Set Your Clocks-Japanese PS Awards 2013 Are Coming

It's very nice to see an awards show with a Japanese flavor.

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Livingon6001603d ago

Last Of Us
The latest Uncharted
Anyone else can think of more quality games in the list?

j-blaze1602d ago

those 2 are some of the most overrated games this gen, really hope they don't win anything, alos, I don't call Japanese love ND or their overrated games

Ratty1602d ago

Alos, brah, I don't call ND games overrated games.

Just because you *think* they're overrated doesn't make them so. In my opinion, The Last of Us definitely deserves it. We haven't got an Uncharted in 2013 though so I don't see why we're even talking about it.

TheGreatXavi1602d ago

Do you mean overrated because its not released on Xbox and PC lol...

ShinMaster1602d ago

Aren't there any interesting Xbox articles for you to checkout?

DigitalRaptor1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Japanese loved The Last of Us.

Kojima was inspired by it.

Get educated, you numpty.

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TheGreatXavi1602d ago

Journey is the best playstation 3 game. Its super underrated game and people who have no taste ( especially COD and GTA fans ) like to trash talk it without even playing it first.

fendernow1602d ago

LOL. All of you guys have it wrong. The question is not which PS game is going to win. No, not at all.

The question is if more than 5 people will watch this very low rated show for at least two minutes. Hopefully they will bring in some Japanese bimbos in mini-skirts to at least entertain the easily amused to fill the void of nothingness.

DCfan1601d ago

Would rather watch tiny-skirted bombo than an MS knect fest reveal thats cringe worthy