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If you’ve only ever played Battlefield on a console then you’ve never really played it all. It’s not just that the game looks better on the PC but the fact that the massive difference in the number of players that can compete in a single match (64 compared to 24) makes it almost a completely different game compared to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions.

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KingDadXVI1601d ago

While I understand and agree that the graphics and frame rates are better on the pc provided you pony up for a decent one (about 3 times the Xbox One price to start at) the bleeding edge graphics are only a small part of the equation.

First off I build PC's for a hobby and happen to love them. I took both computer engineering and mechanical engineering so I am not biased in any way towards PC gaming. It is great for those that have the money and love it.

Sadly what most people who game on PC's don't understand is that most people who want to play games like BF4 want the experience to be not only high quality but also relaxing.

There is no better place to get that than in front of you big HDTV.

So if you are really into gaming (this includes hardcore and casual gamers) most have a choice.

1. You spend most of your entertainment budget on computer hardware (High end PC, High end monitor, High end PC surround or headset) leaving little for your other entertainment i.e. Television, Surround system, etc.
This lets you sit in front of your computer very close to your monitor in an uncomfortable chair (unless you spend a good chunk more money). No couch/sofa for most of us. Remember that this is the same thing that most people have been doing all day at work staring at a computer monitor.

2. You buy a console that is basically a computer with an OS that is meant to play games so that it does not need all of the expensive resources a computer requires at a fraction of the cost. You also get to use that lovely HDTV that you also use for watching TV and you get to sit back 10 or more feet away from the screen and put your feet up. Sure you may loose a little in resolution but you are sitting back from the screen and cannot notice it anyway. You also get the advantage of having a bunch of friends/family there to play with you (difficult but no impossible on a PC but mostly uncomfortable). If you happen to have surround sound then you get to hook into that too.

You see it is not that Consoles are better at graphics. It is that they are close enough to not make any difference to the vast majority of gamers. Once you combine that with the cheap and easy setup of the console and the fact that you can hook it up to the nice TV you have and flop back on the couch just play makes it a no brainer for most people.

PC's will always be the best for graphics its the other stuff that goes with gaming that they cannot compete with.