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Digital Foundry vs. Vita Remote Play

Worth buying a Vita for? Digital Foundry assesses the Vita Remote Play gameplay experience. (PS Vita, PS4)

TomShoe  +   294d ago
You're supposed to buy a Vita for the GAMES, not just the remote play.

Still, it's a pretty sweet feature. Battlefield on the crapper? YES.
mikeslemonade  +   294d ago
Considering you will probably own PS Plus, the Vita is nice to own. I was impressed with the selection of free to play games. There's quite a few $30 games that can be played for free from Soul Sacrifice and Uncharted. And that's just for this time period. Eventually there will be even more games. I'd say it's a small investment for a $200 system where you don't have to buy any games for it.
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yeahokchief  +   294d ago
All the free PS+ games is what sold me on the Vita.

I want to be able to stream my PS3 games damnit. You can stream the XMB but not the games.
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mikeslemonade  +   294d ago
Yep.. and the free to play games seem to be more of the Sony 1st party games too.

I hope Ninja Gaiden Plus comes out on it. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was one of my favorite early generation games.
Skate-AK  +   293d ago
We got NGS+ like 6 months ago. US update.
mikeslemonade  +   293d ago
-_- I was using XBL back then. I'm starting to think PS Plus is actually the more superior service. You can't beat what Sony is giving you for free. Sony beats MS in value catagory by a long shot.
0ut1awed  +   294d ago
I don't know what environment they were using but they said Resogun was the worst with issues because of the vibrancy of image.

While that makes sense technically speaking, I have been playing remote play for hours with Resogun on my Vita flawlessly and my PS4 is two stories below me...
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truechainz  +   293d ago
Not knocking the Vita, but genuinely curious, why is your PS4 2 stories below you?
0ut1awed  +   293d ago
I was at my parents house for the holidays. The PS4 was hooked up into the entertainment center in the basement and my bedroom is on the second story.
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Guwapo77  +   293d ago
Curious as to what router setup you have? Resogun for me did not equate to a flawless experience. I had these occasional hiccups. I'm using an ASUS RT-AC66U.
0ut1awed  +   293d ago
It's a Asus RT-N66U which is pretty much in the same ballpark as yours.

Their house is also in the middle of 55 acres of property so interference from other networks is non-existent. Although the house is also made out of concrete walls and it still manages to broadcast a solid signal everywhere in the house.

I have a crappier D-Link (Play n600 I think?) router back at my apartment in which we pick up 20 networks. I am still able to use remote play fine on my bed ~20ft or so away from the router but I have had some hiccups.

Honestly I attributed that to the router though. This Asus one that I talked my parents into getting has been nothing but a beast. I would think yours would have the same quality but maybe network interference is really getting to it?
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0ut1awed  +   293d ago

*Belkin play n600
psDrake  +   294d ago
I have had a Vita for year and I am happy with it. The game library is getting better each month and the remote-play future makes Vita a must-buy for gamers...
Transporter47  +   294d ago
@mikeslemonade ninja garden sigma already came out for it on ps plus, I have it.
minty-hippo  +   294d ago
Battlefield 4 is a bit meh on with remote play; remote play is locked to 30 fps which is very hard to play with after playing the buttery-smooth 60 fps on the tv :( Hopefully they update the vita and/or ps4 soon to fix this, although I'm somewhat doubtful. Need for Speed Rivals works great however on remote play, as it runs natively at 30 fps!
ruefrak  +   294d ago
And once the Dualshock 4 controller is patched in to the VitaTV, remote play on that is going to be awesome. That's when Sony will sell it outside of Japan and it will dominate the gaming world.
MatrixxGT  +   294d ago
I love remote play. But its not sole reason to buy a vita. Its just one hell of a bonus.
a08andan  +   294d ago
When I woke up this morning I just reached for my ps Vita, turned the ps4 on with it, and played Need for Speed Rivals with remote-play for 15 minutes before getting up. I love that feature :D
Grave  +   294d ago
I bought a Vita for the free games on PS Plus alone. I've had it for 2 weeks and have already played/downloaded over $150 in free games in my Instant Game Collection. With Urban Trials and Sonic Racing next week it will go up to $200. That will be enough to cover my Vita's purchase price. Thank you Sony! Anything else that the Vita does from here on out is a bonus.
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LuvBurger  +   294d ago
Here's the deal with me with my PS Vita. I live in Lincoln, RI, and for thanksgiving, I went to my sister's house who lives in Blakcstone, MA, which is about 17 miles away. My PS4 is hooked up to a LAN Cable, and My sister has WI-FI in the house.

It took about 90 seconds for the Vita to locate my PS4, but once I did, I played AC4 for a good hour at least, with no issues.

In regards to latency or lag issues when comparing it to a direct feed from the PS4, what would it matter? If I'm 15-20 miles away from my house, I have nothing else to compare it to
RedSoakedSponge  +   294d ago
can anyone help me?

iv been trying to use remote play with my ps4 and its really laggy and the connection drops out. i have the vita in the same room as the ps4 when doing this and its still the same.

i do have my router in the other part of this house so i need to connect via wifi but i didnt think that would matter if i connected to the ps4 directly.

anyone have any words of wisdom? im really annoyed about this :(
EazyDuz22  +   294d ago
Get a better router
RedSoakedSponge  +   294d ago
what a shit response.... my router works perfectly with everything else going on so its not the router.

anyone with some actually helpful advice?
NukaCola  +   294d ago
Call tech support. What type of router do you have, what's its bandwidth and channel?

I'm using a netgear router pushing over 100mbps on n band. Unless you're going over the Internet, you just need to test it or call.

I've used it on the UI and KZ and it's all worked really well
FriedGoat  +   294d ago
Red soaked, its the router, what else could it be? The PS4 and Vita are just the same as everybody elses.
MoonConquistador  +   294d ago
I take it it's a wireless n router you have? What's the WiFi signal like in the room with the PS4, and I'm going to assume the PS4 is connected to your router via WiFi too.

Any loss of the WiFi signal due to walls in the way will be doubled if both devices are connected wirelessly, not much I could suggest other than run a wired network or relocate the router.
RedSoakedSponge  +   294d ago
yeah it is a Wireless N. the signal strength said 90% on the ps4. yeah both vita and ps4 is through wifi.

is there any way of just directly connecting to the ps4 with the vita without the need of the router?

i thought the connect directly option in the vita settings on the ps4 would have done that but its no different.

oh and thanks for giving a helpful response :)
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duli14  +   294d ago
Check out this thread on neogaf, they have some good tips for people with issues.

RedSoakedSponge  +   293d ago
omg! thankyou so much!

i didnt think it was my router. it was something to do with channel selection or something.

bubbles for you Mr Duli14

you are a legend XD
Sevir  +   294d ago
Sony recommends that your PS4 be hard wired to you Router via Ethernet for optimal performance of remote play. Remote play does work well if the PS4 is connect over WiFi, but you'll need a very powerful WiFi Router that broadcasts the WiFi signal stronger and farther, if you have a wireless G+ router and have a strong connection from your ISP! At minimum you'd need a 50mbs connection for decent remote play!
kingPoS  +   293d ago
You can try and go to your routers page and open the all the ports for the PS4 & Vita.

If that doesn't work, you want to bypass the router all together, But the Vita needs to be registered with the PS4 first.

I hope that helps.

Gateway MT6706 2008
trickman888  +   294d ago
As long as I can play it and have little to no or notice no lag, then I don't give a crap about how slow it may be compared to playing it on my PS4.

I can play PS4 games anywhere in my house, and have the option of playing it outside my home with little to no noticeable differences, and thats a very big advantage compared to the Wii U gamepad. Very big.
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jessupj  +   293d ago
I'm strongly thinking about getting a vita, but the lag mentioned in the article has scared me a little. I really hate lag.

So you don't really notice the input lag?
Edsword  +   294d ago
I have played a lot on vita remote play and I have to say that I am not disappointed at all. The Wii u only works with some games so while they might say the experience is ultimately better. Of it doesn't work for the game you want to play what good is it?
OrangePowerz  +   294d ago
Haven't had issues with Resogun. It might lack compared to the Wii U when it comes to image quality and latency, but at least I can use it in other rooms. The Wii U GamePad losses the connection when I leave the room.

As for Shield, it's even more expensive and requires a nVidia card. I couldn't even use it with my ATI card.
leemass24  +   294d ago
i can use my gamepad anywhere in the house might be your walls i have a slight lag in my dining room but works fine evrywhere else i offen take my gamepad up when i go to bed to browse internet with no problems what so ever.
OrangePowerz  +   294d ago
That's interesting, I can't get very far without loosing the connection.
GinkgoID  +   294d ago
Personally I think remote play works great and having the inter-operability between the 2 devices is a great feature.

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