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Submitted by Plate 728d ago | article

What IS THE Best VideoGame Of All Time For Any Console? Super Mario? Snatcher? Crash? Halo?

Many great games have come and gone,but what is THE greatest game of all time. In basketball there are many great players, but only one sticks out as the greatest. Michael Jordan. Share what you guys think is the MJ of video games. (3DS, Android, Culture, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Mobile, Nintendo, PC, PS Vita, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Sega, Sony, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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fendernow  +   728d ago
Super Mario 3 was a good game. Crash was so-so. The BEST game of all time is Halo and Forza. Halo was the first game to bring a movie scifi experience into a game. What a great storyline.

Forza might be tied or a close second. It reinvented the way racers should be to the point where Gran Turismo had to copy some of Forza's elements and change their ways.
pedrof93  +   728d ago
Said no one ever.

" GT5 copied elements from Forza "

GT destroy forza in sales.

I would say that Jak and Daxter trilogy my all time favorite.
fendernow  +   728d ago
1. Evidence?
2. Even if something sells well doesn't mean its good. Britney Spears has sold a ton of records, I guess she is one of the greatest singers of all times.

Ask anyone with half a brain, Forza>GT series for a ton of reasons. At least you didn't argue about Halo so that was at least smart.
NukaCola  +   728d ago
The best games I have ever played were Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus for the PS1. It's still mt favorite title series and the first truly perfect game I have personally played.

Lay off the elitist additude.
Plate  +   728d ago
How could I ever forget about Jak and Daxter! These games were ahead of their time when they released. Can't wait for the PS4 version of this game.
DarthZoolu  +   728d ago
I someone askes you what the best game ever is and you bring up sales, you are not qualified to answer that question. All time best for me is between Fallout2 and Skyrim for single player. Halo2 or Battlefield3 for multiplayer. There is no right or wrong answer because its an opinion question. If some asks what your favorite song is and you say Katy Perry has the most album sales this year, you are a mindless drone for not having the ability to form your own opinion, GTFO.
Cuzzo63  +   728d ago
Well im gonna have to disagree also. Forza is not the GOAT racer. Lol. Not by along shot.

Here are mines for possible GOAT.
ZELDA seriee
MARIO series
Halo CE
Golden Eye n64
Donkey Kong country 2 snes
Grand Turismo 2 or 3 ps2
Resident Evil 2
The real DMC and DMC3... awesomeness

Maybe more driving right now
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XB1_PS4  +   728d ago
@ fendernow - Just out of morbid curiosity, what exactly did GT copy from Forza?

On topic - The "best videogame of all time" will always be a matter of personal preference. What is the best movie of all time? Blade Runner? Gladiator? Titanic? Star Wars? Singin' in the Rain? If you ask 10 different people, you're likely to get 10 different answers. It's the same with games.

Heck, I can't even decide which one is my favorite game of all time... I have a soft spot for Shadow of the Colossus, but that applies to Shenmue as well.
gaffyh  +   728d ago
I hate to admit it, but this goes to one of the side-scrolling marios. Not that I hate those games, I'm just not a huge fan of them any more, but they are incredibly accessible. Accessible enough for more people to like them.

My personal favourite is probable MGS1, or Maybe Soul Reaver.
mikeslemonade  +   728d ago
It's hard to say which game is the greatest of all time, but it's actually pretty easy to figure out which game is the best for each system. I guess if you lump in the greatest game for each system then it could be simplified to which is the best game of all time. There's just too much criteria to judge.

You guys know that I like to pick sides. But this is one is a little different. It's really hard to look at things objectively and then also look at every criteria possible. From sales, graphics, influence, gameplay, controls, narrative, physics, longevity etc. The hardest criteria to judge is the longevity of the game and how the game holds up over time. How can you really say FF7 or Ocarina of Time were better games than something like a COD4. I know some of you fanatics would say Ocarina or FF7 easy, but looking at it objectively it's not that simple.

There's just no Michael Jordan of video games. Video games are like the NFL. You have all those great QBs and then you have the great players on the other positions like Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders, Lawrence Taylor, and Jim Brown.

And I must say and I've said this before, but COD4 is the best last generation when you look at all facets and criteria. Overall it's just the best game when you at sales, graphics, how it influenced this generation, gameplay, online gameplay, and how it basically made Halo forgettable.
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DragonKnight  +   728d ago
@fendernow: Forza wishes it were as good as Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo is Playstation's highest selling franchise selling over 70 million total units since 1997.

Forza series isn't even close, selling 10 million copies since 2005.

Interesting to note that Gran Turismo has been around for 16 years and is only on its 6th game whereas Forza has been out for 8 years and is on its 5th. I think we know which of the two is better.

But onto the topic of the story, this is an impossible question to answer given that there are too many variables to consider. Nostalgia, timing, subjective opinions. There is no greatest game of all time, only "currently the greatest game I've ever played" and that would be hard for people to narrow down.
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Larry L  +   728d ago
My list of greatesr games of all time are as follows.......

Super Mario Bros. 3
Zelda: A Link to the Past
Super Street Fighter 2 (though I must say 4 may be better)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!!
The TMNT Arcade Games series and it's home ports
Final Fantasy (basically 1-10.....pick your favorites. Mine are 1,6,7,9 and 10)
Gran Turismo series

And speaking of SOCOM, I don't know if my memory is better or worse than eveyone else's, but I always read and hear people giving Halo all this credit for revolutionizing and setting the standard for online features and communities not only for future games but also for consoles as a whole. Well I seem to recall SOCOM doing it not only first, but better. I just HATE revisionist history, and it seems like ALL gamers give HALO the credit for what SOCOM did first and better.
trywizardo  +   728d ago
COD sells better than BF is that make it better ?!?!
beside he is right in the halo part the forza and GT part it doesn't matter to me sim racing is boring but you're way of defending games should be better than "it sells more"
anyhow i think halo is the best one :)
Mainsqueeze  +   728d ago
Dude "it sells more" only works for Sony fanboys when they are defending their exclusives, don't you know that? On topic This is a super hard choice. I loved Morrowind, Ocarina of Time, and Dark Cloud 1 and 2 for the ps2 give me amazing trips down nostalgia lane. I also like alot of new games too like Dark Souls and Bioshock 1. Plus Halo 2 is my favorite mp games of all time easily. Tough decision right there.
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schlanz  +   728d ago
I've had the Jak and Daxter trilogy unopened on my shelf for sooo long now. Backlogs are such a chore..

anyway my favorite games, I pretty much can sum them up as the games I've invested the most time in.

Diablo 2, and Super Smash Bros Melee. Two games that I played for years and years, never really became bored of, and became a veritable God in.

I had to quit D2 multiple times, because I grew uncomfortable with the addiction to it, and I only stopped playing SSBM because I didn't have friends to play with anymore after graduating from college...
mikeslemonade  +   727d ago
I love Socom 2. One of my all time favorite games. And I don't like Halo at all, but you have to give credit where it is due. The community of the game and customization was just better in the general consensus.

And COD4 is better than Battlfield. It sold better and did other things better. I hate how people hate COD because it's a mainstream game and don't give credit for COD4. You're an elitist if you don't think COD4 is one of the greatest games ever made.

Right BF and COD are both shit. Stop saying BF is that good. I'm still waiting for a true next-gen shooter.
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Xer0_SiN  +   728d ago
ho shit he said snatcher. snatcher! man that brings me back; sega cd baby!
Plate  +   728d ago
Snatcher is THE Best in my most humble opinion. What a classic.
StraightPath  +   728d ago
To be honest saying there is one game of all time is pretty stupid. Why there has been dozens of games spanning different generations and genres.

There simply can not be one game that supersedes all. I think it is more sensible to say the best game in its genre rather then spanning every single genre and saying that is the best game of all time.

I for one have several games that I think were awesome spanning different generations. With many amazing games that came and revolutionised the industry and brought something new it is difficult to just choose one game.
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fendernow  +   728d ago
I will give you some different games that are the best of all time in different eras.

Halo 4

and soon to be Titanfall. Mark my word.
Do they all have something in common a troll might ask? Yes they do.
They are great.

I see some Nintendo games but let's face it, we are all adults here.
Nintendo was fun when you were 6 years old or if you want to play games with your 8 year old nephew and don't want to babysit.

SEGA? LOL. Sega CD. Fail. Sega Saturn. Fail.
Sega Dreamcast. Fail.
Genesis? Ugly color palette games don't suit me well.

Sony? Metal Gear was a bore, more watching than playing.
Their platformers were copycat of Crash Bandicoot.
Though I will say Pa Rappa The Rapper was fun and Jumping Jack Flash.
Fun, not great. There is a difference.

Case closed. End of discussion. And before trolls start giving me disagrees, please back up your attacks with facts, not opinions.
cpayne93  +   728d ago
"Case closed. End of discussion. And before trolls start giving me disagrees, please back up your attacks with facts, not opinions."

Uh, are you retarded? Your whole comment is an opinion. And if someone disagrees with your opinion, that doesn't make them a troll.

Personally, though I can see halo 1 or 2 being argued, I can't even fathom how someone could view halo 4 and forza as being among the best games of all time. But whatever.
SpideySpeakz  +   728d ago
fendernow is a salty fanboy with controlling and self-esteem issues. Ain't no way in HELL Halo is the best video game series of all time.
But you know fanboys, they all have a tribal mind, drinking their own kool-aid, and denying reality every chance they get.
Cuzzo63  +   728d ago
Lmao you have got to be the most biased gaymer ever. Im pro sony but I do kno what a great game is. And im an adult also and I have the balls to say the mario series is GOAT worthy. Zelda is GOAT worthy. The first Halo is GOAT worthy. What you fail to realize is that these games changed the game for its time. Halo CE yes. Halo 4? Hell no. What did it do for the game industry. Nothing.

Mario bros 3. Super Mario World. Mario 64. Game changers
A link to the Past. Ocarina of Time. Game changers
Donkey kong country 1 and 2. Game changers
MetalGear series. Game changer
Gran Turismo. Game changer
Super Metroid. Game changer
Even TLOU. Game changer...
Hell Sonic the Hedgehog. Game changer

What did Forza do that GT didnt do already. Forza still doesn't have weather or night racing. Lmao

What did Halo 4 do that Halo 1 or 2 didnt do. Nothing. Hell do you rember Goldeneye lol. That game alone changed FPS genre.

Titanfall added mechs to a FPS..... Holy shnizit. Gtfo of here

These are my reasons these games are GOAT worthy. Not only were they the best in their time, but they meant something to the gamimg community.

Ooops you have no bubbs. Stop being a fangirl and accept it for what it is....
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Cuzzo63  +   728d ago
And to add more flames to my post. COD4 over Halo. Goldeneye over COD4. Did you ever play StarFox. Doom. Mr. Fender(slow) you are wrong in every way
nypifisel  +   728d ago
Oh my god. Gran Turismo is the mos revered driving game in the whole industry, stop trolling. And even though I bought my Original Xbox for Halo in no way would I call it the best.

I'm disappoint, the obvious answer is: Super Mario 64. Now that was revolutionary in every meaning of the word and just a great game.

Runner ups for me:

Mass Effect 2
The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind
NeoTribe  +   728d ago
Sorry but doom, duke nukem 3d and goldeneye made more of an impact than halo ever did. Forza??? Nobody cares about forza lol. Especially the new one, which is horrible. Last of us and uncharted destroys everything you mentioned.
MysticStrummer  +   728d ago
"Ask anyone with half a brain…"

Opinions aren't facts no matter how big a person's brain is.

OT - I'll go with Demon's Souls. The feeling I had playing through that for the first time was like no other game before or since, though Dark Souls was obviously very close.
DragonKnight  +   728d ago
Demon's Souls! Yes. That game was definitely a game changer no doubt. And I also prefer it to Dark Souls as well, but in small ways that take nothing away from Dark Souls.
JasonKCK  +   728d ago
I would have to say Pong simply because that's what started it all.
mobijoker  +   728d ago
Forza-Halo best video game ever???....
Halo first game to bring movie scifi in game???..sarcasm right!!!Ever heard of Deus Ex???.......And saying a racing game is Best ever is a joke...Racing genre has remained least evolved of all genres...Just some new cars and up to date graphics and minor tweaks here and major change there....

If one game I have to choose I would go for Zelda:Ocarina of Time...but Half Life should be a close second....And Doom for bringing brutality which is now known as actions in game.....
frostypants  +   728d ago
Super Mario Bros. The first one. The others were great, but no one who wasn't there can ever understand the awesomeness of that game for its time. The sheer number of hours people poured into it (for years) was insane.

As for modern times, Demon's Souls. That game...holy sh*t. Dark Souls couldn't match the atmosphere.

I'll give an honorary mention to Combat. It was as fun as old-school pre-NES games could get.
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DragonKnight  +   728d ago
Solid choices frostypants. I concur.
mochachino  +   728d ago

Halo and Forza??? Wow. Someone started playing games at xbox, only played xbox and is too much of an MS fanboy to have an open minded opinion.
Indo  +   728d ago
Super Mario: Yoshi's Island
Magicite  +   728d ago
Chrono Cross is the best game of all times (in my oppinion).
awi5951  +   728d ago
halo saved the xbox everyone thought it was a joke halo Ce was the game that said holy crap xbox was for real. Every college dorm had 16 player halo lan parties and it was so damn awesome. I miss those days halo 2 dumbed it down so much that my friends never wanted to play again the damage model was like todays call of duty games but bungie just had to be dicks and chase the money of casual noobs. Thats when i changed over to ghost recon and rainbow six and had a blast playing last man standing and only having one life that was damn great.
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Azrabain  +   728d ago
My all time favorite game is an easy choice and it is no other then the greatest game ever made SUPER MARIO 64 for the N64, or I like to call it the Ultra 64! This game blew me away on day one and still does today. Its amazing and to me is worth having a Nintendo 64 alone for. Just so happens that the second greatest game ever would be also on the N64 Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The Nintendo 64 stands in my opinion as the greatest games console of all time and was the last console to use game cartridges so zero loading times and the greatest 4 player multiplayer with friends and family. This system was the first to have analog control with its awesome controller and first to have rumble feedback to make the games more immersive just amazing for its time and has proven itself agaist time! No DLC, no game patches to download, no game installs or waiting at all just gaming bliss! LONG LIVE N64!!!

Other notable AAA games on the N64:

Goldeneye 007
Killer Instinct Gold
Donkey Kong 64
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Kart 64

Boy I wish Nintendo would have bought Rare back in the day they would have been up there with Nintendo's best in house game developers. microshiit destoyed them in the name of goddambed money!
DarthZoolu  +   728d ago
FlyingFoxy  +   728d ago
Sorry but Halo is most definitely not the best, or anywhere near as matter of fact.

I find Halo very overrated, i played PC games back at the time before Xbox released and the first game didn't do much for me at all. It didn't look that great either, i actually found it somewhat boring. I had way much more fun playing some other FPS games online on my PC.

But in another opinion i thought Crash bandicoot was pretty enjoyable, so i agree with the majority on that one.
Truth  +   728d ago
@fendernow Hahahahahahaaaaaa... Halo and Forza... wait you're serious? Might want to have yourself checked in bro.
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PRODUCT_OF_NYC  +   728d ago
@fendernow - Look at all those disagrees you racked up.

My personal favorites of all-time are just my opinions, not facts or the general consensus. When you consider the fact that the original Super Mario Bros. on the NES/Famicon brought back the video game industry from the Video Game Crash of 1983 and the reason why we all still game today, shouldn't that count for strong consideration? All-Time means all generations, not just last gen or Xbox 360. Do you honestly think Halo, Forza, and every other game post 1983 in console history would exist today if it weren't for Nintendo?

The best or closest way to determine the "All-Time Best" video game would be to have a general consensus poll or vote by reputable game sites with reputable critics that have knowledge of video game history and play games themselves. For example, websites like Metacritic, that aggregates reviews of music albums, games, movies, TV shows, DVDs, and formerly, books into 1 convenient score or metascore. Metacritic converts each critic review into a percentage which then equates to any number from 0 to 100. This site factors critic scores from IGN,GameSpot, GameTrailers, etc. It even has user scores next to the critic scores and you can check out every critic or website that influenced the final metascore. On the Metacritic website try clicking Games -> High Scores -> All -> All Time. To see what results you get.

Another (more tedious) way would be to google "Best or Greatest Video Game of All Time" and count which game appeared at the number one spots most often. Regardless of whether you agree with what you find or not these are the closest and most objective ways to reaching a consensus.

Consensus may be defined professionally as an acceptable resolution, one that can be supported, even if not the "favourite" of each individual.

adjective: objective
(of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts. Free of bias.
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tagan8tr  +   728d ago
@darthzoolu first Off Fendernow is a troll he couldn't just say he liked Forza he had to rip GT, second pedro93 was just returning the troll sentiment. If your gunna go after one go after the other.
MusicSurfer  +   728d ago
This is a difficult question to answer because each generation brought on a boon of oohs and awes that made you a gamer believer all over again.

PS1 --- Warhawk.
PS2 -- GTA
PS3 -- Drakes and Resistance FOM.
XBOX 360 Halo, Kameo
PS4 - For me -- KZ - Love it. Knack is fun as well
Xbox one - dont have it but friend has it - Dead Rising is a blast.

** Again, it depends on what generation. Each has its on WOW... Experience
Livingon600  +   728d ago
Panzer Dragoon Saga and Virtua Fighter 2. I can still pop in my Sega Saturn and still enjoy these games as of now.
NatureOfLogic  +   728d ago
Zelda, Pick one.
Plate  +   728d ago
Zelda is another great game. Still can remember as a kid sitting down to play the game for the first time on NES.
NukaCola  +   728d ago

Even ???
cpayne93  +   728d ago
I would argue that Zelda is the best video game series ever made. Never played a series where two games in it could feel so similar but so entirely different at the same time.
frostypants  +   728d ago
Zelda 2 was an abortion.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   728d ago
No, Faces of Evil and Zelda's Adventure were abortions.
Zelda 2 was the first foray of the series into a truly RPG-like experience, and it also marked the first instance of the series becoming unfairly difficult at certain points.
cpayne93  +   728d ago
Zelda 2 was a great game that was hated because it strayed away from the formula put in place by the original. It may rank low on the list of zelda games, but its still a great game.
SavageKuma  +   728d ago
I would have to say the games that pushed the imagination. That means I am going towards the platformers Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Spyro, Crash, Sonic and Mario. All great titles in m opinion.
Maldread  +   728d ago
MGS1 and FF7 for me.

I`ve never played any games that`s so mindblowingly great as those, but i could never choose which one`s the best.

MGS1 was a new standard for how mature videogames had gotten in terms of telling a fantastic and movie like story. Snake is truely one of the coolest and most badass characters around, and facing a huge cast of extremely awesome bosses to beat as well. I remember being blown out of my mind when battling Psycho Mantis. Changing controller ports indeed :)

The story itself being a new standard for videogames, with it`s many twists and turns. More human like AI and making you think about if you was truely just a killing machine, was unlike anything i had played at the time.

And the music. Ohh the music. Main theme and The best is yet to come. Let me say no more :)

FF7 fantastic visuals in the opening scene is just a beginning of a long and epic journey ahead. And a game i think every PS3-fan was hoping of getting to play again on PS3.

The reason for it is simple. A deep and suspenseful mystery story from beginning to end with a unprecendented level of variation and fun in it, that many modern RPG`s isn`t anywhere near of achieving.

Just spending time (and gil) at Gold Saucer, breathing Chocobos, or finding all the secret stuff, is almost a game in itself.

Everything from the music to the materia system is just pure win in FF7 :)

Not sure if i want a remake with the state SE is in now, but everyone should play FF7 at some point in their lives to see the magic for themselves ;)
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king_george  +   728d ago
Would have to say mario. Just cant think of anyone as big as him (thats what she said)
Goku781  +   728d ago
Devil May Cry started the action craze on PS. But FInal Fantasy changed everything.
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spoonard  +   728d ago
Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Best games ever!!!
Dreassic  +   728d ago
Super Metroid, by FAR.
wenaldy  +   728d ago
DragonKnight  +   728d ago
Damn, another great choice.
Rask  +   728d ago
Halo Combat Evolved is the best game of all time, hands down.
frostypants  +   728d ago
Pssh. As I said in another thread, it has floaty controls and weapons from the Unreal Tournament trash bin. Most overrated series ever.
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awi5951  +   728d ago
unreal 2004 was epic as crap. Capture the flag matches where you had to scale large towers then jump way the crap down to capture the flag. Flag points where you had to dive under the water to capture the flag or enter the enemy base, flag points where you had to jump over to a moving vehicle to get to the flag point.

Hoard mode was created there first in UT 2004 it was called invasion mode back then. Playing team death match in a little kids room and your the size of a mouse. All of the custom maps made that you auto downloaded when you entered a room.
FlyingFoxy  +   728d ago
I don't get the fuss about it, i was playing Soldier of Fortune 2 online multiplayer on my PC in 2002 and i got an Xbox around that time or 2003, i can't have played more than a total of 3-4 hours of the first Halo and never played it again. It just didn't interest me and it got boring. Definitely not as fun and frantic as some PC games i played at the time.

I was kinda let down by it until i played MGS2 i had in the bundle, and i enjoyed that game a lot more than Halo too.

But imo SOF2 online = extreme fun, way more than Halo back at that time.
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MONKEYDLUFFY  +   728d ago
OOT no contest
thehobbyist  +   728d ago
Oh yes with the owl that tricks you into replaying the whole conversation and sideways movement being faster than forward movement. Oh and let's not forget that water temple. Truly a masterpiece if I've ever seen one.
Whxian  +   728d ago
FF series 10 and below, if had to pick one out of them i'd pick FF8.
iceman1346  +   728d ago
uncharted for me
Hellsvacancy  +   728d ago
My all time favourite game is still Populous The Beginning, LOVE that game (I first played it on PS1, took a bit of getting used to)
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bnaked  +   728d ago
My three choices:

Half Life 2
Secret of Mana
Super Metroid
frostypants  +   728d ago
My only issue with Secret of Mana was you could just cast the time-freeze spell and spam magic attacks on every boss. Otherwise, AMAZING game.
KakashiHotake  +   728d ago
I guess it would have to be the original Super Mario Bros. that's been everyone's favorite game at some point in their life. Even now it's still playable and just as addictive.
XXXL  +   728d ago
Chrono trigger, RDR, Bioshock, a link to the past. Damn I can't pick just one. All brought amazing gameplay, graphics, storytelling and everything was perfectly balanced.
AceBlazer13  +   728d ago
Pokemon Leafgreen-Ruby, name anyone who hasn't invested countless hours in one of those games, that's when you know a game is great.
SaveFerris  +   728d ago
Space Invaders or Pong
fattyuk  +   728d ago
Fallout 3
thehobbyist  +   728d ago
You're only saying that because it has Liam Neeson.
sephiroth420  +   728d ago
TETRIS!!! who can forget those lovely elegant blocks floating down the screen to make a full line across, good times :D, personally final fantasy 8 and 9 were my favourite
kenna999  +   728d ago
Streets of rage
lonelyplayer  +   728d ago
Dark/demons souls.
Mario 3/world/Galaxy 2
Final fantasy vii/i
link2Dpast  +   728d ago
Super Mario world snes. Had a little bit of every mario, including 3 which was incredible, came as a launch game for the snes as well, o and yoshi and koopa siblins. And considering the snes had a near perfect software library and this game was still relevant now and then says a lot
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breakpad  +   728d ago
i would put 2 capcom games ..-Resident Evil 1(only the first)and -Monster Hunter ..they are games that combine a lot of game genres successfully and some of the best best controls (for what they do always)ever...also Halo :Combat Evolved (only the original no the remake)
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   728d ago
Although I love monster hunter, it's a niche game
Overlookd  +   728d ago
My favourites were Ratchet Gladiator, Tekken 5, original super Mario bro's, Gran Turismo 4, Devil May Cry 3, Burnout Revenge, FIFA and uncharted 2. So many great games I can't possibly pick just 1.
wakeupcall4  +   728d ago
Here's mine

Super Smash Bros. N64

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars KOTOR
etownone  +   728d ago
Best video game of all time for a console?

Halo..... It's the only reason there still is an xbox. It's the reason many people bought a 360..... And for some, it's the reason they are getting an Xbox One.

Super Mario Bros on NES - that one should be obvious.
baodeus  +   728d ago
Phantom dust. No other game like it. No game out there allow u to eaves drop on your opponent team strategy conversation in real time as part of your in game skill set (if you set it as part of your arsenal) Most original and probably the most strategic game play, even more so than hard core RTS games likes Star craft for example. It also has almost limitless style or type of gameplay that you can choose from which base entirely on how far your imagination can stretch. If you can think up of ones, it will most likely have the skills that you could use to carry out your plan.

If that doesn't sound like the best and most unique game out there, than I dont know what is?
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