30 New screenshots of Madden NFL 09

Today, Electronic Arts released 30 new screenshots of their upcoming sports game Madden NFL 09. The game will release in mid-August on almost all platforms. The screenshots are from the 360/PS3 version of the game.

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sonarus3797d ago

Problem with EA sports is they never seem to be able to recreate the true feel of a sports game. They are just too fvkin lazy. Considering how well madden does, you would think EA would prioritize them into making at least one excellent madden game.

Storm233797d ago

I agree and I miss the 2k series. They were better imo.

This years Madden is supposed to improve on a lot of things. I guess we will see...or hopefully EA will die. Whatever.

TheHater3797d ago

I second that. But Madden fanboy are too blind to see what EA is doing to them. That why I stop playing Madden after I realize what they was doing, and not improving on the things that matter.
I am really hoping 2Ksports make another NFL football game, because NFL 2K5 is the best football game to date

fablex3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Well, 2K is coming with this new NFL game, called All-Pro Football 2K8, they just dont have the official NFL licenses.

Edit: Nevermind, that game came out almost a year ago already :P

kingfury3797d ago

Nice. I'm picking this up day one.

CallOfWar223797d ago

Is it because you hate not having any choice so you have to bash whatever is out there? Or is it because everyone hates the best, Yankees, Patriots, Bulls of 90's, Lakers, etc. 2k as far as gameplay have been extremely slow. Sure they had amazing graphics. Gameplay always turned me off. Firt Person Football view isn't anything but gimmicky. I hate tapping a button to run faster rather than hold it down. Madden has been ahead of any football franchise in terms of gameplay. How come 2k8 wasn't successful? Dont give me bull about that it didn't have any Current NFL Players. If the gameplay was soo good and amazing as half you 2k idiots say it is then why wasn't it talked about all over the media as the true next gen football experience? Did 2k forget how to make football games after they lost the NFL license? It should affect gameplay.

Real gamer 4 life3797d ago

will the ps3 version run at 60fps or is EA going to shaft the ps3 owners again.

CallOfWar223797d ago

Even All Pro 2k8 ran at 30 fps on PS3 so its not just EA. EA confirmed that Madden 09 will run at 60fps on both PS3 and 360. Happy? Ofcourse I am getting it Day 1 on 360 cuz thats how its always been atleast for the past 5 years. I am going all out for Madden 09 the most expensive version cuz of Head Coach 09 included and My Fav player in the whole wide world Favre is on the cover.

SmokeyMcBear3797d ago

the past 5 years??? Madden was absolute crap on the xbox bulky controller, with the stupid black and white buttons. Madden has always been the staple on the ps2.. although i admit i did play 2001 (eddie george) on the N64. Im still pissed they moved the turbo to R2.. utter garbage, give me back stiff arm and switching ball carrying arms.. its too easy now.. one button does all gimicks.

LevDog3797d ago

At least int he Pics the grass looks better.. The player models still arnt up to par with other sports games.. I think MLB 08 The show for PS3 has the best player models..

Even tho I prolly shouldnt.. Im gonna get the damn game.. I mean its the only football game out there..

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