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Submitted by s8anicslayer 806d ago | opinion piece

PS4 or Xbox One? It's a tossup

"PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?"

That question is being asked a lot as Sony and Microsoft have both launched their first new home video game console systems in seven and eight years, respectively. (PS4, Xbox One)

5eriously  +   806d ago
["It's a tossup"]

A tossup? Obviously the article creator are either blind or do not follow news about these console runup, specifications, reviews and launches. I do note that it's from so that maybe explains it! You cannot anger M$ or put them down in the USA, therefore rather call it a "tie"(wink)!

The only reason to get an XBone is if you have a lot of spare cash and because it's available in abundance due to lower than expected demand. If you can only afford one console and you want the best there are only one console in the list and you will have to wait for it as demand outstrips supply by far!

Those that were lucky! Enjoy!
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SaxScrotumz  +   806d ago
that was some funny shit!
mikeslemonade  +   806d ago
Just pick a damn side.
Sayai jin  +   806d ago
"A lot of spare cash". You consider $500 a lot of spare cash/money?

On topic. I did not have to do a toss-up. I brought both. I enjoy the difference experience and games both console provide me with. I am not a cheerleader for either camp. However, I will buy the games I think are great and give the devs respect!

People enjoy the games...some of the people on N4G work harder for MS, Ninty, and/or Sony than their respective PR teams do.
VforVideogames  +   806d ago
You get one bubble down for trolling.
5eriously  +   806d ago
I returned the favor mate! Enjoy
Goku781  +   806d ago
4the players, ps4 is the future, and the future is PS4.
fattyuk  +   806d ago
I wanted a new gaming console, so I bought my ps4
Grave  +   806d ago
"I wanted a new gaming console, so I bought my ps4." -QFT

So simple, yet so true.
VforVideogames  +   806d ago
I'm like you, I wanted a new console so I bought my xbox one, sorry I turn to the dark side.
Sm00thNinja  +   806d ago
Have me both. Lucky me! Favor the xbone right now, but play bf4 on ps4 more. So I guess it is a toss up.
MysticStrummer  +   806d ago
Tossup? Not for me. XB1's defining features don't interest me because I don't want a camera and don't watch traditional TV, and on top of that I prefer the PS controller and exclusives. I want a console that's focused on gaming, so PS4 the win.

I also haven't been a fan of MS since long before they ever got into the console business, so I avoid giving them money whenever possible.
Pogmathoin  +   806d ago
God, I need to get Doctor Who on this... When you see 4 the players, 4 the future, blah blah, it becomes to look like a crazy cult. Got my PS4, X1, played the crap out of the 1 game I bought for each, and the few freebies.... Not big on Xbox fitness, kinda hard when I have a beer when I game... But people, remember Xbox, and Playstation are just small parts of there respective companies, but now Playstation is important for Sony to get out of the financial gutter. I hope they do, but when that happens, trust me, shareholders will want some comeback... Then it will be PS4, for the shareholders.... Believe it. Xbox started out as a true gamers console, but got successful, and thats when trouble starts... Wii did same thing... So be careful what you wish for.... PS2 was great, dominant, hence BluRay was forced on PS3, to get it into peoples homes, for the shareholders who now profit from each disc sold.... A machine is never really for the gamers... Its for a profit, theres always an end game for corporate greed, and believe me, Sony is not mother teresa....
realplu  +   806d ago
That is true but Sony is going after the games dollars while MS is going after the family and the casual gamer, the sports fan and the T.V. watcher. I'll stick Sony.
Davidek  +   806d ago
Sure ms going after the TV dollars with dead rising 3, Halo, quantic dream, 2 unannounced games for Xbox, forza, etc. Xbox One will get tons of games too.
realplu  +   805d ago
@Davidek didn't you learn anything from the last gen. Just look at the games Sony first party releases this last year and compare that to M$'s first party releases. You tell me who is for the gamer.
ThaBx  +   806d ago
PS4....PS4....PS4.... I got me the console thats 4DaPlayer
urwifeminder  +   806d ago
XB1 for me no other comes close.
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Hicken  +   806d ago
Exactly what part of this is a tossup?
Duke19  +   806d ago
Picked up a PS4 at Launch, and an Xbox One on Black Friday. After spending some time with both, I definitely give the nod to the PS4. Games look noticeably better, and the whole experience feels more solid (Xbox system/controller feels cheaper, and many features with Kinect/Snap are "almost there", but feel rushed.)

That said the xbox isn't THAT far behind - 90% of the hate it gets online is ridiculous. Im really enjoying Dead Rising 3, hopefully M$ can get some good exclusives lined up to stay competitive.
OsirisBlack  +   806d ago
IF Sony has done as well as it seems like they have, it is going to be harder to secure Exclusives for Microsoft. Most companies like the money they can make from developing multiplatform. It is very rare when third parties will develop exclusives for a platform with a significantly smaller user base. More customers = more profit.
bligmerk  +   806d ago
Yeah, it's a toss up. Toss the XBO up into the air and don't bother to catch it, while clinging onto the PS4 tightly to your chest.

The PS4 is so awesome compared to the XBO, the XBO with it's last gen GPU and fractured architecture. No reason to get something that is obsolete at launch like the 720p box.
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Davidek  +   806d ago
So you wasted 500$? Get a life!
Scatpants  +   806d ago
I bought both and I'd have to say I prefer the PS4. The interface is less of a mess and as of now it plays games at a higher resolution. Also on XB1 Battlefield crashes to the desktop all the time. That might be to do with Battlefield itself though.
I do think I prefer the controller on the Xbox though. The vibrating triggers feel awesome on Forza and I like how the handles feel better. Overall they're both pretty decent machines, can't wait for Infamous and Titanfall.
level 360  +   805d ago
Will get both.

But the easy and unanimous answer for me is PS4. My now current console of choice. PS3 was my last-gen console of choice.

Much later on next year or so will get XBox ONE.

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