Letter from America: I love Forza 5 But absolutely hate its microstransactions

Jaz Rignall writes: "It's Thanksgiving out here this week, which means most Americans are taking a couple of days off to lounge around and relax in Boxing Day style. Except those foolish souls prepared to risk being shot, stabbed or trampled to save a buck or two in the depressingly awful spending frenzy that is Black Friday."

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1450d ago

I agree. Isn't Microsoft finally changing that around so fans don't have to deal with that crap?

allformats1450d ago

No, there not.

And one should never be suckered into buying a video game for $60 and then forced to spend sometimes $100 on a freaking virtual car!!!!!

For shame, Turn Ten and Microsoft. For freaking shame!!!

TomShoe1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Microsoft: Emptying your wallet: One Dime at a Time.

INMATEofARKHAM1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

Yes, MS is driving to everyone's house, putting a gun to their head, and tell them buy or die...

Please, look at what the word forced truly means...

SolidStoner1450d ago

they are kinda "forced"... you buy you play, you dont buy you dont play... it is some kind of force I tell ya!!!

stiggs1450d ago

Microsoft is "forcing" you to spend money via microtransctions?

Please explain to me how they are making you do something against your will.

Sayai jin1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

@allformats- you agree that any company that charges for micro-t's should be a shame, right?

On topic, Unfortunately as long as people pay the micro-t's then more and more companies will be tempted to try it.

What's next?....a fee for demos? smh

NukaCola1450d ago

Every Xbone game has microtransactions.

Yi-Long1450d ago

Micro-Transactions/DLC-milking is why I didn't buy Forza 3 full-price, but waited for a complete edition (which is awesome).

It's why I didn't buy Forza 4.

It's why I didn't buy Forza Horizons.

It's why I won't buy ANY game, regardless of system, which is offering an incomplete experience for a full price.

I think Forza is a tremendous game. It's a shame how they're exploiting the loyal fanbase by milking them dry for content that should have just been included from the get-go. And I won't support it.

This greed will turn against them. And not just them. Other devs/publishers do it as well, and gamers are catching on and more and more will they refuse to buy such games, at launch, for full price. Unless free DLC/support is stated.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

GT6 is doing it also it's not just Forza 5. Just wait they'll all try to get by with this shit until they hear the fans demand change! No matter how micro transactions are used they need to not exist in console games.

PoSTedUP1450d ago

if GT6 lowers their car count, # of tracks and makes cars harder and more expensive to obtain to milk gamers with microtransactions like forza just did, there will be hell to pay. i respect PD; they better not implament them like turn10 did. i dont really mind microtransactions That Much, just as long as the game is untouched and just an option. still kinda sucks for online racing (unless they discriminate against it for online).

MightyNoX1450d ago

What made you think that? Harrison and Spencer all but gave the middle finger to people who hated Microtransaction in a recent interview.

Did you forget Ryse's Microtransactions? This is their business strategy.

otherZinc1450d ago

This is a non story!

You can EARN everything in the GAME without SPENDING ONE PENNY!

For the LAZY, you "CAN" buy them with real money.

Stupid people.

Roccetarius1450d ago

In my opinion, the fact that you can pay to unlock diminishes the value of the game.

from the beach1450d ago

Why let it bother you? I think 'super guide' features demean games but I accept that there are people out there who find it useful.

Let them get on with it and enjoy the game how you want to play it.

UnHoly_One1450d ago

Yes, unfortunately, this is becoming all too popular. EA started it years ago with the ability to buy stuff for Need for Speed that you would unlock just by playing.

Now a ton of games do it, in one form or another.

I'm fairly certain Assassin's Creed 4 has DLC that unlocks multiplayer perks for you right away.

Gamer19821450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

"In my opinion, the fact that you can pay to unlock diminishes the value of the game. " I'm sorry what?? Then where have you been for the last 10 years? Game shave been doing this for as long as that with "time-savers" packs. Thats basically what these are but a bit more obvious and because games like Forza are a lot bigger work differnt than a game like need for speed it wont just give you every car for a small price plus it wouldnt be a good idea since there are over 1200 cars in GT6 and 200 in Forza 5.

Though I think theres a place for timesavers packs there is none for stuff like in game money. Keep that stuff for your F2P games.

T21450d ago

454 hours, that is the latest estimate... And that's for a good player. so while your statement is factual it's still b.s. same as any phone game, you can do it legit but it's not really worth it

SegaGamer1449d ago

The people that disagree with you don't seem to understand that.

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BG115791450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

This is DLC thing is going to far. Players or clients or casuals, MS, NINTENDO, PC or SONY, we should not abide this kind of practice. If people buy them, they will continue doing this.
Do yourself a favor, Do a favor to the community, simply don't support DLC.

Sayai jin1450d ago

You know, you bring up a good point. I think that DLC was the springboard for micro-t's. Some companies will squeeze a dime out of a penny.

nosferatuzodd1450d ago

They don't called them microshaft for nothing

strigoi8141450d ago

letter from Microsoft: deal with it child, and we are still learning from it

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