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The future of Call of Duty?

Call of Duty. A well known first person shooter which is renown for its fast paced games and unique element, but what does the future hold for the franchise? is it going forward or is it going downhill?

As we all know, Call of Duty is one of the best selling shooters ever since it was first released on the PS2! and many applauded it for its unique and entertaining features, but is it just running out of ideas? (Call of Duty, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

potatwo  +   507d ago
The future? Clearly, the future is black.
aiBreeze  +   506d ago
The future is Titanfall aka what COD 4's sequel should have been.
deecee33  +   506d ago
I *wish* I could say the future involved a brand new engine. But I think I'll be disappointed.
TomShoe  +   506d ago
Meh. I hate Ghosts. You die too quickly, and a lot of the score streaks are too overpowered (Dogs take 5 shots to kill lmao). Not to mention most guns are complete lasers, and the maps are so huge, there's no positioning. I feel like I just run around until I kill someone or get killed.

I'll probably be maining BO2 until 3Arc's new game comes out.
CODallday  +   506d ago
I agree so much you run for 10 minutes just get shot in the back. Black ops 2 is superior to me. IW is done.
VaporCell  +   506d ago
I agree the maps are way too big and very bad designed in my opinion. None of the maps have like a main centric point and they are way too open. Also the weapon and abilities unlock system feels very unsatisfying...
SolidStoner  +   506d ago
what you talking about? big maps? are you sarcastic? :)

weapons look like from future, maps are so small that I got bored after a day! the only playable mode is hardcore, but it has only 3 game modes.. normal mode is just crap with all those auto locking and something similar to wall hack thing.. lol its goes on and on... I bet you need 30 bullets to kill a dog and 20 to kill an alien super armor soldier in "normal" mode.. :)
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iceman1346  +   506d ago
the same old crap all over again and again again and again again and again again and again...
ichdich  +   506d ago
Whiskeyjacked87  +   506d ago
Quick scoping is out of control, it ruins the game for casual players.
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   506d ago
I've found standing still in front of a quickscopers to be beneficial
jjb1981  +   506d ago
It's going to be a ninja themed cod with ninja stars instead of tomahawks and swords instead of knives. And you get the picture...
n4gusername  +   506d ago
CoD MMO. Yearly expansion with $5 a month to play
BattleReach  +   506d ago
Make a World War II COD.
Make another Vietnam War COD.
Make a COD4 Prequel.
BattleReach  +   506d ago
@Disagrees, enjoy your modern day and futuristic Call of Duty a.k.a. Standard Modern Day Shooter #463982.
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Rzep  +   506d ago
The future is obviously in Treyarchs hands now, which I am fine with.
lildudexst  +   506d ago
Treyarchs suck they make worst cod game ever even company know .That why ghost got all spacial treatment adding gun affect sound in an out of building, clan war shit pretty kul.
People you die fast because it real good connection There lag no more that dragging room back like that. So your shooting are on point not like black ops2.

Ghost killstreak are just plan shit the worst of worst.
next year they got no choice but to really go all in. All eye are on them next year on what shit idea they got now. :)
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Shadonic  +   506d ago
The future of COD is more COD
Revvin  +   506d ago
The franchise needs a reboot. They need to look at where they came from (article is wrong btw, COD launched on PC) and take the best of where they started and blend it with what's they have now. There is too much focus on gimmicks, it's ruining the gameplay by channeling players into a kill streak mindset rather than team play. I'd like to see a new game engine optimised for the PC and new generation of consoles.

Proper dedicated server support for PC (and perhaps consoles too) where players can rent servers from selected providers as they did with Black Ops. It feels,like the maps are getting smaller. I'd like to see an increase in size of the map and an increase in player count to 24. Go back to WWII, it's long over due. Less kill streaks and make them have a little less impact on the gameplay, no dogs or nukes or huge air strikes and maybe just have chopper support, air drops and radar sweeps and change the focus to actual combat instead of players hiding in corners desperately trying to get the next kill streak reward and ignoring their team objectives.

COD has some great game modes but it's become a parody of what it once was. More and more of my friends are choosing to play Battlefield over Call of Duty.

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