‘Gran Turismo 6’ last-minute Amazon pre-order bonuses reminder

Amazon is still offering customers a chance to take advantage of several pre-order bonuses for the racing simulation title.

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BattleReach1636d ago

Want this game, but I only have a PS2, 360 and PS4. Why didn't I choose a 360 instead of a PS3 :(

USMC_POLICE1636d ago

Because you betrayed Sony who gave you the amazing PS2 for a new kid on the block 360 who could only have greatness for one generation. Then realized your mistake and got a ps4.

BattleReach1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

You are right.
Do you forgive me? :(

josephayal1636d ago

Nice deal, too bad I pre ordered my copy from GameStop

Tekkers1636d ago

I have pre ordered the Anniversary edition from Amazon UK but I am not really sure if it is worth it so I might just change it to the standard edition as you get good pre order bonuses with it as well.
Amazon UK are in a bit of trouble at the moment though with all pre ordered copies of Battlefield 4 on PS4 missing the China Rising DLC code that was a pre order bonus. So far Amazon are messing customers about telling them to go to EA to get the code but EA just say talk to Amazon 8-(

Blackdeath_6631636d ago

don't think the anniversary edition is worth it

Blackdeath_6631636d ago

man, was gonna wait a while but i think i'm biting the bullet on this one, may end up preordering this game after all

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