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PS4 or Xbox One? It's a tossup

"PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?"

That question is being asked a lot as Sony and Microsoft have both launched their first new home video game console systems in seven and eight years, respectively.

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5eriously974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

["It's a tossup"]

A tossup? Obviously the article creator are either blind or do not follow news about these console runup, specifications, reviews and launches. I do note that it's from so that maybe explains it! You cannot anger M$ or put them down in the USA, therefore rather call it a "tie"(wink)!

The only reason to get an XBone is if you have a lot of spare cash and because it's available in abundance due to lower than expected demand. If you can only afford one console and you want the best there are only one console in the list and you will have to wait for it as demand outstrips supply by far!

Those that were lucky! Enjoy!

Sayai jin973d ago

"A lot of spare cash". You consider $500 a lot of spare cash/money?

On topic. I did not have to do a toss-up. I brought both. I enjoy the difference experience and games both console provide me with. I am not a cheerleader for either camp. However, I will buy the games I think are great and give the devs respect!

People enjoy the games...some of the people on N4G work harder for MS, Ninty, and/or Sony than their respective PR teams do.

VforVideogames973d ago

You get one bubble down for trolling.

5eriously973d ago

I returned the favor mate! Enjoy

Goku781974d ago

4the players, ps4 is the future, and the future is PS4.

fattyuk973d ago

I wanted a new gaming console, so I bought my ps4

Grave973d ago

"I wanted a new gaming console, so I bought my ps4." -QFT

So simple, yet so true.

VforVideogames973d ago

I'm like you, I wanted a new console so I bought my xbox one, sorry I turn to the dark side.

Sm00thNinja973d ago

Have me both. Lucky me! Favor the xbone right now, but play bf4 on ps4 more. So I guess it is a toss up.

MysticStrummer973d ago

Tossup? Not for me. XB1's defining features don't interest me because I don't want a camera and don't watch traditional TV, and on top of that I prefer the PS controller and exclusives. I want a console that's focused on gaming, so PS4 the win.

I also haven't been a fan of MS since long before they ever got into the console business, so I avoid giving them money whenever possible.

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The story is too old to be commented.