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With huge console launches dropping, now seems like an utterly ridiculous time to release a game that isn’t being featured on said consoles.

Regardless, Sony and Media Molecule want to defy basic sales common sense and have elected to release Tearaway on the Vita just as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One make their long-awaited debuts.

That is either a show of the utmost confidence or utter disregard for the game’s prospects – so which is it?

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dedicatedtogamers1454d ago


My wife and I have each played through the demo. It's an awesome game! My only complaint (based on the demo) is that it does not appear that you can have multiple save files? Someone help me out on this. Can you have 2 or more save files in this game, or only one?

0ut1awed1454d ago (Edited 1454d ago )

While I don't have the game I can say that it probably doesn't. The only games that I have seen that do allow multiple saves have been Japanese ones.

Sony really markets the Vita as a personal device, therefore implementing ways to only allow one person play. For example, how freaking hard it is to switch a PSN account on a Vita.

Either way, I'll still be picking it up. I'm just waiting until the end of the weekend to see if it's in any of the PSN sales that sony advertised.

GuruMeditation1454d ago

Actually tearaway has support for multiple saves in the full version. You can switch profiles from the main menu :)

0ut1awed1454d ago

^^Damn! I stand corrected then.

MM is on top of their shiz! Can't wait to pick up this game.

B_Rian891454d ago

just finished the game today. it really is the best game on Vita right now. The graphics are so crisp

BABY-JEDI1454d ago

This game is GENIUS... Well done MM. CB next?