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Gaming’s Next Revolution Will Be Live Streamed, And The PS4 Has A Nice Lead

This holiday season, only one of the two major next-gen consoles will feature an out-of-the-box game-streaming solution: Sony's PlayStation 4. And that streaming feature taps into some powerful trends that should act as an ambassador for the hardware and Sony's online network. (PS4, Xbox One)

TheKayle1   292d ago | Offensive
urwifeminder  +   292d ago
Streaming yeah the world wants to see me playing like a knife in the head.
Hicken  +   291d ago
Well, you're probably right that nobody would want to watch YOU playing(I know I certainly don't). But there are people that others DO want to watch play different games.
MasterCornholio  +   292d ago
Im just amazed that the first ones to announce the feature as an exclusive were not able to get it running at launch.

P.S LOL at the two butt hurts above.
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modesign  +   292d ago
you couldnt use it for the first 2 days. boo hoo hoo.
MasterCornholio  +   292d ago
Yes I could the only issues I had was with the network but that was because the servers were swamped.

BTW Xbox One owners won't have access to twitch until the middle of 2014 from what I've heard.
curtis92  +   292d ago
While ill never live stream, I'll admit to watching quite a few streams between games. Especially for games I don't have but am thinking about getting. I've also gotten a lot of tips from watching great players and seeing how they do things. Whether it's a 'revolution' I dont know but it's looking big whether you like it or not. I welcome it.
SaffronCurse  +   291d ago
OnLive has been doing this for quite sometime. Nothing groundbreaking but it's nice to have. I really like watching what other people are playing, and for games I'm on the fence for, this helped me quite abit.
kingPoS  +   291d ago
It's strange that OnLive has been quite as of late. Wouldn't it make sense for them to be promoting themselves right about now.

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Grave  +   292d ago
Streaming is going to bring console gamers closer together than ever before. I've already experienced it on Twitch. It is a lot of fun to watch a stream and discuss the game in real time with my fellow gamers (and the chat trolls of course).
It has really helped me in deciding whether or not to pick up AC4: Black Flag. I was sold after watching a few of the sea battles on a stream. Gone are the days of posting a question in a forum somewhere and hoping to get a response. Now you can just ask the streamer and get immediate feedback. It's brilliant.
telekeneticmantis  +   292d ago
I thought this was about Gaikai.
That could honestly be the future of this console generation, hopefully, Sony can stream PC games, 2k resolution games, and 4k resolution games, that would be amazing.
SaffronCurse  +   291d ago
It would most likely be to stream older Playstation titles.
telekeneticmantis  +   291d ago
That would be a waste, still necessary, but a waste.
DigitalRaptor  +   291d ago
PS4 is already leading in a number of ways, it's kinda shocking.

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