PS4 And Xbox One Pose Major Problems For Internet Providers

As Sony's Playstation 4 launched midnight today in the UK, there are some potential pitfalls that mean consumers might not get the most out of their systems unless they carefully consider their home network.

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allformats1606d ago

Internet providers have been rubbing consumers too long.

While Japan gives 1000 Megabits to its consumers... We're here freaking struggling with 10....

black0o1606d ago

dude i'd gve my 1st born for ur ISP .. i'm stack with 2Mb :(

Kayant1606d ago

Looooool damn same here even though am quoted to supposed to be having 20MB most I have gotten is 2.

0ut1awed1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )


You do realize that there is a difference in bits and bytes right? There are 8 bits in a byte.

Anything involving networking including advertised networking speeds are shown in MegaBITS. Now everything you see on your physical devices like a hard drive or cell phone are measured in megaBYTES. That includes the download speed shown in your browser and applications like steam.

So with your advertised 20 megabit per sec internet you should be averaging a 2.5 megabyte per a sec download speed.

Overall I agree about internet speeds though. Most of the current ISPs need to be dethroned big time. Here's hoping google fiber spreads faster than wildfire.

Pogmathoin1606d ago

Yeah, will be switching to Bell Vibe internet here in Canada in January, better be a blistering fast as they claim, got 10 Mb right now, do not think I ever reached it..

SolidStoner1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Here in Latvia we have 500Mb no problem..... but its a small country, no huge investment here :)

on the sad note we will only get PS4 next year.. we cant even register our country.. have to wait..

and Japan gets PS4 only February 22, 2014! So you all should be happy!! ;)

MazzingerZ1606d ago

Scandinavia does just fine

UltimateMaster1606d ago

The US is the country that pays the most for their bandwidth in the world, more than twice the second country and the tendency keeps having higher prices for lower bandwidth caps.

Dakriz1606d ago

Lol I have over 100 and I dont use more than 15 at a time lol

P0werVR1606d ago

Finally a point made. This will give a rise in demand for faster internet speeds and who better prepared than Microsoft. It seems as if they knew this transition will happen.

You have Google Fiber lighting the fire under the arses of Major ISPs becoming a major threat as there services catches on. But on top of that all, you have the FCC pushing for fiber in every state by 2015. Probably only in the "lucrative regions".

Xbox One, future proof?! Yes!!!

itBourne1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Yeh, in my tiny ass town its $70 for 10 megs down and only 1 meg up. Like wtf, I cant even stream. Phone companies fuck you over too, I do not even use internet on my phone yet they force you to have it, you do not get a choice. Even if I did use it, $40 for 2 gigs a month, wtf is that, I could burn through that in 1 day.

The copper mine here had a fiber optics line ran all the way to town, but... its only for them = /

andrewsqual1605d ago

@0ut1awed Don't Google own Wildfire too ;)

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komp1606d ago

Some in the UK are still stuck on 3-4mb down and 500kb upload speed (DSL)...

Ripsta7th1606d ago

Damm can you even play a single online match?? It would take days to download a couple gigs like that

Smoey1606d ago

I live in the middle-of-nowhere in the UK and I get 75mbs. Thanks BT!

MrDead1606d ago

I'm on 60mb with Virgin which I'm happy with, I'm sure they are pairing up with Sony to offer a 200mb connection

dantesparda1606d ago

8-10mb down/~800k up, Boston, Version DSL, cant get fiber optic yet (FIOS) and i dont want to pay almost double or more to Comcast to get faster speeds

kingPoS1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I'm in the same boat.

@Ripsta7th; I can play online on 3Mb just fine, it's just huge downloads and patches that take all day to finish. If RCN were in my area I'd sign up up a heartbeat. #**k Concast! and they're mandatory contracts.

Gateway MT6706 2008

SheenuTheLegend1606d ago

dont even talk about india ...
Paying 30dollars per month for 1mbps
and the cap is 15gb
people there is a bad bad world out here

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boeso1606d ago

I guess you guys would laugh at 300kbps actual speed?

kingPoS1606d ago

I feel ya bro, I feel ya!

Gateway MT6706 2008

Sodeadly1231606d ago

Weak sauce bro. I've got 100kb max download and like 20 upload. It took me like 4 straight days to download blacklight retribution on my pc.

RandomGamer1605d ago

I get like 650-800 kbps ..... I use to get max 150 kbps which I had for like 8 years so I know your pain.

Also drives me up the wall people complaining about like 5-10 mb speeds .I would probably kill for that kind of speed .

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sprinterboy1606d ago

10, get 120mb myself in the UK, all for £35 per month :) not having a go but most gamers moan about there speed but are not Willing to pay for it. here in the UK they give free broadband with there tv package and they wonder why it's crap lol. Seriously the consumer needs to wise up, ifs like anything in life you get what you pay for

SilentNegotiator1606d ago

The USA is waaaaaaay bigger than Japan and has a lot of gaps in population. It's no surprise that Japan had it easy in setting up the latest wiring.

There are certainly AREAS where you can get great internet in the US, but because the population is generally so much less dense, it doesn't make as much financial sense for companies to deal with installing the latest.

deecee331605d ago (Edited 1605d ago )


Gotta agree. Given that (in the US) most ISPs are also cable providers I just can't be sad for them. They make you buy a ton of what you don't want to get what you do want

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mandf1606d ago

That's why digital downloads aren't the future.

Fireseed1606d ago

Google Fiber says otherwise...

denero11606d ago

they're fighting google fiber with all of their fiber O.o

dantesparda1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

Im not sure exactly how much it costs, but its like 1 billions dollars (or more!) to wire a city.

iceman061606d ago

Google Fiber IS awesome...but is also limited to only a couple of cities in the US. Internet providers are crapping their pants, and probably fighting behind the scenes, to get whatever traction it is gaining to halt. Eventually it will normalize. But, right now, it's still years away before we see fiber optic access everywhere. (infrastructure has to be laid and that is costly to a city...which probably needs roads and bridges just as much as internet access)

edhe1606d ago

My 60Mbps line says it's now.

n4rc1605d ago

I disagree... You don't need Google fiber to utilize digital content..

My plan is 20/10 with a 150gb cap.... How many games a month are you really buying?

And the bandwidth is more then enough when it can download as i watch cable or even while its off and im at work..

Im planning to go digital for almost all titles save for games i know wont have replay value

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LordMaim1606d ago

Which is why I question "always on" initiatives, game streaming like Gaikai, or the strategy of offloading calculations to the cloud. The infrastructure is there for digital content, but not quite ready for anything that would be impacted by latency.

curtis921606d ago

You can thank the big guys at ATT, comcast & verizon for owning all the pipelines in America and squeezing every ounce of money they can out of them while offering inferior speeds compared to other countries. Google Fiber can't spread fast enough.

Ripsta7th1606d ago

Fiber will be expensive thought, i beleive its $100 a month

curtis921606d ago

For what it offers compared to what I get right now for $71/month, ILL TAKE IT :)

iiwii1606d ago (Edited 1606d ago )

I could get their TV+Gig Internet package for less than what Time Warner rips me off for now for a 30Mb connection:

Google full TV+Gig Internet, 1TB box, 1TB cloud storage, Tablet, etc $120
Time Warner TV+30Mb Internet $150 (nickel and dime you to death for every little remote or dvr box)

Which looks like the better deal. Just look at all that Google offers with their service. I hope they come to the East Coast next.

n4rc1605d ago

Damn.. Hoping they love Canada too... Or the crtc doesn't hate them Lol

I have a cogeco package that's 20/10 w/ 150gb cap and digital cable with DVR and it's about $116 a month.

JasonKCK1605d ago

IDK I get 24Mbps from AT&T for $30 a month. The only reason I get it for $30 is because there are about 5 ISP's in my city so they need to stay competitive. I wish more cities had those options because some ISP's charge up to $100 a month for half that speed, with data caps.

Eonjay1606d ago

"Internet providers pose major problems for Ps4 and xbox one customers" <--- fixed. Technology is advancing but the ISP want to keep providing the same mediocre service.

BattleTorn1606d ago


This is good. IPSs will only improve their infatructure when the demand exist.