XBOX ONE – How To Install A Bigger Hard Drive

Team Xecuter writes: "I think one of our dev team may have figured out how to successfully install a bigger HDD to an XBOX ONE. Tested with a 1TB so far and it seems to work well"

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Sarcasm1639d ago

Well this is good news for X1 owners because 500GB (or more like 400GB) isn't going to be enough down the line.

svoulis1639d ago

I wish it was good news, I'd take it apart right now and install a 1TB. But that would void my warranty, and...well

I don't trust launch consoles enough to tear them apart year 1.

So its not really good news...Unless you plan on buying a new one of it craps out.

UnHoly_One1639d ago

Yeah I would highly recommend that NOBODY tries this themselves.

Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.

I'd bet almost anything the first time they release a system update that this console quits working.

SilentNegotiator1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Furthermore, Microsoft disabled third party hard drives on Xbox 360, so you're risking losing all of your save data.

Volkama1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I'd do it for a faster drive. Drive speed is a real low point on the console IMO. Unfortunately afaik it is sata2, so I won't get the speed I'm after.

Save files won't be lost, they all cloud-sync.

MazzingerZ1639d ago

"I think..." LOL

Yeah guys, trust this guy or anyone on Youtube, go ahead and ruin your X1...

GutZ311639d ago

For both PS4 and XboxOne, I strongly suggest not changing your hard drive, until at least February of next year. By then, higher density hard drive should be cheaper, and Available.

cleft51639d ago

I am pretty sure this will void your warranty and you might actually want to keep those for intact being early adopters.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

I am gonna upgrade my gpu..

1)remove xbox from table.
2)replace with ps4..

DatNJDom811638d ago



FamilyGuy1638d ago

What a horrible idea, the external HDD option will be ready soon enough.

Looking at this absolute hassle just makes me appreciate Sony allowing internal hard drive upgrades in an easy to do way.

Voiding your warranty for this on top of it being such a hassle is just ridiculous. All just to avoid using an external HDD or impatience waiting for that to be an option.
I understand why these modders would do it but I wouldn't suggest this to any regular person that just wants to play games.

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GribbleGrunger1639d ago

I wouldn't advise anyone to do this. You'll void your warranty, so it's much better to wait until you get external HDD support.

ToyboxDX1638d ago

I agreed, although seeing how MS overcharges their HDD, I won't be surprised if they only allow MS branded or licensed (read expensive) 3rd party drives only.

esemce1638d ago

AND risk getting your CONSOLE BANNED dont do it people.

ABizzel11639d ago

There's no point in installing a bigger HDD if externals become compatible and you can save to the external. If anything you want to install an SSD for increased speeds and save everything to an external which offer significantly more space and speed for a lower price.

ToyboxDX1638d ago

MS have yet to come clean on exactly how the XBone can work with an external HDD.

For all we know it could be below.

1. Only MS branded or 3rd party overpriced HDD allowed.
2. Can only store media contents, meaning games cannot be installed to it.

Just have to wait and see, although I won't be too optimistic given MS's past business practices.

BaconBits1638d ago

well you could install games on the 360 so why would they not allow it on the One(?). I am sure they will limit the size though like they did on 360.

PSX041639d ago

hackers is the real hero's here ..... welcome to the next Generation from Microsoft

Elit3Nick1639d ago

At least when external drive support comes in the future it will eliminate this problem. And it helps that you can bring said drive to a friend's house so you don't need to reinstall a game on his xbox.

WAR_MACHINE771638d ago

I really think you're going to be very disappointed with the external HDD option when it comes. First of all there is NO WAY they are going to let you install games to them. It would just make it way too simple to load roms. Second, even if they did let you install games the transfer speed through the usb would be too slow to run the game properly. I can't see an external being allowed for anything other than game saves, movies, music and what not.

Totoro171638d ago

Why the downvotes? It's completely true. I had to get a 1TB (from the standard 500gb) that the PS4 came with because the games are going to be HUGE and let's not forget that 100gb is reserved for system updates and such.

FamilyGuy1638d ago

It's not worth voiding your warranty over (in this, the X1s case). That why people are disagreeing. It's not a good idea and it's impractical.

The PS4 solution is much easier to do and it doesn't void the warranty.

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snake_eater1639d ago

They will probably start banning these consoles from xbox live if they detect different hard drives.

MajorAly1639d ago

One would be voiding their warranty anyway if they open up their console so if Microsoft bans them for a simple upgrade of their HDD then that would be an all time low as they are already giving up their warranty to get a basic feature that should've been included.

UnHoly_One1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Who are you to say it "should have been included"?? What is it with people nowadays that think they should just be able to make their own rules if those presented to them don't suit their needs??

Microsoft made this device, they choose what the consumer can and can't do with it, and it's up to you if you want to buy one based on those rules. The decision of how something works isn't yours to make.

If they want, for whatever reason, to ban anyone from using their service that has modified a console like this, it is totally within their rights.

The self entitlement nowadays just kills me... Some day you people need to grow up and realize you don't get to make your own rules for everything.

Sam Fisher1639d ago

@unholy one
I know that is your opinion, but you sound like a pure drone that lives day by day under rules not living like a human should be living, free. If you buy something with your blood, sweat and tears, you pretty much have your own say to it. The way you speak is as if you wouldve agreed with the drm and being monitored 24/7, i understand it is your opinion but seriously, to change a hdd?, why isnt that my own choice by now, why do i have to submit to what any company say?, its my borrowed promisary note that i worked hard to get, and i can use it how ever i like, freedom dude, live it. And for your info, you should be the one to grow up, youre the one who like to be watched over, told what to do, and stay under control, sounds to me like a little kid whos cant seem to let go of mommy or daddy.

hazardman1638d ago

@ sam fisher.

There is no such thing as living free. Nothing in this world is free. And just cause you work hard for something doesnt mean you have a say on how consumer products are made. You act as if your buying food or something.

Anyway, since i work very hard, i think im gonna call Xbox and ask for 1080p, 1tb hdd, and a nicer looking case, no kinect and throw in a side order of xbl.

Your right pimp!!

FragMnTagM1638d ago

All I gotta say is APPLE!

They are the kings of doing stupid shit like this.

A hundred to two hundred dollar difference for 16gb of storage GTFO!

Microsoft isn't that bad when you compare their device to other companies.

That said, I would have liked to have at least a TB HDD.

FamilyGuy1638d ago

I agree with MajorAly, it should have been included. MS has their system setup to install every game to the HDD, it never reads/plays games straight from the disc so the ability to upgrade the HDD should exist from day 1. Whether it be from internal or external the option should be there. These retail games are all in the 20 to 50 Gb range so it won't take long to fill that 400Gbs that's left anyway.

People are getting too use to the crappy Apple way of doing things. It's not "entitlement", it's called being consumer friendly.

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LoveSpuds1639d ago


broadly speaking I agree with you, people are simply way to over entitled these days, when you look back at the fuss over Mass Effect 3 for example.

This issue however, is silly. That hardrive is very small and the system should have been built to swap out the drive similar to how the PS4 has IMO.

dc11639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The people who complain were the people who invested considerable hours and money in the franchise as well as the promises of the developers.
These people are also the folks who help make the franchise a social footprint on the game market. They have a right to complain, protest and request. Consumers are never entitled.

Keep this in mind when bringing up ME in the future. Cheers :)

hazardman1638d ago

True that, but despite the small hdd i couldve sworn MS is gonna let you use external and dont forget that they also said the cloud would work for saves as well.

LoveSpuds1639d ago

I was one of those who invested in the characters and the franchise too and sure, the ending was underwhelming but that was what the developers decided to put out.

It was their creative vision, their product. Who the hell is the average Joe to DEMAND a rewrite and make all sorts of threats and go mental - it was a fucking game! So what if you didn't like the ending, do you know what, don't buy the next game if you were that upset.

The internet has just created more and more cry babies just waiting to be offended by the next sexist comment or inappropriate games content.

If the biggest worry in your life is the disappointing ending to a game then you need to share your secret, because there are tens of millions of people really suffering out there!

jerethdagryphon1639d ago

last time they had a bunch of securuuty sectors on the drive to stop it being switched out
im surprised they dont this time

stuna11639d ago

Incoming update! "Warning I've been tampered with!"

Grave1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"Report from Xbox One #123211 to Microsoft Warranty Department: 11/30/2013 9:51 a.m.; Owner put their fingers inside me."

AlexanderNevermind1639d ago

MS to consumer...Your X1 is now disabled and you are banned from X-live for one year..

LGM3131639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Just wait until your warranty expires, not everyone will fill it up in a year. But was a sad decision on not letting costumers upgrade the hard drives the easy way.

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