PlayStation Boss Silences Pundit Blaming PS4 for Kids Playing Too Much "Look After Your Kids Better"

This morning Sony Computer Entertainment Europe President Jim Ryan made an appearance on the early morning program BBC Breakfast to talk about the launch of the PS4. Unfortunately the host seemed to have a different agenda and tried to steer the discourse in another direction, lamenting the fact that kids play games too much.

Ryan didn't let himself be intimidated, and put the host in his place.

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-Foxtrot1640d ago

HA....well said Jim

So they should, it's the same for parents who claim games like GTA or COD are too violent or their kids are acting up because of them...yet they've bought them it.

Mikelarry1640d ago

couldn't have said it better we live in a world of blame others but yourself when faced with issues.

LOL_WUT1640d ago

"Ryan didn't let himself be intimidated, and put the host in his place." Like a BOSS ;)

sonic9891640d ago

yeah people put their failures on others

KIDS are what dragging this medium from maturing
i mean maturing not COD or violence but maturing becoming more well known as a medium where any idea could be implemented without restrictions

HonestDragon1639d ago

That line about how parents treat video games as an "electronic baby sitter" rings all too true in many different cases. I cannot tell you how many times in the years I worked retail that parents would leave their kids in the store so they could go to another location. It is completely irresponsible of them to do that. I got paid to maintain the store and help customers, not babysit children. Parents these days need to shape up and be more responsible.

sinjonezp1639d ago

This was a significant issue on my radio station this morning with parents calling in.complaining bout.the software. I loved how the host's would ask did you buy it and shut them down by saying why buy games that clearly.have the mature rating on the box. If you are a parent it is your responsibility to monitor the content your kids consume. I havd a daughter and when she was 1-3 it was barney or dora. As she mature she only.see content for.her age. Poing blank. Stop blaming the creators and blame your questionable parenting.tactics.

supes_241639d ago

Mikelarry, I agree 100%. I'm sick and tired of people pointing the finger at everyone else to place blame. I always said "take that finger you're pointing and turn it around". We as a society have become soft and irresponsible willing to throw everyone under the bus so they can make it seem like its someone else's fault for thei mistakes. Pitiful

snipes1011639d ago

It's nothing but the market that is holding video games back. Mature games like Cathryn, The Last of Us, and Going Home are just never going to do CoD numbers or establish the fan base it has. Not saying CoD is better, just saying that's the way it is.

irepbtown1639d ago

I remember watching this on Friday morning haha, knowing there'd be articles about it. The BBC business presenter was trying to put Ryan on the spot, but a cool, calm response. Just like what LOL_WUT said; 'Like a BOSS'

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Abriael1640d ago

Yeah, my neighbor knows I work as a gaming writer on a website, and last time my mother came to visit, she (the neighbor) complained with her (my mum) that "my job" is causing hers daughter to get addicted to her xbox...

...That she bought. For which she buys the games. And for which she doesn't use the parental controls at all.

EXVirtual1640d ago

You're kidding me.
People love blaming it on everyone else these days.
I'm not a parent, but I think it'd be a good idea to show this article to your neighbour.

EBTpickle1640d ago

People just need to take the time to control their kids, oh and interact with them. Then they won't play as many games.

TruthBTold1640d ago

I feel like slapping some sense into people who take no responsibility for their actions and specially for parents who don't know how to raise their children and use excuses to blame others for their bad parenting.

HonestDragon1639d ago

It sounds like your neighbor is one seriously ignorant parent. She is the one who is enabling her daughter to play and get games for her console. She is basically complaining to your mother, "Your son is responsible for me buying my daughter video games". That's a very long reaching excuse if I ever heard one.

iamnsuperman1639d ago

I assume they are Daily Mail readers. Just love complaining

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Pogmathoin1640d ago

Good to see someone high up state the obvious.... well done!!

Anon19741640d ago

My kids watch too much TV. It's the TV maker's fault!

Ridiculous. How can anyone be this oblivious?

Hicken1640d ago

People will do anything to not accept the blame for their own shortcomings. It's far too easy to pass the buck on to someone else than to acknowledge and correct your own screw-ups.


yes tired of parents pointing the finger at everyone but themselves...smh!

Alex_Boro1640d ago

I still do think it's kind of silly how teens can't buy mature games. I mean it's not like a 15 year old will start acting up if they play GTA or COD

Hozi1639d ago


I really don't see what the fuss is about to have rated A games....I mean look at movies. A rated R movie can have sex, boobs, vagina shots, and can watch Porn with the click of a button these all boils down to proper parenting.

cyclindk1639d ago

Or the same ones who blame the drug dealers for their kids snorting, smoking, shooting and popping too much.

Lykon1639d ago

This is especially a problem in England where kids are put on a pedestal at a young age. I've just been to Germany and it's so nice to be around well behaved children and parents who aren't hysterically administering to their every want.

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KingKelloggTheWH1640d ago

Poor parents blame objects for their children being jerks.

willie321640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

In today's society people love to blame others for their own mistakes; especially their kids. Once during COD, a young kid was online dropping every obscene word. My buddies and I told him to watch his mouth. The mother literally got on his headset to yell at us for telling him to watch his language. We asked her for their address so we could send her "Mother of the Year" award.

mrmarx1640d ago

For The Gamers! way to fight the media attacks sony

Relientk771640d ago

It's called parenting, something parents these days don't even know how to do properly.

Buying their children mature games like GTA for example

MatrixxGT1640d ago

My parents used to buy me games like GTA and Goldeneye 007. I played them a LOT. I was also taught to be respectful, honest, and damn well know right from wrong. Do bad in school? No nintendo,no friends, no going outside. There was no Internet or smartphones, social media. It didn't take long to realize there's Consequences for your actions.
I had Goldeneye taken away for the whole summer because I didnt come when dinner was ready. Sucked because neighborhood kids would come over for some 4vs4 and I had the only setup. I was really embarrassed to have to tell my friends my mom took the game somewhere.
Morale is parents buy the kids what they want without knowing what it is and then happy that the child doesn't bug them anymore. Then said child doesnt have anything to do with the parents because they arent shown attention. Next thing you know your kids done went out and stabbed someone.

KashmirZep1639d ago

Well... that escalated quickly. :)

kenshiro1001639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Same with me. I played some violent games but I still had respect for my parents and family. My parents and family are from Barbados and they were super strict. I did something wrong- no TV or videogames.