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EB Games Australia – PS4 Launch more than double the size of PS3′s!

EB Games have today released a Press Release detailing the success of the Playstation’s Launch in Australia. Over three hundred EB stores opened at midnight last night so Australian gamers could celebrate the launch in style. The launches were huge, the biggest console releases seen in Australia so far and more than double the scale of the Playstation 3‘s launch in 2007.

As an attendee of my local store’s launch I can say that it was very exciting to see gamers all over Australia lining up to collect the much sought after Playstation 4 consoles and quite a fun event to attend, even if I didn’t get to go to the big one in Liverpool! (PlayStation, PS4)

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chikane  +   140d ago
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badz149  +   139d ago
to be fair, the PS3 launched at AU$999 in 2007!

I bought mine 3 month later at AU$978 with extra SIXAXIS and 2 games RFoM and Motorstorm.
Gridloc  +   140d ago
Worldwide domination...
5eriously  +   140d ago
#PS4GreatnessAwaits those intelligent enough to separate the reality and facts from the M$ PR BS spins and MisterX lies.


To those that saw through M$ to see the light on the other side...Congrats!
MysticStrummer  +   140d ago

PS4 the win
KSantiago  +   140d ago
Erudito  +   139d ago
Great launch for the console, nice to see next gen going so well!
andream  +   137d ago
looks nice

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