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Submitted by Eonjay 729d ago | rumor

USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 11/23/2013 Xbox One Sells 730k

In the first week of sales in the US, the Xbox One has sold 732,569 units.

Hardware Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 732,569
PS4 1,070,823
WiiU 1,579,990

Software Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 1,885,427
PS4 2,638,231
WiiU 5,877,766

Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne) Activision, Shooter 495,223
Call of Duty: Ghosts (X360) Activision, Shooter 295,787
The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (3DS) Nintendo, Action 294,551
Battlefield 4 (XOne)Electronic Arts, Shooter 252,614
Super Mario 3D World (WiiU) Nintendo, Platform 243,193 (3DS, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, PS3, PS4, Super Mario 3D World, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Neonridr  +   729d ago
So the two next gen consoles in 1 week sold more than the Wii U did in 1 year. Good to know.
xHeavYx  +   729d ago
Also interesting, the One sold around 250k in Europe, which seems a low number. Sony also sold almost a million more games
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HaveAsandwich  +   729d ago
sony crushed europe last night. can't wait to see THOSE numbers....
Ju  +   729d ago
Surprising if true. I doubt it, though. Some numbers had 150K in UK which leaves (the larger) rest of the continent split the remaining 100k? Strange.
falviousuk  +   729d ago
These numbers are not accurate, well they werent when they had the 360 way ahead of the PS3, they only became relevant when they showed the PS3 numbers almost the same as the 360's.

Thats N4G for you.

Also these numbers will not track online sales, which i would hazard a guess that the xbox one had more sales due to the way it was marketed. And it launched a week later.

Then again this is vgchartz .....
SoapShoes  +   729d ago
Yeah I doubt this is true. 250k only in Europe? I'm willing to bet it's more evenly split slightly leaning towards the US. I'll wait for NPD...
dedicatedtogamers  +   729d ago
What ever happened to the war-cry of "vgChartz is not reliable"?

I'll wait for official NPD.
Why o why  +   729d ago
Sorry vgchartz.... can't be bothered with your guesstimates even if they favour my console of choice.
Eonjay  +   729d ago
For a frame of reference the Xbox Only sold 150k in the UK. This was acknowledged several days ago. So 730k for US. 150k for UK and 120k for rest of the world. This sounds about right. As predicted, Microsoft has intially lagging behind in the States. This isn't shocking.
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DarthZoolu  +   729d ago
Did anyone notice 49,000 Wii U consoles sold in the US the week of Mario 3D World release? And people said it wasn't a system seller, BAM proved them wrong.
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Prime157  +   729d ago

I think they are a guide and not concrete, yes. I just worked midnight to 8am for black Friday, I sold through 27 ps4s and 8 Xboxes. 21 Xbones still in the back. The store that I work at is heavy 360 and we were all surprised at the lack of xbone sales.

Sorry, the numbers might not be 100% accurate, but I think they are a close representation.
BitbyDeath  +   729d ago
Amazing, that must be almost 1 sale per store.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   729d ago

"These numbers are not accurate, well they werent when they had the 360 way ahead of the PS3"

The numbers still aren't accurate. You still have to add 10% to PS numbers to get real sales. That hasn't changed.

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UnHoly_One  +   729d ago
But the games-per-console rate is actually lower.
mikeslemonade  +   729d ago
Why would you care if the numbers are accurate? It's the law of "very big numbers". The number accuracy is negligible. At the end of the day PS4 is going to be by far the #1 system. The X1 just has a lot of steam left over from launch. And seeing the trend that the Wii U will not hit 25 million units by the end of this generation. And if you can't see this then you just don't have much common sense.
VforVideogames  +   729d ago
Well sony count their ps4 sold to retailers while xbox counts sold to costumers . and its true I saw ps4 2 days later at local walmart and sony announce a million in 24 hours. go figure.
MichaelLito79  +   729d ago

When it comes to Xbox one everything seems low to you. No wonder no one takes you serious.
rainslacker  +   729d ago

I'm not familiar with the law of very big numbers. You mean where a few thousand among several million is negligible, or VGChartz normal law they go by of under tracking the PS3 by close to 8 million units earlier this year until Sony made the official announcing when they sold 80 million.

On Topic:

These numbers do seem to be a 750K in the US for X1? That means a rather small allotment in Europe...about 25% of initial sales.

I'm sorry, but VGChartz has never been accurate for system sales. Game sales it's not usually far off, but with Sony they can do nothing but guess until Sony releases it's official numbers annually.
Pogmathoin  +   729d ago
I was playing the actual consoles while you were sweating it out over sales numbers xheavy... Hope it was fun for you.... Ohhhh those sales sites are trustworthy all of a sudden??
mikeslemonade  +   729d ago

8 million consoles might not even matter. Let's say the PS4 does PS2 numbers this generation (totally possible). As far as bragging rights go, 147 compared to 139 million is still crushing Xbox and Gamecube who sold 30mil and 25mil in respect.

I'm gonna go on record and say the PS4 will outsell the PS2. Why..? Because there's more people on Earth this generation and technology is growing on Earth. Some places with legit techonology right now can play PS4 as compared back then in rural parts they didn't even have the option to play it.
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Battlefieldlover  +   729d ago
@dedicatedgamer. Are you not reading the comments? Is that not what was being said before you made your comment?
rainslacker  +   729d ago
Does 8 million matter when you're talking 80 million? Probably not. So long as the system sells enough to retain great support then it's all good for whoever owns or wants one, regardless of system.

However, my point was that people take these numbers as gospel and discuss it endlessly every week when the numbers come out. So if a site is going to take the time to report the numbers, they should at least do so responsibly and as accurately as possible.

When said site is off by 8 million units, that is far from accurate, and in no way does it give them any kind of tangible reputation to be taken seriously as it shows their tracking methods are either flawed, or biased as some have claimed. If they were only off by as much as 100K units, then it would mean a lot more for the critical analysis that everyone puts on VGChartz numbers.
Sathur  +   728d ago
I went to the launch of both Xbox One and PS4 and I can tell you from the outside looking in that there were around three times more people in line for a PS4 than an Xbox One.
I would also like to point out that PS4 Games are around £10 cheaper than Xbox One games on average.
vigilante_man  +   728d ago
Sony is crushing all in its path right now. Expect a Kinnect-less SKU from Microsoft in Jan-Feb. They have no choice.

This time around both consoles are going head to head and PS4 is wiping the floor with XB1.

It's cheaper.
It's more powerful.
Sony have better exclusives track record.
Most things on PS4 are not behind the paywall.
Everyone wants a PS4.

There are only 2 reasons 360 was dominant over here in the UK. 1) cross-game chat for mates 2) was always on sale much cheaper and games in game stores were always cheaper for 360.

Now PS4 has the price point but also the wow factor - or dare I even say the "X-Factor"!
Ps4Console  +   728d ago
Totally but we need good competition .
insomnium2  +   728d ago
People it's VGchartz. Just ignore it. The official financial statements will provide us with the correct info.

The only thing that can twist those numbers is channel stuffing but ofcourse anyone doing that will be caught red handed once the next quarterly report arrives. Right MS?
UnHoly_One  +   726d ago
Hilarious, I just came back to look at this post and saw that I had 6 disagrees and 0 agrees, on a post based on simple math. lol

1,885,427 / 732,569 = 2.57

2,638,231 / 1,070,823 = 2.46

Xbox has sold slightly more games per console sold. I'm not sure what anyone is disagreeing with.

This isn't a new thing anyway, Xbox owners have historically bought more games than PS owners.

But whatever, go on disagreeing with math and see how far that gets you in life. lol
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irepbtown  +   729d ago
Hardware Lifetime Totals (US):
XOne 732,569
PS4 1,070,823
WiiU 1,579,990

It seems the order is Wii U, PS4 then X1.
However I fully expect both PS4 and X1 to sell more than the Wii U within the next year.
PSVita  +   729d ago
Within the next few days
Theyellowflash30  +   729d ago
I doubt either system will outsell the Wii U next year with Zelda, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, DKC, Bayonetta 2, and Fire Emblem launching next year.
slayorofgods  +   729d ago
the real question. How long will it take for the next generation to bury the WiiU? A real strong start for the new competitors with Sony looking the most strong.
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LOL_WUT  +   729d ago
Lmao @ the yellowflash doing damage control! Not next year but within the next few days, cheers ;)
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Ju  +   729d ago
How about this weekend?
GraveLord  +   729d ago
PS4 will outsell the Wii U within the next week or 2 in the US.

Xbox One will do it by the end of the year.
Triforce_Germaine  +   729d ago
The PS4 and Xbox One may outsell the Wii U right now, but wait till 2014 when the games come a rollin, lets see what you fanboys will say then. And im not a Nintendo fanboy, im a fan, and plus i'll be playing my PS4 till those Wii U games come out.
mikeslemonade  +   729d ago

You're not really saying anything new. The SNES, 64, and Gamecube had those franchises. And take a look a those 3 system sales. The Wii U seems like it's only putting up Gamecube numbers. Bayonetta is not a system seller either (albeit it's going to be a great game).
rainslacker  +   729d ago
Eh, who really cares if it outsells Wii U. Who wouldn't want to play some of those franchises yellow listed.

But Bayonetta? I know it's an exclusive, but the first one wasn't a masterpiece of gaming by any stretch of the imagination. All the other ones are system sellers though. Hell a remake of a zelda game is a system seller.
Skip_Bayless  +   729d ago
You need to play Bayonetta again and compare it to ninja gaiden, god of war, dmc, and darksiders. It's the best action game this generation and i'm looking at it as objectively as possible. Going wiith the length of game, the battle system, the narrative, the controls, and various enemies, and level design. It's really the total package.

With Ninja Gaiden there's kinda no soul with the lack of story. God of War battle system is actually the worst of the four games i mentioned. Darksiders 1 is buggy and graphically the worst of the 4. DMC has a good battle system but the way Bayonetta moves in the game it's just more fluid and and more speed in your face.
SilentNegotiator  +   729d ago
...bu bu but...Wii U is just experiencing "new console jitters"!!

"ninja gaiden, god of war, dmc, and darksiders...God of War battle system is actually the worst of the four games i mentioned"
LOL, Skip please.
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Skip_Bayless  +   729d ago
You're too caught up in the mainstream. In God of War it's just square, square, triangle, and dodge. Rinse and repeat. NOt saying there's flaws that hurt gameplay, just it does nothing to make it better. It's just too simplistic and repetitive. It has by far the least diverse battle system of the 4. Also the least challenging.
scissor_runner  +   729d ago
Those are the numbers! US lifetime sales will be interesting now. Enjoyed the heck out of 3d world but you have to ask how long will the gaming community hold out on buying a wiiu. Wiifitu meters are very hard to find and the balance boards are just not out there. Wii sports club doesn't seem to be making any impact ethier. Ive been in about 3 states over the holidays and each one has people buying a wii mini ouch lol. Nintendo has officially did almost nothing to market this system to the casual. Ps4 are completely gone and a lonely xbone is just sitting there with its buddies waiting for a home.

The pr battle was epicly won by sony in these first battles. yet the true scope of how many ps4 are wanted right now is unknown.

We have ps fans hoping for ps2 numbers and a return of the 3rd party. Ms fans waiting on titanfall and nintendo stuck with a bunch of we will wait on our game to come out buyers which is respectable since we do buy these boxes for exclusives.

Nintendo pr push just isnt flat out impressive right now. It is logical but they are fighting against the industry once more. Better pr can fix this though. The idea that nintendo can not compete needs to be expaned on or ethier debunked by graphical show cases or the art with in those games.

Ive been paying closer attention to these teams and there needs to be more competitive push to make the art a true omg moment. We are not talking specs here but show man ship.

in the end it seems everyone will have a wiiu and ps4 or wiiu and xbone, as gamers slowly see their games come out.

Yet constructive criticism says sony still needs to make higher quality game play or loses their momentum as ms buys every dev out. Hype can only get you so far the ps2 days are gone unless sony can get it done game play wise.

Nintendo simply needs to wow visually... we know they can yet they need another rare, retro studios like dev it seems since they others are not willing or too niche to make a difference.

Ms will continue to grow money trees and install tesla cards in the server nodes lol. Now that the hardware is set in stone we get to see the additional moves. Lots of r and d money is still being spentby one player and its not for a new system.

Lots of features that could affect game play could be annouced.
Skip_Bayless  +   729d ago
Once again the WiiU doesn't have a "WiiSports". That was the system seller. I feel like a huge chunk of the demographic that bought it are fine just owning the Wii and they may not even play video games at all.

They may however jump to the Xbox one or PS4. Those two systems actually offer more of the "Wii" type games.
SilentNegotiator  +   729d ago
"Also the least challengin"

aaaaand you just made it 100% clear that you've never actually played GOW.
Unless you played it on easy.
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Skip_Bayless  +   728d ago
I play every single game on normal. I'm anal about that because that's the way the developer intended it to be and probably the best experience. And yes on normal difficulties on all the hack/slash games God of War is the easiest one of them. I'm able to beat every single one of them with ease. Square Square Triangle Roll.. rinse and repeat.

I'm not trying to say the scores are overated for God of War. I'm saying whatever God of War got Bayonetta should be .5 higher.
aceitman  +   729d ago
So ms sold 268,000 x1s in the 12countries.
dericb11  +   729d ago
Didn't think about it like that. Wow they have a uphill battle around the globe. Maybe they will have some luck in Brazil.
TheFallenAngel  +   729d ago
And 150k from UK, that leaves us with a little over 100k units in 10 countries. Not so good if you look at it. We'll see how Sony does.
creeping judas  +   729d ago
Wow, way to take math and twist it for your agenda. Those numbers are for US only.
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dragon82  +   729d ago
@Creeping Judas

Sony sold just over 1 million consoles in the first 24 hrs in North America alone.

Microsoft sold just over 1 million consoles in the first 24 hrs in all 13 territories combined.

So if you take this info and the fact that over 700,000 of them came from the US then that doesn't paint a great picture of the rest of the world in terms of sales.
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Ju  +   729d ago
These numbers don't make sense. For Europe alone, if you take UK with 150k @ ~68M(?) population compared to Germany, France, Italy, Spain (+some) with combined population of >220M has sold only ~120K??? So, either the British love MS or MS does not sell nothing in the rest of those territories.
MichaelLito79  +   729d ago
Ms sold more than that don't be a troll
rainslacker  +   729d ago
It's VGChartz. No matter what math you use it's going to be wrong, because you're starting with false numbers.

These numbers don't make sense, and don't even coincide with all evidence suggesting the PS4 was out selling X1 pre-orders AT LEAST 2:1 pre-launch.

If MS really did sell close to the VGChartz numbers, and their own reported numbers, then they really must have limited supply in those other countries.

Has no one noticed that MS didn't make a big fuss about their US numbers? Very unlike them, as they're are usually the first to beam their pride.
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PRock10  +   729d ago

I live in Italy and Xbox Ones are readily available in most of the major retailers while PS4s are nowhere to be found. Even before the whole E3 debacle, the Xbox brand still didn't perform as well as Playstation, whom pretty much owned continental Europe. It's quite feasible that the X1 has not sold that well in continental Europe and these numbers, although perhaps not wholly accurate, isn't fairing as well. Even with that huge population of people, the PS4 is MASSIVE here and had so much momentum going for it. I'm really curious to see what the numbers are for the PS4 over here in the coming weeks, might be another million sold. I think the cheaper price point is playing a huge advantage for European consumers, especially those in places like Italy and Spain with failing economies. We'll see I guess.
awesomeabe1998  +   729d ago
Wait, so no one noticed that Wii U sold more than PS4?

I know what your going to say: PS4 is only available in the U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it just released so there should be more hype than Wii U.
CGI-Quality  +   729d ago
I think Supply and Demand are better suited to understanding why the WiiU is ahead o the PS4 for the week. Don't believe Microsoft, this isn't rocket science. ;)
Minato-Namikaze  +   729d ago
I think you are reading that wrong. The wii-u sold 1.5 mil in 12 months. sony sold 1 mil in 1 day. They might have passed the wii-u this week if they shipped enough stock for black friday.
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lomion5  +   729d ago
That would be impressive if the WiiU had launched last week. Those are lifetime sales.

Looking at the weeks sales, my guess would also be a supply/demand issue.
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Metfanant  +   729d ago
its a week after shocked Sony was able to get any units back on shelves...
awesomeabe1998  +   729d ago
Sorry I meant for this week.


Im talking about this week.

Wii U: 111k
PS4: 93k

Even though PS4 is only available in the U.S it still should have sold more coming off of its release week.

Oh and WTH does Black Friday have to do with this?! This data is from week ENDING 11-23-2013.
CryofSilence  +   729d ago
Those are lifetime sales. The Wii U has been out for some time, so its sales are actually quite pathetic.
awesomeabe1998  +   729d ago

The 110k are weekly sales.

Edit: @chris

I am nott talking about lifetime. I know Wii U sales have been not so good but this week it beat out PS4.
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chrisarsenalsavart  +   729d ago
1st sony sold over a million in 24 hours, xbox one sold 730 000 in a whole week and wiiu 1570000 in about 14 months.
doo the maths
frostypants  +   729d ago
@awesomeabe1998, hard to sell PS4s when there weren't any on shelves all week.
Ju  +   729d ago
I don't get it? Where are you taking those numbers from. Strictly US - and that's the only one posted there - it says:

PS4 86,611 (-91%) 1,070,823
WiiU 48,614 (+61%) 1,579,990

Am I missing something here? Unless you have NDP numbers - which doesn't track weekly sales.
Aery  +   729d ago
TheLyonKing  +   728d ago
I think I have the answer you want:

The wii U sold more than ps4 during that week because song sold over 1million last week, supply and demand (which is basic knowledge) shows that Sony made enough consoles for the first day but clearly they can't produce enough to keep up with the deman. Wii U however is stagnating and so nintendo can easily produce enough consoles for consumers to buy.

TLDR: Sony so popular they don't have neough consoles to go around atm. Wii U is the opposite
PSVita  +   728d ago
There's not enough ps4s
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frostypants  +   729d ago
The PS4 sold, in 1 week, nearly 50% of the total lifetime software sales for the WiiU. And that's just with launch titles. Good lawd.
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awesomeabe1998  +   729d ago
Yeah well Wii U sold around 3 million in 1 month but did not sell well the following months.
imt558  +   729d ago
300K PS4 console sold in half day in UK. Incredible!

Btw. XO sold at 150k in 2 days also in UK
vigilante_man  +   728d ago
You think that's incredible? You just wait until the end of December figures.

The PS4 is massive everywhere in Europe and especially here in the UK. The launch was everywhere in the media but the XB1 launch was very quiet.

Everyone is talking about the PS4 over here. It is the MUST HAVE christmas present this year. Demand is so high that Sony will have problems meeting it.

300K may have been sold but they could of sold 500k+ easily just in the UK.

Lets face it people. For whatever reason the PS4 is the main attraction right now!
eagle21  +   729d ago
But at least Wii U is up 61%! :)
showtimefolks  +   729d ago
i think ps4 will be outselling xbox one for as long as its $100 less. 2-1 i think
Yep  +   729d ago
This comment getting so many likes so how many people here are interested in facts. This comment is doing the exact opposite. Wii U sold over 3.4k in a year, not 1 million.
bobacdigital  +   729d ago

For the record there have been many threads on this... but Mario doesnt drive system sales in the first week of release... Mario titles tend to have legs and drive sales post week 1 release.
andrewsqual  +   729d ago
And maybe people will actually listen when we say things like the PS4 currently has outsold the Wii U in preorders alone last July.
popup  +   729d ago
Well, the odd thing was that I was going to get a Xbox to go with my PS4 but, in the end, I decided on a Wii U. The two go together surprisingly well. Just 5 months ago, I have laughed till I was blue in the face about owning a Wii U as I hate all the gimmicks but, in the flesh, there are some amazingly playable and old-school enjoyable games running at 60fps with great art, attention to detail and jaw dropping level design and 'feel'. I don't want COD or BF4 on the Wii U, it is not a competitor but a companion.

There are some really sought after gaming systems from the past that never sold well but had some really great games. If the Wii U turns out like that, then I am glad to have been a part of it.
#1.12 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LOL_WUT  +   729d ago
Pretty good SM3DW numbers, less than stellar X1 hardware sales and well Killzone dropped down to #22 ;)
Malice-Flare  +   729d ago
closer than i thought between PS4/XB1...
Death  +   729d ago
It's VGCharts. The PS4 soldout within 24 hours of launch in North America. According to VGC, the U.S. numbers surpass available inventory and completely ignore Canadian sales that would have been deducted from the available units. I doubt that many XboxOnes were available in the U.S. also if it launched in 13 countries and sold 1 million in the first 48 hours.
Hicken  +   729d ago
Available inventory? You have that number when no one else does?
Death  +   729d ago
It's not complex algebra, it basic arithmetic. Sony sold out at launch and announced they had sold 1 million units within 24 hours of their North American launch. Consoles are shipped on 3 week cycles which means restock is just now becoming available if retailers didn't hold back inventory for Black Friday sales.
Hicken  +   729d ago
No, it's not basic arithmetic. It's basic intentional misinterpretation on your part.

The 24-hour window for the million sales was not also when they ran out of consoles. There were AT LEAST two more days- the rest of that weekend- that saw PS4s being sold. Somehow, you got it in your head that the two things are one in the same: Sony selling a million in 24 hours, and Sony selling out of consoles.

Unfortunately for you, that's incorrect. Unless, of course, you've got some evidence that proves the two things are the same. We both know you don't, though.
#3.1.3 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
moparful99  +   729d ago
@Death Sony sold MORE THAN million units in 24 hrs.. There was never an y reports that said they only had 1 million units available at launch. Nobody knows exactly how many units Sony had available for launch. In fact there were several reports that stores were holding units for black friday.. So I dont know where you get your information from but once again you are posting misinformation..
Death  +   728d ago
Sony confirmed they sold out in North America when they announced they had sold "just over" 1 million units. Sales reported are sold to retail, not registered consoles to end users. Retailers can still hold stock for Black Friday sales and this is not reflected on reported sales numbers since the sale was already recorded. Once again, this is not rocket science and hasn't changed in decades. Any additional units Sony was producing were being sent to the rest of the territories for last Fridays launch. If you want to believe more units were being sent to North America, that is your prerogative.

As for misinformation, I am simply repeating what Sony previously announced. If you want to add to what Sony announced, wouldn't you be the one spreading misinformation?
moparful99  +   728d ago
@Death Ok let me reiterate you said and I quote

"Sony sold out at launch and announced they had sold 1 million units within 24 hours of their North American launch"

To which I replied that Sony said they had sold "MORE THAN" 1 million units.. I also said that nobody knows how many consoles were available for the North American launch. So they could have sold anywhere from 1.1 million all the way up to 1.9 million. Nobody but Sony knows the exact number so for you to spout "It's basic arithmetic" and go on to proclaim that Sony only sold 1 million units is purely conjecture you have NO, NONE, ZERO facts to back that up.

Shuhei Yoshida himself tweeted that they had sold "More than 1 million" Until you provide factual evidence that "the U.S. numbers surpassed available inventory and completely ignored canadian sales" I will stand by my statment, you keep spreading misinformation.
Death  +   727d ago
If Sony had sold 1.1 million, they would have said 1.1 million. Why would they downplay sales? This is a crucial time in their new console life cycle. Investors need to know they are doing well. Sony would not give a smaller number since it would alarm these investors.

Once again, misinformation would be saying they sold between 1.1-1.9 million since that isn't what they said.
SlavisH2  +   729d ago
yeah i know. Even with a $100.oo difference too but price isnt ever thing or wii U would be doing alot better imo
#3.2 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Visiblemarc  +   729d ago
It isn't at all close. This doesn't factor PS4's European sales. Yet it's reasonable to factor supply restrictions in as well. That said, my gut says MS has sat on stock to appear sold out.
Minato-Namikaze  +   729d ago
not really.
farhad2k8  +   729d ago
Wait until EU's numbers get announced, EU is more PS based, and with the PS4, the numbers will be crazier than ever.
Eonjay  +   729d ago
Good sales. This also marks the first time COD sold more on a Sony console in the US. For reference compare 360 COD sales to PS3 COD sales.
AceBlazer13  +   729d ago
Ps4 domination.
pyramidshead  +   729d ago
It's gonna be like that for a while I feel.
thegreatklemba  +   729d ago
i hate this site it should be called vg pull this number out a hat and hope people believe it.Even if it is saying xbone sold less then what 1 million Microsoft said. There is no proof of their numbers of anything recent maybe last years numbers they have right . Even I just guess patcher even says they just guessing like him
Minato-Namikaze  +   729d ago
This is USA, i think you are forgetting the the other countries. Unless you believe they shipped 1 million to the USA and 0 to the other 12 countries?
mediate-this  +   729d ago
Do you choose not to use your brain? These are numbers for the .U.S. of A, north american numbers is way higher cause then you would be counting canada, which brought x-box over a million and ps4 way over a mill. But lije i have said and countless others above, these are v.g chartz numbers for U.S.A
thegreatklemba  +   728d ago
do you not use your brain? all i was saying is they guess and the site is a joke everyone knows it .Do a quick google search and find out yourself
scott182  +   729d ago
Good sales from both consoles, glad to see people are so excited for consoles still.
TheFallenAngel  +   729d ago
PS4 :). I hope Sony gets more units out before christmas for a complete domination.
B1663r  +   729d ago
There is no domination happening. The PS4 might sell mildly better than the x1. But for the time being, it is neck and neck.
Idba  +   729d ago
There is a domination. Have you seen the line in Berlin? Over 1000 people in line for ONE single store
CGI-Quality  +   729d ago
Really? You think one machine selling in 2 territories vs a machine that sold in 13 territories (with virtually the same result) is "neck and neck"? OK, bud.

Come back to that when PS4's EU tallies are in.
#8.1.2 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(3) | Report
xavierbigdaddy1972   729d ago | Immature | show
DK_Kithuni_71  +   729d ago
So, B1663r, you are still in denial, huh?

It's going to get really ugly for you people in Redmond. Really Really ugly. The gamers are speaking. The gamers are voting with their wallets.

This is for the payers - greatness is here!
moparful99  +   729d ago
@B1663r. Well PS4 sold over 1 million in north america alone and it took microsoft 13 countries including north america to reach a comprable number.. Once the european sales are tallied "neck and neck" wont be the way we describe it..
BanginBiscuitz  +   729d ago
I am sorry but these stats for sales is absoultely ridiculous. You know who knows how many they sold Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, that is IT. There is no solid way that these statistics are right. First off Microsoft already announced within 24 hours of launch 1 million xbox ones were sold, secondly, why does this even get approved since it is just pure BS. If i made my console you know who would know how many i sold? Me, not anyone else especially since they have seem to gone to the single digits like they know exactly how many were sold. Pure BS, nothing but false stats to get people going. It even gets more ridiculous when they state how much software was sold, since this is dealing with many MANY developing companies, anyone who believes these numbers is just either very gullible or very dumb.
rainslacker  +   729d ago
I agree with you in general. VGChartz is hardly worth using for any real discussion outside cursory evidence. However, they usually aren't that off in their actual software sales numbers. They were always off on their consoles sold and use metrics which either are flawed or designed to obtain a desired result.

They were under tracking the PS3 by almost 10% up until March of this year. Going by their numbers the 360 hasn't sold a single console all year, since it was over tracked by about 5%.

The only reason they get any hits is because they're about the only site which gives any kind of number. Accuracy is meaningless for the console war fanatics.
Godmars290  +   729d ago
The XB1 is still the COD console it would seem.
TheFallenAngel  +   729d ago
PS4 is the same way. A lot of people that bought PS4s and xbones are cod players. I know a bunch of guys that bought a ps4 with cod only.
Ju  +   729d ago
Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4) Activision, Shooter 67,221 630,859 2
Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne) Activision, Shooter 495,223 495,223 1

Revolver_X_  +   729d ago
You might not have wanted to click the link but,

CoD Ghosts
X1- 495,223
PS4- 630,859
scissor_runner  +   729d ago
Ghost being the only game being bought is troubling, we know cod players dont really buy anything eles... killzone falls flat.

wondering where are all of the other gamers?
KingDadXVI  +   729d ago
Excellent sales on the part of MS and Sony. MS did better than I expected for a console that cost a $100 more. That is really good for a launch.
BX81  +   729d ago
Yeah, I can see that accounting for the gap in software at first. That $100 could've got 1 or 2 software purchases. Good numbers considering all the pains after E3.
frostypants  +   729d ago
Only real loser here is Nintendo. As amazingly as they did last gen, they did amazingly poorly this time out. They've choked. Hard. Their entire 1 year lead will be completely buried by Christmas, if not by this time next week.

They need to slash the WiiU price to $200.
#11.2 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Gamer666  +   729d ago
Slashing the price will not significantly improve the result. Nintendo has to re-think and re-focus.

Wii U is a dead console. Not because it is bad, but more because they alienated a lot of core gamers with the Wii, and didn't get the same adoption of Wii on Wii U with casual gamers.
KingDadXVI  +   729d ago
To me the biggest issue separating the WiiU from Xbox One and PS4 is the lack of games.

I know that people want to harp on MS and Sony for a lack of games at launch but it was actually pretty good for a launch. You never get the best games at launch but they both have games good enough to keep most people happy for a few months until the big guns like TitanFall show up.

The WiiU had pretty much jack squat and in my opinion still does not have much. I have a WiiU, PS3, Xbox 360 (my Xbox One doesn't get opened until my kids wake up Christmas morning).
I actually like the WiiU itself but the games are few and far between. It has picked up some lately to be fair but really the best title I have played on it was Lego City Underground and it was fun. I have a few other games including Zombie U but Zombie U is not really something that I want to play on the WiiU.

They should have lined up a boat load of Nintendo IP which is the defining thing about Nintendo and got it out as quickly as possible. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for them. I love Halo, Gears of War, GTA etc. but I also love to play Mario Cart, Zelda, etc. and that stuff although coming or just out is way too little to late IMO.
iiwii  +   729d ago
I think part of the Wii U's problem has been an identity crisis. Most people don't know it exists. People (casuals) who made the Wii so popular see it and say "Oh, a Wii with a new controller", thinking it's the same thing.

It should have been called the Wii 2

(and fwiw, my name has nothing to do with the Wii, lol)
bleedsoe9mm  +   729d ago
as people visit each other in the holidays it will be interesting to see if the demonstration using kinect for skype,streaming and tv , sells more consoles . it should because its incredible .
KingDadXVI  +   729d ago
I absolutely agree with your comment. That is where things will really pick up for Xbox. Some people still don't either believe it can do what it does or just don't understand how great it is. Once people see it in action at a friend's it will open some eyes. It is good that they had such a big launch.

I have read many times on here and other places on the web that doubters who actually sat down and used it after the launch did a "180" themselves on the whole concept. Initial acceptance will be lower than the PS4 as I expected but that is because it is new. Once the broader market starts seeing it in action things will change. Just watch.
PRock10  +   729d ago
That's actually a good point and could very likely move more consoles. I went PS4 for right now since alot of the features the X1 comes with I can't really take advantage of while I am living overseas but I am quite intrigued with some of the things I've heard it can do and some friends back at home. I will most likely pick one up when I move back within a year or two. I do have a question though. How is the system and it's abilities even without having cable? It seems one of the key integrating features of the system and after not having it for about a year now, I've come to realize I can get by without it and just use Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBOGo. I get those apps on my PS4 (no HBOGo but I get that on my AppleTV). I'm not asking as a rhetorical, fanboy question but as an honest question to someone who is interested in getting the system eventually, Does the lack of TV integration and getting the full X1 experience still make the system worth it and provide me with something I can't get via my PS4 and other media devices. Thanks for any opinions on that.
bleedsoe9mm  +   729d ago
@PRock10 i bought both , and right now (and i admit its been a very short amount of time ) my family uses the xbox one for all streaming , no searching for remote controls or even controllers to use it and if your machine is being used by more than one person (my case wife and kids) the ps4 short battery life is annoying . not that i've had any problems using the ps4 as a pure game machine , they are 2 very different machines imo . i say it depends on what your going to use it for , if its media and games go xb1 if you use mostly streaming services i don't think you'd miss the tv , hard to get a good universal remote control for the $100, if its primarly games and your using it alone go ps4 .
#11.3.3 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
sAVAge_bEaST  +   729d ago
didn't M$ say they sold a Milli. units??/ 732,569 < 1,000,000.. that means they Lied.
#12 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(24) | Report | Reply
Alvidta  +   729d ago
It did "worldwide" nice try though bud.
Sleepless   729d ago | Immature | show | Replies(2)
frostypants  +   729d ago
Yeah, that's worldwide. Still, the PS4 sold almost as many units in the US alone as the One sold everywhere. It's not gonna be close when the international numbers roll in.
Deadpool101  +   729d ago
So going by this, since the PS4 sold approx 1,000,000 on day one, they only sold 70,000 over the next 6 days?

Now before i get burned at the stake, I am not knocking the PS4 sales at all. They are huge sales figures, i am just surprised by the drop off after launch day.

Then again im sure that always been the case with each new console launch.
spektical  +   729d ago
you cant sell when you dont have stock. simple
T2  +   729d ago
they ran out man, plain and simple. Canada is projected to be sold out till January as of day 1.
stuna1  +   729d ago
How can you sell something you don't have to sell? Obvious that Sony had sold every available console they had! Which has been backed up by the fact that they were impossible to find anywhere.
Visiblemarc  +   729d ago
Yeah dude...the ebgames near me is taking orders for PS4 right now...estimated delivery: mid January, at the earliest. Luckily I preordered mine in June, and picked it up a couple weeks back.
DarkHeroZX  +   729d ago
lol guys take it easy on Deadpool. The reason for his lack of thinking is because of the regenerating brain tumor in his head that makes him act crazy.

Deadpool doesn't concider the fact that Sony didn't have the stock. He just wants to kill people and make pancakes.
WeAreLegion  +   729d ago
Lots and lots of pancakes.
Deadpool101  +   729d ago
To be honest I cant really argue with that. I honestly, 100% truthfully had a total mind wipe regarding stock shortages. It never even occurred to me, of course thats the reason for the sales drop.

Sorry for troubling you guys with my stupidity. Now I better get back to trying to get my movie made before Ryan Reynolds is too freaking old to play me. Hell, we've already lost Bea Arthur....
Goku781  +   729d ago
Numbers don't lie, check the score board.....PS4.
BX81  +   729d ago
What's sad is that people actually do consider this a score board.
Consoldtobots  +   729d ago
some ppl would say MS made it a scoreboard.
BX81  +   728d ago
Ummmm ok? Is the correct response
... Some people would say Sony/Nintendo made it a score board?
Alvidta  +   729d ago
People seem to forget that xbox one isn't released in all 32 until next year unlike PS4 will be (I've seen people regret buying PS4, so it just shows how much)
LordDhampire  +   729d ago
I've see many people regret going microsoft after we all got screwed over last gen

Both gonna have flipsies
DarkHeroZX  +   729d ago
Weak argument is weak.
DarkHeroZX  +   729d ago
Actually the PS4 was only launched in North America until today when they launched in EU x1 was launched in 13 different countries day one.
PRock10  +   729d ago
What a dumb, dumb comment. Let's add something to the discussion next time Alvidta.
#15.4 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
user366359   729d ago | Spam
T2  +   729d ago
Most telling numbers - PS4 software is 40% up on xboxone so far, developers will start to take notice of this gap... 40% is huge to your bottom line.

Titanfall is missing out on 140% of profits thus far, hope that paycheck was big.
TheFallenAngel  +   729d ago
I bet EA feels stupid now. They probably thought that the xbone was going to outsell the PS4 and that's probably why they signed the deal.

But think about it, how much more they could of made in comparison to what MS paid.
#17.1 (Edited 729d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Metfanant  +   729d ago
EA doesn't feel stupid...MS backed a money truck up to their front door to get exclusivity...EA got paid no matter what...
LordDhampire  +   729d ago
What metfanant said, I imagine microsoft gave them a amount around what they would of made selling it as multiplat, a system seller exclusive is worth losing money over upfront.
iiwii  +   729d ago
I still say the loss for EA is bigger than this one payment from MS. They could have wiped COD off the map and had all of those gamers buying their "Titan Fall". COD would have died quick, which is what EA has wanted for so long. They missed the boat, and I'm not sure that it will ever sail that way again. By the time they have their next chance, people will have moved on.
rainslacker  +   729d ago
Unprecedented partnerships don't come cheap I'm afraid.
YodaCracker  +   729d ago
You can't be serious...The PS4 has been out 2 weeks. The XB1 has been out 1 week.
DarkHeroZX  +   729d ago
PS4 was out in NA for 2 weeks. It sold out day one and has been in short supply since. The PS4 is now launching every where else.
Still on that Titanfall gripe. WOW lol.
T2  +   729d ago
It has nothing to do with gripe it's fact... it's alot of money so hope they got few millions up front.. I don't care either way
jgrigs09  +   729d ago
I'm curious to see if Microsoft just doesn't have much supplies and holding back for Christmas holidays
YodaCracker  +   729d ago
What's the point of comparing sales at this point? Sony and Microsoft are both going to sell whatever they produce through the end of the year. It just comes down to supply. Next year we will see what the actual demand is for each console.
ShowGun901  +   729d ago
eh, yes and no... i agree with what you said, but an early lead can have a snowball effect, because if i buy one, my friend might buy one instead of the competition... which is exactly what happened on black friday! one of my friends went out and bought a ps4, no questions about the xbone asked, simply because i had one. early adopters ARE important.
danny818  +   729d ago
I managed to buy a ps4 for blackfriday last night. Interesting to note there was a line for the ps4 and few for the xbox one. Dont wanna start a fanboy comment but it was interesting. Wish i coud of taken a pic but it would of been awk lol
DoubleM70  +   728d ago
Bottom line it's cheaper. I think alot more parents are buying it for their kids. On the other hand alot of young Adults are buying the XboxONe. When TitanFall hits it's like going to be a relaunch. People will have their income tax money.
Ac7iVe  +   729d ago
People who bought a ps or Xbone are only playing COD LOL don't get me wrong imma buy a next gen console but I think its dumb to spend $400-500 to play COD...needs better games
LordDhampire  +   729d ago
Hakuna matata
EazyDuz22  +   729d ago
I and many others could/will spend 100's of hours playing BF4 online alone.
Ac7iVe  +   729d ago
I gotta admit bf is a lot better then ghosts ..bought ghosts and I'm already over it ...
moparful99  +   729d ago
Im actually playing ACIV: Black Flag and Resogun... Im done with COD.
mike32UK  +   728d ago
Why would I be playing COD when that is (for me at least) the worst possible choice out of the launch line up? I'm sticking to Killzone, Resogun, assassins Creed and contrast Thank you very much
MadMen  +   729d ago
LOOOL @ WiiU been saying it for months.

Moving on; PS4 Looking Strong, esp in software.
Smootherkuzz  +   729d ago
Ian not surprised after all the bad talk about xb1 before launch and the fact that the sku cost $100 more. It just shows that people want to spend less because both consoles offer entertainment. It also shows that alot of people listen to pages like this rather thinking for themselves and follow what everyone else is saying or doing. Iam hopeing it all works out for everyone no matter what choice they make. I do think that people are going to far over which console is better when they both are about the same under the hood and games. 50% better still has no games to prove this but people are still this figure to decide which is better. Some say wait and see well there is and gonna be alot waiting. I wish them all good luck. In case you are wandering I like what xbox1 has to offer which is a step up from the 360 just like 50%, $100 cheaper works for some. Be happy and game on.
alti  +   729d ago
I'd be shitting my pants if i were Nintendo.
Ac7iVe  +   729d ago
Wii U has been actually selling pretty well the last month or so. It'll be just fine plus there is a lot of games on that system that are awesome W101 is legit and way underrated. Theyve sold about 500k wii u this last 4 weeks
KakashiHotake  +   729d ago
So basically Microsoft lied ( again ) when they said they too sold 1 million in 24 hours. PS4 sold 1 million in North America alone and All Xbox One could do is 730,000 in 13 countries. That's horrible and laughable.
Eonjay  +   729d ago
Actually those sales are US only.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   729d ago
XB1 will have a hard time selling outside USA. PS4 is in more reigns and higher demand.
modesign  +   729d ago
its official, the console war started, VGchartz is tracking next gen fight.
CAB1802  +   729d ago
LMAO there is no way the PS4 is gonna compete against the Wii U. Wii U is gonna be better next year which stops from the PS4 and Xbox One outselling the Wii U
pivotplease  +   729d ago
I think they're all going to be better next year though. I will refer back to this comment when you are proven wrong though. I don't think nintendo has half the momentum they used to have when the Wii was a big casual fad. Rhymes. Oh and I like your name lol.
CAB1802  +   729d ago
LOL, PS4 and Xbox One isn't gonna be better next year, The Wii U marketing is gonna be better
along with
Super Smash Bros, X, Bayonetta 2, Yarn Yoshi, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong tropical freeze
pivotplease  +   729d ago
I think Zelda is the true saving grace man. Super smash bros on the N64 was probably my favourite fighting game of all time, but they've gotten a bit too convoluted and the series isn't what it used to be. I'm glad you're stoked though. Just don't go starting a world war over it. We all know what happens to the master race.
CAB1802  +   728d ago
I see what you mean bro
moparful99  +   729d ago
Sorry but no matter how bad you wish for it to be the PS4 is already about to pass WIIU sales after only 2 weeks.. Once European sales come in im confident that PS4 sales will easily surpass the WiiU.
pivotplease  +   729d ago
Still can't believe the shooter sales on the Xboxes if this is accurate. I guess the sweeping generalizations people make about what Xbox fans buy aren't that far from the truth?
josephayal  +   729d ago
supreme victory for sony
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