This Is How Long The Line Was For PlayStation 4 Outside Sony Center In Berlin

PlayStation 4 has been officially launched in Europe. Sony's next-generation console has seen nothing short of praise and miracles. Selling over a million units to customers in just 24 hours in North American region, Fergal Gara, PlayStation UK's Managing Director stated that in UK alone the record may break.

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MajorAly1667d ago

This line is just the calm before the storm...before the karken was released.

Hatsune-Miku1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Europeans queue up for quality not rubbish

Ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

MajorAly1667d ago


My bad, fast fingers messed it up.

Thank you for the correction.

avengers19781666d ago

Can't imagine being at the end of that thing

Narutone661666d ago

Now, I'm worried that there won't be enough PS4 for the Asian market.

tarbis1666d ago

I'm more worried about not having enough money for one.

Neonridr1667d ago

agreed, but they weren't very tightly packed. Lots of places had huge gaps in the line. Regardless, imagine being the person at the back of that line? Even if they were able to secure a console, to go through that many transactions in front of them would have taken like 5 hours or something, lol.

LOL_WUT1667d ago

Come on man if that's not a big line then I don't know what is. Gaps? Lol ;)

Neonridr1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Wow, I love how unless I say something that's 100% supportive I get jumped all over. I merely said that the line up wasn't tightly packed. That doesn't change how many people were in the line, that would remain constant no matter how tightly they were packed. I was simply indicating that the line wouldn't have stretch as FAR as it did if the people weren't leaving several feet between them and the people in front of them.

Why o why1667d ago

Does any one stockist really have that many units in stock....I agree with neon.....gunna be a long night for those near the middle and end of the line. In the uk is pretty blitz....I'm assuming its colder in Berlin.....that pizza bill would eradicate sonys

KUV19771667d ago

I was there and waited almost the complete line. The event was terribly organized. They said they had so many consoles that almost anyone should get one. They wanted to sell from 6pm to 3am. Then they started selling at 7pm. Sold ultraslow so that it seemed like they had a lot and from 11pm almost nothing happened anymore. Then the cops arrived and within minutes they told us that there were no more consoles available. Guestimates say there have been 5.000 people and ony 1.200 consoles. Needless to say that I didn't get a console and the ones in the front who bought one had someone with them for a second console which they sold way more expensive to the end of the line... Just freakin terrible event... In the UK they at least gave out blankets and pizza. In Berlin they gave out... in alphabetical order: that's it.

Neonridr1666d ago

That's terrible. How long were you in line for total then?

KUV19771666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Just shy over 7 hours, I'd say. We were 'lucky' that when rumors spread that there are no more consoles a big chunck of the line in front of us went home. My PS4 came from Amazon today, so it's no biggie for me, but I waited with a friend who had preordered in February and was told two days prior that his store wouldn't get enough consoles. So he drove 7 hours to Berlin, waited 7 hours and didn't get anything...

In an FAQ before they answered the question if it made sense to come at all when you couldn't arrive before 8pm with 'we have plenty of consoles. anyone should get one'. Now we arrived at around half past 4 and didn't get anything... I seriously can't see how that could have been just terrible planning but rather misinformation on purpose to have a nice long line for promoshots.

rainslacker1666d ago

Maybe they didn't expect 5000 people to show up. I dunno man. I see things like this from time to time for popular products, and I wonder why people wait for this stuff. Where I live, and I'd wager for a majority of non big-city stores, it just never gets like this. I personally couldn't even fathom standing around for that long, or driving for 7 hours for anything.

Feel bad for your friend though. That does suck big time. I do know that if I saw a half kilometer long line, I'd just go home. Surprised the scalpers didn't get their asses kicked from angry customers that actually were there for actual demand.

Retroman1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

@ neonridr

ehhhh, have you heard of personal space?? arm length space?? if i recall it was taught in elementary school.

Grave1667d ago

Holy Sch**ße!! That's insane!

kingdip901667d ago

And I thought the line last night at walmart for black Friday was long! Holy moly!!!

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