, but put less value to a random wife on the internet. I mean I respect her opinions, but stating that Resogun "looks stupid" is very disconnected to a majority of gamers.

Even so, I don't value too much the opinion of even games journalists because we know how they are manipulated by ad revenue anyway.

The only people I value the opinion of are my peers, other gamers who share the same interest and passion.

svoulis1632d ago

Is this suppose to prove a point I am so confused.

Casual gamers aren't going to care what system they have.

It's like oh...I have a Wii and Mario...gonna play it for a bit.

Why did I read this?

Kornholic1632d ago

Is it me or does she portray the stereotype of a know-it-all wife? Really annoying.

Daves1632d ago

Always nice to get a womans perspective.

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