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Letter from America: I love Forza 5 But absolutely hate its microstransactions

Jaz Rignall writes: "It's Thanksgiving out here this week, which means most Americans are taking a couple of days off to lounge around and relax in Boxing Day style. Except those foolish souls prepared to risk being shot, stabbed or trampled to save a buck or two in the depressingly awful spending frenzy that is Black Friday." (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   543d ago
I agree. Isn't Microsoft finally changing that around so fans don't have to deal with that crap?
allformats  +   543d ago
No, there not.

And one should never be suckered into buying a video game for $60 and then forced to spend sometimes $100 on a freaking virtual car!!!!!

For shame, Turn Ten and Microsoft. For freaking shame!!!
TomShoe  +   543d ago
Microsoft: Emptying your wallet: One Dime at a Time.
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INMATEofARKHAM  +   543d ago
Yes, MS is driving to everyone's house, putting a gun to their head, and tell them buy or die...

Please, look at what the word forced truly means...
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SolidStoner  +   543d ago
they are kinda "forced"... you buy you play, you dont buy you dont play... it is some kind of force I tell ya!!!
stiggs  +   543d ago
Microsoft is "forcing" you to spend money via microtransctions?

Please explain to me how they are making you do something against your will.
Sayai jin  +   543d ago
@allformats- you agree that any company that charges for micro-t's should be a shame, right?

On topic, Unfortunately as long as people pay the micro-t's then more and more companies will be tempted to try it.

What's next?....a fee for demos? smh
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NukaCola  +   543d ago
Every Xbone game has microtransactions.
Yi-Long  +   543d ago
Micro-Transactions/DLC-milking is why I didn't buy Forza 3 full-price, but waited for a complete edition (which is awesome).

It's why I didn't buy Forza 4.

It's why I didn't buy Forza Horizons.

It's why I won't buy ANY game, regardless of system, which is offering an incomplete experience for a full price.

I think Forza is a tremendous game. It's a shame how they're exploiting the loyal fanbase by milking them dry for content that should have just been included from the get-go. And I won't support it.

This greed will turn against them. And not just them. Other devs/publishers do it as well, and gamers are catching on and more and more will they refuse to buy such games, at launch, for full price. Unless free DLC/support is stated.
The_Infected  +   543d ago
GT6 is doing it also it's not just Forza 5. Just wait they'll all try to get by with this shit until they hear the fans demand change! No matter how micro transactions are used they need to not exist in console games.

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PoSTedUP  +   543d ago
if GT6 lowers their car count, # of tracks and makes cars harder and more expensive to obtain to milk gamers with microtransactions like forza just did, there will be hell to pay. i respect PD; they better not implament them like turn10 did. i dont really mind microtransactions That Much, just as long as the game is untouched and just an option. still kinda sucks for online racing (unless they discriminate against it for online).
MightyNoX  +   543d ago
What made you think that? Harrison and Spencer all but gave the middle finger to people who hated Microtransaction in a recent interview.

Did you forget Ryse's Microtransactions? This is their business strategy.
otherZinc  +   543d ago
This is a non story!

You can EARN everything in the GAME without SPENDING ONE PENNY!

For the LAZY, you "CAN" buy them with real money.

Stupid people.
Roccetarius  +   543d ago
In my opinion, the fact that you can pay to unlock diminishes the value of the game.
from the beach  +   543d ago
Why let it bother you? I think 'super guide' features demean games but I accept that there are people out there who find it useful.

Let them get on with it and enjoy the game how you want to play it.
UnHoly_One  +   543d ago
Yes, unfortunately, this is becoming all too popular. EA started it years ago with the ability to buy stuff for Need for Speed that you would unlock just by playing.

Now a ton of games do it, in one form or another.

I'm fairly certain Assassin's Creed 4 has DLC that unlocks multiplayer perks for you right away.
Gamer1982  +   543d ago
"In my opinion, the fact that you can pay to unlock diminishes the value of the game. " I'm sorry what?? Then where have you been for the last 10 years? Game shave been doing this for as long as that with "time-savers" packs. Thats basically what these are but a bit more obvious and because games like Forza are a lot bigger work differnt than a game like need for speed it wont just give you every car for a small price plus it wouldnt be a good idea since there are over 1200 cars in GT6 and 200 in Forza 5.

Though I think theres a place for timesavers packs there is none for stuff like in game money. Keep that stuff for your F2P games.
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T2  +   543d ago
454 hours, that is the latest estimate... And that's for a good player. so while your statement is factual it's still b.s. same as any phone game, you can do it legit but it's not really worth it
SegaGamer  +   543d ago
The people that disagree with you don't seem to understand that.
BG11579  +   543d ago
This is DLC thing is going to far. Players or clients or casuals, MS, NINTENDO, PC or SONY, we should not abide this kind of practice. If people buy them, they will continue doing this.
Do yourself a favor, Do a favor to the community, simply don't support DLC.
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Sayai jin  +   543d ago
You know, you bring up a good point. I think that DLC was the springboard for micro-t's. Some companies will squeeze a dime out of a penny.
nosferatuzodd  +   543d ago
They don't called them microshaft for nothing
from the beach  +   543d ago
Choice is bad!
strigoi814  +   543d ago
letter from Microsoft: deal with it child, and we are still learning from it
Sm00thNinja  +   543d ago
This is a non issue. Everything can be earned by the usual grindfesting. Sony fans will blow this to 500 degrees at least though. So insecure
curtis92  +   543d ago
Don't pin this all on sony fans. This isn't a console war issue. And with many games, yes, you can earn everything without spending more money on microtransactions but you can also bet they put in a LOT more grinding though. Also, bringing up insecurity? Hmm...
Gamer1982  +   543d ago
Nothing to do with Sony vs MS here with game like GT6 having micro transactions too. So take your fanboy head out your backside and grow up.
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Somebody  +   543d ago

You want to do that with every game that comes after another?

I've played the Tomb Raider reboot and currently Far Cry 3 and both games have some sort of grinding(gathering material and hunting) but they are nicely balanced as to not be such a chore. Next gen arrive and suddenly you have to grindfest in every game?
Grave  +   543d ago
Dude is right about the Steam Sale though. My wallet got raped.
fendernow  +   543d ago
Yay. Another whiney Eurogamer article whining about the things that doesn't affect gameplay, graphics, audio or controls.

People can 'choose' whether or not to get these micro transactions. I am not a low waged unskilled employee working overtime at Wal Mart living on Jackson St & 5th paying $500 a month rent. I can actually 'afford' these features but choose not to. It pays to be smart with money, a note for Eurogamer they can jot down in their notebook.
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Roccetarius  +   543d ago
And that's where you're wrong. If this continues (and it did) games are being made with this in mind. That means the players not purchasing, will be the ones getting the wrong end of the shaft.
Gamer666  +   543d ago
Dear Gamers:

Companies expect a specific percentage return on investment to continue to want to put money into creating great games for you. If you don't give us that, we will invest our money elsewhere and all you will end up with is a bunch of very low budget games.

Since you don't want to give us any money through piracy, used, and rental game markets we who put up the real cash to make great games are going to nickel and dime you with micro-transactions.
Hicken  +   543d ago
BS. Biggest BS I've read all week, and that's seriously saying something.

I don't give a damn what companies "expect." As a gamer, I expect a full experience. You repeating a bunch of PR nonsense about how they're "losing" money means nothing. They EARN my money; they have no right to it.

So if it's piracy or used games or rental(and they actually still make money off these last two; it helps when you're actually informed on a subject before you talk about it) that II chose to go with rather than buying new, that should be a sign to these companies that they failed to make me WANT to spend money with them.

Also "great games" isn't the automatic assumption it used to be. These companies take big bucks and put out crap, then act like victims when they don't sell well.

I certainly hope you don't subscribe to the mentality put forth in your "letter."
from the beach  +   543d ago
So you haven't been reading your own posts this week then?

The games at the center of this manufactured controversy ARE giving players the 'full experience', as well as giving those who are willing to pay cash the chance to unlock stuff quicker.

Sick of seeing loudmouthed busybodies trying to 'save videogaming' or whatever by telling everyone else what they can or can't do.
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Gamer666  +   543d ago
I invest my hard earned money into the stock markets and retirement plans...

As an investor, I never invest in gaming related companies because they are high risk and I don't see the long term returns I can get in other industries.

If you think that is BS you obviously know absolutely nothing about the investment industry. You call it PR, no... It is investment 101.
MadMen  +   543d ago
Micro-transactions, the world we live in.

Unfortunately. Business pass it off as well we invest so much, yet they act as if they weren't successful and making hand over fist BEFORE they started doing micro-transactions.

Any reason to go up on price, and yes it is a version of going up on price just indirectly doing it so you dont feel like you pay it right off the bat, they call it "options" or DLC, its all crap.
ShowGun901  +   543d ago
its not so much that you can pay for stuff thats bad, its that they will artifically make it almost impossible to obtain it any other way, and then say you had a "choice"

EXAMPLE: let's say when they built forza 5, they intended you to work around 3hrs to obtain a new car... whats to stop them from doubling that and saying, "buying the content is completly optional!"? what stops them from tripling the time to unlocking a new car fairly? when is it an outrage to some people? 12X longer?

also, the prices are rediculous! lets say there are 60 cars in the game, which cost $60... i'd be fine if each car was $1 to buy. but one of the cars is $60! you'd have to spend HUNDREDS to get the cars you want, and thats just a cash-grab at that point.

its not aimed at us, its aimed at a kid who can get ahold of a credit card number. someone dumb enough to be tricked that easily. i never buy this stuff, and neither should you.

boo MS. boooooooooo

GoPanthers999  +   543d ago
The DLC ingame is crap. KI maybe does it right, a bare bones game, free to play and all content is add-on. Buying a game and finding out that virtually everything is a micro-transaction (thinking NBA 2K14 here) is pure crap. iPad games are free and extra content costs $, that is the ethical model. The current Next Gen approach is wrong!

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