Kojima: The Phantom Pain will come out when there are many PlayStation 4 owners

In a recent interview with Famitsu, Kojima talked about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's planned release. He explained again that the development of The Phantom Pain is a huge undertaking that is going to take some more time before completion.

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Godmars2901452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

A million isn't enough?

A million hard-core, first time adapters at that.

ABizzel11452d ago

By those numbers that means it's coming out in February with the PS4 Japan launch :D

The PS4 is on a roll and it could sell as much as 10 million by holiday 2014.

hay1451d ago

I don't think Konami will agree on something less than 5m. I think they might aim at 8m install base minimum.

Eonjay1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

So then it will release next month? Well at least he didn't say we have to wait for a lot of people to own an Xbox.

HelpfulGamer1451d ago

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain sales target, 10 Million.

mikeslemonade1451d ago

Yuck.. why is this in the PS3 and 360 section too? It's confirmed for last-gen?

Insomnia_841451d ago

I think he means once the PS4 is out in Japan, worldwide!

minimur121451d ago

Its coming up out tommorow? O.o

vishmarx1451d ago

itll be at 5 million by the JAP launch easily.
plus 2 million xb1.GZ launches 14 spring add 6-10 months to it.and the nex gen systems combined will be at about 10-15 million by winter
safe to say next gen version will sell atleast around 4-5 million.
add that to say 10 miilion(ATLEAST) of the current gen version.(mgs4 sold about 5m if im not wrong.that time it had a terrible ps3 userbase and yeah)

Jepedillo1451d ago

I think there are more than 2-3 million only in this line ^^ ...

Pixel_Enemy1451d ago

Why not have confidence in your game that it will move consoles. Seems lame to me.

abzdine1451d ago

Just see how many PS3 were there when MGS4 came out and you will have an idea MGS5 will be out

Soc51451d ago

So like next month? :)

shysun1451d ago

@vishmarx Lets try not to say "[email protected]"....its not a nice word. ;)

tokugawa1451d ago

obviously they want to maximise profits.. how about that!

Reibooi1451d ago

I don't think it's about them just waiting to release it or something stupid like that. The game isn't close to done and because of that it's likely that many more people will own a PS4 by the time the game is ready and he is just stating that the game may come out when many more people own a PS4 and that will happen with time.

Ritsujun1451d ago

I'm sure he meant 5mil.

WMANUW1451d ago

@ABizzel1 the problem are the few stocks

MWong1450d ago

Funny statement, I could see if it was a console exclusive, but it's a multiplatform game. Just sounds weird why not say I'm waiting for more next-gen sells across all platforms.

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Ranma11452d ago (Edited 1452d ago )

This is consistent with the install base graph here:

The higher the install base, the more games released, simple common sense. nothing special

Ranma11452d ago

p.s what i do find worrying is that the phantom pain and ground zeroes was initially supposed to be 1 game, then they split it


Makes me think games this gen will be shorter.

Makes me think ground zeroes (the first to be released) will be shorter than what we expect from an MGS game.

yellowgerbil1452d ago

thinking that ground zeroes will be really short (think Snake's part in MGS2) but phantom pain is open world, I've not seen an open world game yet that doesn't have at least 15hours of content even if the main story can be finished in 5 hours with a speed run.

ABeastNamedTariq1452d ago

Ground Zeroes is essentially an extended tutorial, so yes, it'll be much shorter than TPP.

Am_Ryder1451d ago

Ground Zeroes will still be an open world game, though- I'm looking forward to that immensely just to be able to free-roam with MGS mechanics. Will be unreal.

They've said it'll cost like $30, so it's about half of what you'd get from a regular MGS game. Which is still a lot tbh!

RumbleFish1451d ago

I think they will try to milk the series this gen and they will ruin it that way.

Makes me sad...

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sigfredod1451d ago

Irrelevant the number of PS4 owners since the game is also on ps3, xbox360 an d xbone, so the install base will be hugue regardless

MizTv1451d ago

Good point
Not like it's a exclusive

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1451d ago

The last of us sold around 3 - 4 million.. 80+ million ps3 owners..

DarkHeroZX1451d ago

So? Tomb Raider did 4 million across the ps3 and 360 install base. I dont see where your getting at.

Veneno1451d ago

If I remember right MGS4 guns of the patriots sold close to 5 million lifetime after it released to a 16 million install base of PS3s. So 1 in 4 PS3 owners bought the game. Being exclusive helped with that I'm sure.

But it looks like Kojima and Konami know that being on 4 platforms is going to dilute sales. So what will be their thought? Microtransactions and DLC.

cannon88001451d ago


I think he means that it doesn't always matter if there is a large install base because a game (no matter how good it is) can sometimes sell very little.

TopDudeMan1451d ago

Yeah, first you bring out the games, then you sell consoles.

Pogmathoin1451d ago

Got to remember, even the successful games generally reach only maybe 10% of the install base.... So I can see where Kojima is coming from... Not every gamer has the same taste... Funny comment too Eonjay, made me droll...

xXxSeTTriPxXx1451d ago

He's use to selling 6-8mil, so were not far off.

Magicite1451d ago

its around 4-5million PS4 sold in Japan.

PSX041451d ago

we are here kojima please be note

pheature1451d ago

im fucking wrecked man i havent stoped playing mine since i got it.
no sleep man flat out on lucozaid like

N7KIRK1451d ago

I hope gamer's will one day realize that development studios and publishers are not there for the soul purpose of our enjoyment.

Godmars2901451d ago

But at the very least, they should give you an experience worth the initial price of admission. Not put you on the ride, then stop it to "ask" for more money.

N7KIRK1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )


Yes, I do agree. It just comes of as incredibly narrow-minded to read this article and simply think "even if they sold a million consoles?"

And this has nothing to do with the title being worth the price of admission. If we want developers to ensure a quality product, there is no room for thinking like that, especially this early.

There are just so, so many factors. Our opinions of what they should or shouldn't do with MGS5 has non at all, no merit to it. Just because you play their games, doesn't mean you know how they operate. Unless you work for Kojima Productions of course.

worldwidegaming1451d ago

Greed shows its ugly head. A sad but true fact. Hardcore gamers dont matter but im cool with it. Would be cool if it was released in the US first.

RumbleFish1450d ago

I agree. Exept your release in US first crap.

Games should release simultaneously in all regions.

Ps4Console1450d ago

More like 80 Million in a year .

erathaol1450d ago

I'm struggling to describe what Kojima is, he's talented video game director who created one of the best video game franchises to date, who happens enjoy lighthearted trolling of the same fans who keep that franchise going.

He rewards the same fans by giving them great games but not without a few laughs in the mix. Its very much a charm of the whole thing.

Anyways, I say this cause its best to just wait for the game instead of constantly pestering him about a release date.

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Iltapalanyymi1452d ago

Damn. I want it to come out asap after GZ.

MizTv1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

It would of been nice if gz in spring and this in the fall of 2014

jujubee881452d ago

[Insert The Last Guardian joke here]

BG115791452d ago

The game will comeout soon then.