A DOA Xbox One, Microsoft support and a paperclip

Tom Phillips writes: "It was 9am on a Saturday morning and I was hunting around my flat for a paperclip. I needed a paperclip because that is Microsoft's chosen tool for manually releasing discs from an Xbox One drive. And I needed to do this because, hours after being unwrapped, my Xbox One needed to go back in its box.

I'd got my Day One Edition the night before, unwrapped it, updated it, installed a couple of things and loaded up my first game, ready to play. And at this point the console died."

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Dan501357d ago

Don't worry you just got the beta system. They are re releasing the X1 early next year.

Pogmathoin1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Yeah, how did Sony and MS let some betas slip through?? Strange...

What? Is it only funny when its MS? Sorry, but I think Sony had there share of issues too, so stop cuddling your dualshock and get over it. Its not nice for no one, so do not make fun when it happens.. Could be you someday...

keabrown791357d ago

I gave you a bubble up because even though your comment is a bit on the troll side, you still have a point. People, lets not ignore that BOTH systems are having issues, this is launch after all.

CEOSteveBallmer1357d ago

And People lets all not ignore that Xbone has more issues than the PS4 and the PS4's issues are overblown in fact. Say what you guys want. but i know you all will just keep "defending" MS as if your Steve ballmer and the rest of the crew. keep up the good work butthurt and sensitive xbox fans.

MasterCornholio1357d ago

Just get another one problem solved.

StinKyNuGz1357d ago Show
Redgehammer1357d ago

Microsoft has always treated me professionally, and with utmost respect. I have been a Xbox user for 7 years, and have never had a bad experience, with it it, nor its tech support.

jeromeface1357d ago

This means you've had to use support.. your argument is invalid. I've owned a sony system since ps1... never had to even contact support.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1357d ago

I don't remember a lot of people owning phones back in the ps1 days

dragon821357d ago


Your kidding right??

Redgehammer1355d ago

I'm sorry, but you don't have the powers to render my argument invalid.

EazyDuz221357d ago


BOTH consoles have some faulty units. We don't need any more sob stories.

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